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About Errors Running Recently-Created testSubtitles... FMs under TDM 2.12 Beta 3

Console gui parsing errors now occur in the FM's custom version of tdm_subtitles_message.gui, because Beta 3 no longer defines SUBTITLES_TEXT_BORDERCOLOR.

To correct this, in the testSubtitles.../guis/tdm_subtitles_message.gui, comment out the 2 lines that say:


Or replace with the so-fixed and updated version of this file from testSubtitlesCynic, to be released shortly.

Early testSubtitles... FMs created during the first half of 2023 may need additional surgery to run without error.

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The subtitles of The Cynic (aka Bernie) vocal set, are now available for eventual incorporation into TDM:


This male character is often snide or crabby. In addition to general barks, there are phrases for a guard of the city watch, and for a trader.

Note for Integrators

This release incorporates and supercedes the TDM 2.10 subtitle demo, provided by @Dragofer, with its version of tdm_ai_cynic.subs. Likewise, it obviates the need for the distribution's  fm_test_subtitles_ai_cynic_dragofers_dozen.shdshd


In file fm_root.subs there are 301 inlines, including:

  • 40 with an explicit linebreak, intending 2 lines
  • 261 without

 23 of these have explicit duration extensions, as follows:

  •  16 from 0.25 to 0.49, for 17 cps
  •  7 capped at 0.50 seconds, for 17-20 cps
  •  none with more than 0.50 seconds, for 20 cps

There are 12 SRTs, including:

  • 10 with 2 messages
  • 1 with 3 messages
  • 1 with 4 messages

Of the 27 total SRT messages, there are:

  • 17 with an explicit linebreak, intending 2 lines
  • 10 without

In all, there are 313 voice clips with subtitles, showing 328 messages.

Corresponding Excel File


This is based on Version 6 of the Excel Template for TDM bark subtitles. The "Script Subtitle" column contains Dragofer's original subtitles.

About the GUI

Like The Drunk, subtitle backing fields for The Cynic uses the "tabbed widget" design, with reduced main field heights, one of several design alternatives that were being discussed. For the sound source widget itself, it uses snatcher's white sector oval provided by beta3.

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Here is the final release of The Wench, with Dragofer's Dec 9, 2023 sound file revisions (see bugtracker 6284), as included in TDM 2.12 beta3:


The revisions correct a few mismatches between what was said and what the intended purpose was. The statistics are little changed. The testSubtitlesWenchFinal FM will run under beta 3, with the same GUI as testSubtitlesCynic.

Details of Revisions

There were no changes to the collection of .srt files. The changes affect only the .subs file (and what's in testSubtitlesWenchFinal's FM-specific sound shader).

It is too much effort and time to revise the Excel spreadsheet, of early "v1" barks template form. Instead, if the reader wishes to do so, start with the WenchOriginalSubtitles.xlsx (available via the original Wench post), and apply the changes below. The total number of rows is unchanged.


Here, assume all .ogg names start with "tdm_ai_wench_", not shown.
  deleted (actually moved) contents: find_corpse01.ogg, 02.ogg, 03.ogg
  evidently name is renumbered:
     find_corpse10.ogg to find_corpse01.ogg  "Murder!" fm_test_subtitles_shader151
     find_corpse09.ogg to find_corpse02.ogg "Ah! Someone's been killed!\nRaise the alarm...!" fm_test_subtitles_shader152
     find_corpse08.ogg to find_corpse03.ogg "Awh! Someone's been killed!\nRaise the alarm!" fm_test_subtitles_shader153
  presumed unchanged: find_corpse04-07.ogg
new: find_corpse_female03.ogg "She's dead. Murder!" fm_test_subtitles_shader162
  was: tdm_ai_wench_find_corpse01.ogg
new: find_corpse_male03.ogg "(distraught) He's dead!" fm_test_subtitles_shader165
  was: tdm_ai_wench_find_corpse02.ogg [or maybe 03]
find_corpse_male04.ogg "He's dead!" fm_test_subtitles_shader166
  was: tdm_ai_wench_find_corpse03.ogg [or maybe 02]
new: notice_pocket_picked04.ogg "Where could it be?" fm_test_subtitles_shader311
  was: tdm_ai_wench_searching_no_evidence23.ogg
pain_small02.ogg "Ouch!" fm_test_subtitles_shader322
  new content, probably start of old clip that began with Ah!. Clip duration now 0.643 sec
pain_small03.ogg "Oww!" fm_test_subtitles_shader323
  new content, probably start of old clip that began with Awh! Clip duration now 0.790 sec


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15 minutes ago, datiswous said:

We have entered beta already. Beta 3, which was a week ago.

