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As the only one doing concept sketches so far, I've basically been trying to aim for an artistic style somewhere between T1/2 and T3. Take a look at some of the textures that have been developed...the doors/windows, etc will give you some examples of the architecture we are dealing with. Otherwise, feel free to do some rough sketches and share them in the Art forum. I'd be happy to work with you coming up with a theme.

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kyo is definantly worth having onboard, kudos to all the great work displayed in the samples.

--=| Phantom |=--

Thief Underground

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heyho, i heard that you need artist. well, i got some experience in 3dsmax and would be glad if i could help you.


i registered in this forum as fjonan but never recieved an e-mail to finish the registration, can someone fix this?


in time id be glad to show you some of my works but i havent loaded them up to some webspace, yet.

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hey guys. just checking back at the forum to let you guys know that i'm still here and awaiting directions. i've only started looking around the dark mod forums, but havent yet seen everything, ill continue on to see what resources / info is available.


well, fingernail or whoever's in charge , when you have some work for me, just email. thanks .


btwy, forums is an ok way to get informed, but what we really need is an irc channel.

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we have an irc channel.


join us....NOOW. Actually I'm not on right now - going out in 5 mins, but I'll be back later.


Here is the IRC info:



then, when connected,

/join #darkmod



that's all. And thanks for still being around. Check the 3D forum and Weekly Targets forum for general stuff.

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this is a truck, a try of makin something high poly, well unfinished an untextured, as you can see i already made the mirrios and windscreen wipers


its about 1000 polys and far from finished. it was just to learn max.


my cashregister, hast 152 polys, the texture is not final but you get the idea. the

model is for an iso perspectiv game i am developing with friends, thats why it is so low-poly


something bout me:


im a game developer as a profession. especially for additional level design, modelling, balancing, testing. you can call me teh "glue" between the big important parts that make up a game. the invisible data, the balancing. im experienced in photoshop, max, soundforge, several level editors (unrealEd my favourite), mass editing game entities, balancing.


i got a special skill in finding bugs, my collegues hate me for it.


the company i work for is named Sixteen Tons wich just released the not so pretty Gotcha! and is currently working on Emergency 3. I work(ed) for both games as said the graphical and leveldesign support, physic balancing´, testing


in my spare time i write, design some games (no kidding), build levels if i got the time, and of course play a lot. no special genre, i love to kill in rage as i love to sneak, build up citys, think about puzzles or try to kick someones ass with my car.


i love thief from the first hour, and i am disappointed about the fact, that there is no level editor for thief: deadly shadows.


pictures from a level i made with unrealEd 3 for ut2k3 can be found here


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Guest Guest_Nefs

I would like to help!


I know you probably already have enough concept artists, but I would still like to contribute to your wonderful project. I have been drawing and sketching for the past lifetime, I've done some EXTREMELY minor work for other people, community service type stuff. I'm also pretty good with photoshop, though my copy is busted ATM.

I loved the thief games, I love the thief world, and I love the thief artwork.

My photoshop skills are mostly photomanipulation, but I can do a wee bit of digital painting. My freehand skills are mostly sketching characters and I can also sketch environments.


Here is an example of some of my stuff:






This stuff is done in photoshop, with a webcam. I've also got a nikon coolpix, so I can take high res stuff and make some extremely theify looking stuff. I will get my freehand stuff up to show you asap, just need to run it through the scanner.


(BTW, I registered but it still says I'm a guest, wtf?)

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