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Projectiles sometimes don't hit the player

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I just submitted a new bug report: https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=6292. In certain specific cases, projectiles don't collide with the player. I've got a test case where a atdm:func_shooter shoots an arrow right at the player, and it goes 'right through' them without damage. It seems to be related to the angle of the projectile (and whether the player is moving or not). This is new to TDM 2.11. It's the cause of the problem that @JavaGod reported playing my mission: 


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Ah, interesting.  I was seeing something similar the other day.  I was replaying Sotha's Thomas Porter series, and on "The Glenham Tower", I noticed that my fire-arrows tended to go through the haunts in the cellar and smack into the wall behind them.

I would assume that this is a related issue.

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@tapewolf That sure sounds like the same thing. It seems to happen when the projectile an angle close to 0 or 180 (i.e., east/west). It's easy to recreate the problem with a func_shooter, because they are lined up at a specific angle. But I saw it in gameplay too, when testing my mission. I fired a gas arrow and it went right through the guard. Sure enough, I was shooting pretty much along the X-axis (angle 0).

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Very interessing.

Espacially with the Gas and fire arrows I had the same in many Missions. But everytime I thought like "nevermind".

Maybye because I never played a Version before 2.11.

But with the comparrision to like Thief it is frustrating to fire arrows and nothing happens. 

It really seems to be a bug.

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13 hours ago, HMart said:

Just for curiosity, If any of you are running with unlocked frame rate, lock the game to 60fps (or 60hz) and see if the problem goes away?

I tried my test case at 60fps: no change, still goes right though me.

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