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Thanks for the offer, but it's going to be a looooong time before we're in a position to need testers. Next year at least.

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Guest God_is_my_goldfish

Currently working on the DX retex project






But I can easily do some concept art of prety much anything, though i would consider my area of expertise to be anything mechanical and organics.


Also, any advert art is right up my alley, I've been doing this for DX Retex and Deus Ex: The Aftermath (concept art for them as well.)


Later on i'll be available for texturing.


I was going to do some textures for SS2: Rebooted, but we all know what happened to that, and what i made for it doesn't really apply now that it's no longer a SS2 remake.


So, yeah.

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My programming skills are sucky, im stuck in basic. But I think I can be of great help in the concept part. That is, inventing background stories, characters and maybe some level design.


EDIT: Forgot to mention this important detail.

I can send samples of my work if needed. These include writting and level design.

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Guest KlynnGrey

I write. I have 3 novels written to date, unpublished unfortunely, but still trying. i would be interested in writing story line for this project. i can send you a sample of my writing if you wish.

Please let me know

Thank you for the consideration.

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I would like to work on the background music for some or all of the levels, depending on specification of course.


I currently only use a shitty four-track system with various instruments, but I am confident I can create something decent and Thief-like (without ripping off the original games music or Thievery techno-style stuff).

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Guest jay pettitt

I've got some traditional art skills, done a tiny bit of freelancing with 3D modelling and animation, done a bit of programming in the past too. My degree was in Heritage and Archaeology (so I know a little about medieval architecture and stuff) Happy to help if I can.

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Did someone mention SFX? Well, you know you can count me in. In fact, why don't we (Fingernail, you know what I'm talking about) cross develop all our SFX for both The Dark Mod and Thief2D? Since I guess they're both going to need the same sounds.

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Yikes. I wouldn't let people in, out of priciple, either. I really don't have much much to show for my previous efforts - a couple of hard drive deaths and a habit for giving away paintings to friends and the like, have made sure of that. I've got some illustrations I did for Local government and some of the Wildlife Trusts (a UK charity) knocking about. I could scan something in. Better than that, I'll produce some generic Thiefy content over the next few evenings - That way you can assess my work and get something usefull done at the same time :)

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Hey there,


I see you already have a few artists signed up for the "DarkMod," but please let me know if you'd like me to assist in any way. I'd like to help out with the artwork, if possible.


Here's my website, showcasing some of my artwork:

<link removed>


All the artwork is done free-hand (not tracing). Even though I was referencing original artwork on most of the examples, I can create my own stuff, too.


To help explain the 1st drawing, that one was done with colored pencils.


To help explain the 2nd picture, the following original drawing was provided to me first. I went into PhotoShop and enhanced it to create that 2nd pic on my site:

<link removed>


To help explain the 3rd picture shown, the following photo is where I got the original Mickey: <link removed>

(I made the CGI-looking background free-hand with PhotoShop.)


Also, I did the Flash animation at the top of my site completely on my own. All the graphics used in the animation are my own, created in PhotoShop CS. The sounds, on the other hand, actually came from the Tron 2.0 video game; ones that I particulary liked and wanted to use for my animation.


I can help create any concept artwork or finalized artwork, such as for maps, characters, weapons or anything like that. I don't have any 3-D computer modeling experience, but I have PhotoShop CS which I'm very familiar with using. I've also worked quite a bit with "dEdit" (editing tool for Tron 2.0 game) and messed around in Blender a little, but not much.


Here are a couple Thief "funnies" I did:


"Deadly Shadows":

<link removed>


For the "Blue Arrows" Controversy:

<link removed>


I also have a Roland XP-50 keyboard that I might be able to help produce sound effects with, if needed. I think I'd be great at voice work, as well, but I don't have any special audio equipment so am not sure how that would be accomplished.


Regardless, I just wanted to let you know I'm out here if you need any help.


Thanks for your consideration!


- Darkness_Falls

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Oh, definitely. Thanks for letting me in! Let me know when you want me to start working on stuff and what the aim is as far as atmosphere goes... unless you just want me to start doing stuff on my own? To have some cohesiveness among the artists, though, there should probably be a general goal. Feel free to message me or email me also. Thanks again :)

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