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Beta testers wanted: High Expectations by Frost_Salamander

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Count me in! Z-fighting finder extraordinaire.

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My missions:           Stand-alone                                                      Duncan Lynch series                              

                                      Down and Out on Newford Road              the Factory Heist

                                                                                                  A House Call


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1 minute ago, Shadow said:

Can I join in the beta also?

sure - I would only ask that you follow the thread to make sure you don't report stuff that has already been mentioned: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/21822-beta-testing-high-expectations/

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7 minutes ago, Acolytesix said:

Hoping you remember where this room is. The first 2 pictures are of a un-eatable muffin laying on the floor to the left of the stove.

In the elevator, what is the middles button for?

The fountain in the park seems to be exploding with water. The water flow is not going Into the fountains base.

The last one is of the guy I KO'd who then dies. This time I left him where he fell, then there was no problem. It was when carrying him to hide him that he dies.

As for who to kill. You said don't kill any "innocents", which is confusing. All other games it's don't kill the "un-armed", which would be the innocent. Armed guards/people usually mean hostile, not innocent. Like in some FM's, but then I should be able to walk past them as well without getting attacked.

PS-I'm so glad the "screenshot" function works again on the new PC :) 

Mods can this moved again? 

@Acolytesix- can you make sure you post in the beta thread instead of this one please (this one is public, the beta thread is only for logged-in forum members): https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/21822-beta-testing-high-expectations/



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Posted (edited)
3 minutes ago, jaxa said:

Maybe ask for this thread to be locked?

that is a good idea.

Mods - can we lock this?  If anyone else wants to help test, just post in the beta thread.

Edited by Frost_Salamander
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