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Beta testing 2.12


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List of major console variables and commands:


tdm_holdfrob_* --- set of variables that affect the reworked frob controls.

tdm_autosearch_bodies --- automatically take items attached to unconscious bodies on frob.

pm_headbob_mod, pm_lean_* --- allows to reduce some player movements.


tdm_show_viewpos, screenshot_viewpos --- embedding viewpos into screenshot for better bug reports.

tdm_open_doors, tdm_close_doors --- cheats to make mission testing faster.


r_useLightPortalFlow, r_useLightPortalFlowCulling --- improved light-entity interaction culling. Most major effect on shadows. This cvar is responsible for causing light leaks with stencil shadows, please report all of them! (thread)

r_useNewRenderPasses --- selects from several renderer backend code paths. This is similar to the old r_useNewBackend cvar which has been deleted.

r_shadowMapSinglePass --- faster code path for filling shadow maps.

r_useEntityScissors, r_animationBounds --- improved bounds estimates for rendered entities.

r_postprocess_dither --- new dithering in tonemap postprocessing for less color banding.

r_shadowMapAlphaTested --- experimental mode for alpha-tested surfaces with shadow maps, where transparent areas of texture don't cast shadows.

s_realTimeDecoding --- selects code path for decoding sound samples.

tdm_subtitles_* --- many cvars for subtitle improvements (location cue, duration extension, debug text).

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Changelog of 2.12 development:

release212 (rev 16989-10651)
* Training Mission reverted to 2.11 state, except for text changes about new controls.

beta212-07 (rev 16982-10651)
* Fixed save/load of turrets.
* Fixed some more cases of camera clipping during force-crouched mantle (6425).
* Fixed crash if player wins twice in quick succession (6489).
* Added angRotate script event.
* Fixed church_altar prefab (6285).

beta212-06 (rev 16970-10644)
* Fixed light leaks workaround dropped after save + load (post).
* Force doors which connect visportal to cast shadows regardless of light flow (post).
* Improved candle vs junk detection for new frob controls (6316).
* Fixed player getting stuck at start of "One Step Too Far" (post).
* Fixed warning on spawning atdm:env_ragdoll_tdm_spider.
* Fixed wrong skin in mechanical/switches/switch_rotate_lever prefab (6479).
* Fixed double slash in lady02 subtitle decls (post).
* Fixed rotated versions of safe03_wall prefab (6268).
* Tweaked fogging of health potion.
* Fixed overbright skins for nature bushes (6478).
* Fixed Grandfather_clock_victorian_01 model (6383).
* Removed pause from looping sound machinery/machines/m3_loop (6384).
* Fixed broken func_portals in Training Mission (4352).
* Minor improvements in Saint Lucia mission.
* Doubled game scripts memory limit (post).
* Improved normal map of long banners (6355).

beta212-05 (rev 16950-10635)
* Fixed player seeing through ceiling when mantling into crouched state (6425).
* Improved how frobbing works on junk items (6316).
* Toggled states of player movement are saved and restored properly (6458).
* Fixed back image loading optimization.
* Added canCloseDoors spawnarg on AI, which allows to block closing only (6460).
* Rats and spiders are non-shoulderable by default (6456).
* Increased wait in screenshot_viewpos macro command (6331).
* Added forest models from The Valley abandoned mission.
* Fixed frobstage on sign models (6457).
* Added vine arrows to training mission (4352).
* Improved Merry Chest prefabs (6459).
* Fixed normal map of dirt_packed_muddy (4668).
* Fixed nails in door_boarded_up01 model.
* Fixed attachments of atdm:fireplace_place_base (6474).
* Fixed editor image of blocks_large_sandstone, rough_grey_dirty_sepia_grey_trim (6281, 6464).
* Added editor image for grey_dirty_trim material.
* Adjusted tooltip for auto-search bodies.