Oh wow, how did I miss that? I still need to finish my ongoing FM and the save would likely be rendered incompatible, so I'll check the beta and this feature out once I find the next FM to get to :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Gotta say: As much as I thought I knew what all of the voices said, with subtitles I'm finding a corrections to what I had believed over the years: Part of me actually feels like the illusion was broken even if they make more sense now. Some examples just for the fun:

  • "Shipment was late, who does he think he's fooling": Due to the accent I always thought the merchant said light instead of late... that actually made me wonder if back in the day they had a policy to charge more if the ship was too empty and not carrying enough goods for a trip to be worth it.
  • I always thought the cynic said "god keeps the leftovers, that's why I never get any"... it's actually the cook.
  • "Deadly boring, I could use a big of fun": Always heard the thug say a bit of fighting, real version is less exciting lol.
  • Used to think the thug says "gonna get me a good ole' after this", which I interpreted as getting something to drink especially as it sounded like ale with an accent... nah he actually says whore :D
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11 hours ago, MirceaKitsune said:

As much as I thought I knew what all of the voices said, with subtitles I'm finding a corrections to what I had believed over the years

Yeah, I had the benefit of a vocal script for most utterances, to decipher what they were saying. In a few cases, I had to listen over and over, and then make a best guess. Their chatter usually makes sense, but not 100.000%

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  • 2 weeks later...
On 1/27/2023 at 12:09 AM, Geep said:

buildSubtitleShader.exe - Latest release of April 10, 2023. This program fabricates a TDM sound shader file specifically for the testSubtitles... series of FMs used here. It does so by wrapping each sound file name in a directory into a sound shader with uniform incremental naming. While limited to a single directory, the latest release simplifies merging runs from multiple directories.

I was wondering if it's possible to make a program that generates a subs file from a folder with a bunch of srt files. I know this is too much to ask for, but I just mention the idea..

The lines are usely:

srt "sound/sub-path-to-sound-folder/sound-file-name.ogg" "subtitles/sound-file-name.srt"


Edit: I think I already figured it out using Python code.

Just putting it here quickly so I can reproduce it later.

import os, sys

path = "C:/Progs/tdm/fms/mandrasola/sound/sfx/mandrasola/"

path_sounds = "sound/sfx/mandrasola/"

path_subs = "subtitles/"

listfiles = os.listdir(path)

for x in listfiles:
    print("srt " + '"' + path_sounds + x + '"' + ' "' + path_subs + x.removesuffix('.ogg') + ".srt" + '"')



srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_guard1.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_guard1.srt"
srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_guard2.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_guard2.srt"
srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_lovell1.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_lovell1.srt"
srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_lovell2.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_lovell2.srt"
srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_lovell3.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_lovell3.srt"
srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_lovell4.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_lovell4.srt"
srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_lovell5.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_lovell5.srt"
srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_lovell6.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_lovell6.srt"
srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_ludmilla1.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_ludmilla1.srt"
srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_ludmilla2.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_ludmilla2.srt"
srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_ludmilla3.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_ludmilla3.srt"
srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_ludmilla4.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_ludmilla4.srt"
srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_ludmilla5.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_ludmilla5.srt"
srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_ludmilla6.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_ludmilla6.srt"
srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_ludmilla_iwarnyou.ogg" "subtitles/mandrasola_ludmilla_iwarnyou.srt"


Man this would have saved me so much time yesterday..

Edited by datiswous
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