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Access an entity created by def_attach from a script


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I've been trying to finish off a handful of projects and experiments I had started a while ago, and remembered that I ran into a roadblock.  I was trying to build some custom entities with slightly complex behavior and had wanted to access a def_attach'd entity from the script on its parent object.  These script functions sounded pretty close:

scriptEvent entity getAttachment(string attName);

Get the attached entity with the given attachment name Will be NULL if the name is invalid or if the entity no longer exists
Spawnclasses responding to this event: idActor

scriptEvent entity getAttachmentInd(float index);

Get the attached entity at the given index. Will be NULL if the index is invalid or the entity no longer exists
index: starts at 0
Spawnclasses responding to this event: idActor

scriptEvent float getNumAttachments();

Return the number of attachments on an AI. Used to iterate through the attachments if desired.
Spawnclasses responding to this event: idActor

But as you can see, they only apply to idActors.  I dug into the source code and found that the code that handles all 3 of these functions just calls into the idEntity base class to retrieve the attachment, and there does not appear to be anything specific to idActor with those.  As such, I'm fairly certain that these script events could be moved to idEntity without breaking any existing usages (assuming script event inheritance works as expected).  Are there any downsides to doing this? 

I can create a bugtracker entry and/or provide a patch if there are no objections.

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