beta212-04 (rev 16932-10626)
* Added massive package of subtitles for AI sounds (6240, thread).
* Fixes in envshot command (5796).
* Added nature/dirt/ash_and_coals texture (6441).

beta212-03 (rev 16902-10623)
* Improved subtitles layout and location ring picture (p1 p2).
* Fixed broken remote render with soft stencil shadows.
* Added color buffer clears to fix remote render breaking skybox (6424).
* Fixed warning generated by remote render (6424).
* Fixed min_lod_bias being ignored if no other LOD settings is specified (6359).
* Now changing LOD settings effects objects with min_lod_bias immediately (6359).
* Fixed text & background alignment in mission lists (6337).
* Fixed gaps in chandelier models (6433).
* Added missing editor texture for carpet/runners/ornate_red_black03_end (6435).
* Further expansion of listRenderLightDefs and listLightEntityDefs commands.

beta212-02 (rev 16889-10613)
* Fixed underwater rendering due to missing doublevision shader (post).
* Exclude more lights from the new light portal flow optimizations (5172, 6321).
* black_matt is now fully black, no tiny green bias (post).
* Fixed lockpick interruption when mouse cursor switches between door and handle.
* Extended listRenderLightDefs and listLightEntityDefs commands.
* Fixed church_altar.pfb (6285).
* Added window01_curtains01.lwo in separate parts (6356).
* tdm_open_doors now opens locked doors too.
* Fixed rare case of getting NaN in spline mover.
* Added r_skipEntities cvar, similar to "filter entities" in DR.
* Added editor spawnargs for volumetric light properties (6322).
* Fixed radius override and added position override for script-based stims.
* Fixed warnings with wrong virtual function overrides.

beta212-01 (rev 16879-10584)
* Fixed player falling through elevator when shouldering a body (6259).
* Rebalanced volume of all player footsteps (6348).
* Fixed weird animation when mixing drawn bow and main menu (2758).
* Fixed all kind of issues with bc_teatray material.
* Added alternative frob controls mode tdm_holdfrob_drag_all_entities for dragging on hold.
* Fixed non-actor entities always getting full splash damage.
* Hide console before screenshot with screenshot_viewport command (6331).
* Added tdm_subtitles_ring cvar to disable subtitles location ring.
* Added mission.cfg as a temporary way for mission to override non-archived cvars (5453).
* Cvars "pm_lean_*" are no longer archived (6320).
* Removed some cvar overrides from atdm:player_base.
* CFrobLock now supports script events: Lock, Unlock, ToggleLock, IsLocked, IsPickable (6329).
* Simplified flee script event, supported fleeing from non-actor entity and fleeFromPoint.
* Fixed crash on some non-standard cases of flinderize.
* Can set spawnarg "douse 0" on damageDef to not extinguish lights from splash damage.
* Added setFrobMaster script event.
* Added script-based stim type, which triggers only when stimEmit script event is called.
* Added on/off script events to func_emitter entity.
* Added setSmoke script event to change particle decl for a func_smoke.
* Added hasInvItem script event to check if player has some item.
* Added launchGuided script event to start guided projectiles.
* Added getInterceptTime script event for shooting projectile and running target.
* Added "bounce_sound_min|max_velocity" spawnargs to control projectile bounce sounds.
* Added "postbounce_*" spawnargs to change projectile properties after bounce.
* Fixes to moor guard ragdoll (6345).
* Fixed wench AI sounds (6284).
* Added new experimental entityDef for an automatic turret.
* Official missions no longer pretend to be part of 3-mission campaign (6338).
* Removed AI PAIN messages console spam.
* Removed excessive "s_volume 0" from base loot entityDefs (6346).
* Replaced symbol on the proguard's belt.
* Default value of com_maxfps increased from 144 to 300.
* Improved idEntityPtr, fixed some warnings.

