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md5 import / export scripts for the latest version of Blender

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Does anyone have the latest version of the md5 import / export scripts for Blender, for both importing and exporting md5mesh and md5anim with the latest Blender release? I last attempted to rig a custom character ages ago, the scripts are long unsupported and I couldn't find new ones. Blender is now at version 3.5.1, do we have md5 scripts for that?

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On 6/4/2023 at 9:58 AM, stgatilov said:

Did you find anything?


This was mentioned to me on Discord. Just tried it but no matter how I install it the addon won't show up in Blender. Its description says "Blender 2.80 through 3.4" and I'm now at 3.5: Either Blender 3.5 introduced a breaking change from 3.4, or it's just for 2.80 meaning it's one of the old addons and I'm still looking.

Update: Scratch that out, I was just installing it wrong. Tested and it works perfectly!

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