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Wiki.thedarkmod.com/DarkRadiant Download for offline use !?!

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Hello Guys

I need some help/hints/advice

It´s because i prefer being/working offline , and also my Brother in france has no real internet (he mostly needs to go to a public Library 😂)

So my idea was to get the DarkRadiant Sektion from the WIKI downloaded for offline use .

therefore I tryed "HTTrack_64-noinst-3.49.2" which I got from "Heise.de"

It´s told that the Standard use is good for most webpage-downloads --- but

after more than 10hrs and over 10Gib with million off external stuff I stopped the download .

1. the Download is making a total mirror of "wiki.thedarkmod.com/..." even with the setting to ".../index.php?title=DarkRadiant"

this wouldn´d be bad but wasn´t intendet 

2. My most concern is about the millions off external links , which mostly look like useless stuff .(and often seems have nothing to do with TDM/DR)

(it looks like it has downloaded the whole "thief.fandom.com/wiki" and at the end before i stopped it "en.wikipedia.org/wiki"

So my question is how to trigger the App to get maybe just the internal links to work , or does one need alll the others ?

P.S. ? had anyone tried this before ? succcessfull ? and how big would the download be ?

I appreciate any comment you can give me 

and maybe a PM from a German would be nice

Greetings from Bergante


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to freyk

thanks for your answer

Just downloaded "wget-1.17.1.tar" from Heise.de  

but this must be something special , cause as a ***.tar file it´s not executable

? does one need a DOS-Command ?

if there will be no other Tip´s , could you test it again and post me an discription how ?


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I got only experiences with wget. Beside htrack, there are also other graphical website rippers.

Wget am Deutch:

(but it is better to get more experience with the Englisch language.)

Like the applications in these lists:
How more you try method or application, how better the results.

Edited by freyk

Info: My portfolio and darkmod graphical installer
Amnesty for Bikerdude!

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hello freyk

Big Thanks  and I just gave you a special LIKE

For now it seems everything worked fine 

offcause i first had a Problem to start 😉 

(unzipping the file , created a Folder and I had to remember how to get the command prompt to go there )( cd wget )

then it took all night long (about 7hr.) with a space usage of 1,95GiB´s 

powershell had a problem with the Parameter -(maybe just because i hadend been in the folder !?)

copy/paste works fine and you can use the folder by any "index.php@title="

1.Question : in future ? can there be done a quick-refresh aslong as the downloaded folder is in the wget-Folder ?

2. : is it possible to only download the Darkradiant part of the wiki ?

thanks again !      🤩




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When enabled, the extension 'records' the network traffic on a given tab and stores the data in the browser. The recordings page shows a listing of all archived pages.

The extension allows users to replay the archived web pages (using the replayweb.page system), and allows users to export archived pages in standard WARC and new WACZ formats.


https://replayweb.page for reading exported WARC and WACZ files (although you first have to be online to reach that place, after that the page works offline). You can also download offline program. I guess you don't need this if you use the extension.

(tested, works well)

You do have to visit all the DR related pages on the wiki.

Edited by datiswous
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