* High mantle animation has become much faster (6343).
* Crouching while on ladder/rope now causes player to slide instantly.
* Added "forceShadowBehindOpaque" hack to workaround shadow leaks in old missions (5172).
* Fixed and revised underwater "double vision" effect (6300).
* Add scratch images have alpha = 1, which fixes some mirror materials (6300).
* Added warning if material output color depends on input alpha, fixed it in core assets (6340).
* Support several independent user addon scripts (6336).
* Fixed missing headbob and footsteps at very high FPS (4696).
* Fixed player hanging mid-air in a jump at very high FPS (6333).
* Don't crash if player's head does not exist (6326).
* Added "fade in fast" options for frobhelper (6342).
* Removed "show tooltips" option, now it is always on (6344).
* Added default spawnarg values to "text" debug entityDef (6325).
* Fixed some uninitialized values, float overflows and NaNs across the code.
* Reorganized covered furniture models from Seeking Lady Leicester (6289).

* Major changes in frob/use controls: holding frob does different thing now (6316, thread).
* Fixed some electric lights not spawning.
* It is no longer necessary to specify extension to reference PNG image.
* Added cvar tdm_show_viewpos and command screenshot_viewpos (6331).
* Fixed hanging when light is moved through a plane with many visportals (3815, thread).
* Fixed multipage readables stuck on empty page, improved page flipping (6313).
* Fixed WAV sounds playing in main menu, all sounds are streaming now (6330).
* Fixed light leaks along scissor rectangle boundary with soft stencil shadows (thread).
* Better subtitles location visualization (6264).
* Changed position of subtitle blocks and subtitle font (6264).
* Internal refactoring of idImage class (6300).
* Fixed rare bug in renderworld raycasting... might happen with particle collisions.
* Fixed warnings in newspaper_bridgeport0X core readable GUI (6245).
* Added vec4 GUI keyword (6164).
* Renamed pm_lean_toggle cvar to tdm_toggle_lean.
* Improved "head bob" and "mantle roll" settings in main menu.
* Updated FFmpeg to 4.4.4 (6314).
Known issues:
* Various problems after image refactoring: underwater, mirrors, etc.

* Allowed to mantle while carrying/manipulating an object (5892, thread).
* Allowed to change weapon while mantling or on rope/ladder (6319).
* Several leaning improvements (6320, thread).
* Parallel shadow-casting lights are deprecated, use parallelSky instead (6306).
* Added many menu settings for autoloot body, blackjack helper, and other (6311).
* Deleted option for autolooting bodies with one item per frob, added menu setting (6257).
* Added cvar to modify all head bobbing settings (6310).
* Fixed some corner cases with multiloot (6270).
* Fixed frob helper's "always visible" mode (6318).
* New&fixed versions of atdm:lamp_electric_square_3_lit_unattached (6315).
* Fixed UV map on Stove models (6312).
* Reworked r_showPrimitives + deleted code for rendering from CPU buffers.
* Shortened name of end-mission autosaves (6294).
* Consistent names of various arrows.
Known issues:
* Some electric lights don't spawn.

* Fixed projectiles flying through player and enemies sometimes (6292).
* Lights with noshadows spawnarg pass through walls again (5172).
* Disabled portal flow culling optimization for parallel lights (5172, 6306).
* Faster light-entity interactions matching if light is noshadows due to spawnarg (6296).
* Compression of images to DXT1/3/5 is done in software (6300).
* Cleaned up rounding math routines (6300).
* r_showportals 2 is easier to understand now
* Changed rules for getting start areas of parallelSky light (6306).

* Optimized portal flow culling for shadowing lights (5172).
* Extended dmap diagnostics to info_portalSettings, improved editor descriptions (6224).
* Added test commands: tdm_open_doors and tdm_close_doors.
* Minor adjustments to ear-cutting algorithm in dmap.
* Minor refactoring in image compression code (6300).

