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Darkradiant Hard Crash on Map Open “No More Tokens”

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I have an issue with a map I am working on where Darkradiant suddenly won’t open it without hard crashing. I was editing the map and had the game open in connection mode - everything was working fine - the map was compiling and loading fine - so I saved my work for the day and closed DR. I realized I wanted to do a couple of other things but now the map will not open and I receive the following error prompts:



The map itself continues to compile and open without an issue in the game, so whatever is going on with the map file is not preventing it from working in TDM - simply I cannot open and edit it in DR.

I had the author I am working with test opening the map as well and they are receiving the same error. They generated a program dump which is here:


Any ideas on this issue would be greatly appreciated as we are trying to finish up a project as quickly as we can!

-=  IRIS  =-    ♦    = SLL =

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Would you be able to attach or upload the map (or any other map which shows the same issue, if you don't want to share a WIP)?

Even if the map has become corrupted, we ought to be able to handle this more gracefully and perhaps recover whatever data we can read even if some is missing. Under no circumstances should we hard crash regardless of what sort of corruption is in the map file.

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Thanks for the assist @OrbWeaver- so far we haven’t found the source of the corruption looking through the text of .map file.

Here is a link to download the map - please let me know when you snatch it so I can remove it:


Edited by Wellingtoncrab
since the map is fixed I have removed the download link, but can provide it if requested if it is still useful for testing

-=  IRIS  =-    ♦    = SLL =

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On 1/26/2023 at 12:05 AM, Wellingtoncrab said:

Alright - managed to find the source the error - a single volumetric light had the spawnarg set of ".001/"

The map is now fixed. Thanks all!

Shocking, shocking, shoking, and I blame those who put so much pressure on mission designers to use volumetric light. It will be our undoing and I feel you, my friend!

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