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What sort of diseases and parasites exist within the world of The Dark Mod? Is there an equivalent if the Black Death? Can zombies spread through bites? Are there any magic-originating plagues concocted by vengeful pagans or sorcerers?

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In a fantasy world everything is possible. depends only on the imagination of the mission devs. Any kind of plagues, entities supernaturales, time travels, other dimensions, magia, impossible inventions and weapons can be seen in all the mission released until now. Even a Thief capable de jump and climb with a ton of loot, but not when carrying a person.

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Iris really did a great job with that aspect of world building: disease and addiction that warp the sufferer's perceptions of reality. The player character himself is one of the afflicted (or at least is implied to be by environmental storytelling)  and this is portrayed in the game world through his experiences and actions. Additionally it's left open to the player whether the affliction causes delusion or merely sensitizes sufferers to a hidden, deeper layer of reality.

This is fantastic stuff, and if TDM ever wanted to carve out a unique narrative identity for itself from the Thief games and their modding scene, the lore and themes established in Iris might be a good starting point. 

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