* r_shadowMapSinglePass is enabled by default now.
* Fixed lack of shadows in volumetric lights under r_shadowMapSinglePass (6271).
* Fixed interaction rendering on materials with polygonOffset (5868).
* Optimized code for finding light-entity interactions on large maps (6296).
* Optimized moving shadowing lights: don't create interactions in unreachable areas (5172).
* More refactoring in backend: tonemap shader (6271).
* Added more covered furniture models (6289).
* Added wall models from Seeking Lady Leicester (6293).
Known issues:
* Some noshadows lights no longer pass through walls.

* Supported -durationExtend for inline subtitles (6262).
* Added blue noise dithering to tonemap shader, which fixed color banding of fog (6271).
* Optimized away unnecessary render copy under "useNewRenderPasses 1" (6271).
* Refactored blend and fog lights into new backend architecture. For troubleshooting, reduce cvar useNewRenderPasses to 1 or 0 (6271).
* Added 30 case to max FPS selection in settings menu.

* Fixed particles bound to animated joints (6099).
* idVec3 is no longer initialized to zero by default (6280).
* Integrated Address Sanitizer tool and fixed a few found bugs (6280).

* Deleted old backend completely + some cleaning (6271).
* Fixed map icon wrong name (thread).
* Now light entities support noPortalFog spawnarg (6282).
* Support fonts aspect ratio correction (6283).
* Fixed playerstart customization (thread).
* Refactored "render pass" part into new backend architecture. For troubleshooting, try cvar "useNewRenderPasses 0". Also "textures/particles/blacksmokepuff" now works (6271)
* Now arithmetic expressions in materials support min/max functions (6271).
* Minor initialization cleanup (6280).

* "r_shadowMapSinglePass 1" now respects noselfshadows flag (6271).
* Continued refactoring in shadow maps and render-pass shaders (6271).

* Backported new rendering backend to uniforms, should work like the old one now (6271).
* "Auto" lockpicking difficulty now unlocks pin from after one cycle (6256).
* Added "auto-search bodies" feature under tdm_autosearch_bodies cvar (6257).
* Added r_shadowMapAlphaTested cvar for single-pass shadow maps (6271).

* Added first version of direction and volume cues to subtitles (6264).
* Allow subtitles to extend duration of sound sample (6262).
* Improved slot allocation algorithm for subtitles, a subtitle no longer changes slot (6264).
* Fixed bug that stereo sample plays for 2x duration due to length confusion.
* Upgraded libpng and rebuilt third-party packages.
* Internal fixes of depth bounds test asserts.

* Allow limited mantling with a shouldered body (5892).
* Fixed toggle creep and improved settings layout in the menu (6242).
* Fixed bounding boxes of animated entities and particles, enabled r_useEntityScissors by default (6099).
* Trigger call_on_exit before call_on_entry when switching locations.
* Don't expand bounds of surfaces with turbulent deform (5990).
* Removed "gui" spawnarg on GUI message to avoid first frame (6117).
Known issues:
* Particles bounds to animated joints broken.

Changelog of earlier versions can be found here.

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V2.12beta crashed at the mission "the shadows at northdale"


   354 msec to load m1
Interaction table generated: size = 0/512
Initial counts:  4418 entities  406 lightDefs  3765 entityDefs
Restarting ambient sound snd_thieves_highway'(phantoms) with volume -8

Changed location from 'loc_apartment_streets' to 'loc_thieves_guild'.
The ambient 'snd_thieves_guild' (music_thieves_guild) for location 'loc_thieves_guild' is now playing.

Changed location from 'loc_thieves_guild' to 'loc_apartment_streets'.
The ambient 'snd_thieves_highway' (phantoms) for location 'loc_apartment_streets' is now playing.

Changed location from 'loc_apartment_streets' to 'loc_thieves_guild'.
The ambient 'snd_thieves_guild' (music_thieves_guild) for location 'loc_thieves_guild' is now playing.
WARNING:Cannot find sound snd_lockpick_lock_picked on door atdm_door_96x48_2hinge_29
DEBUG: entity atdm_loot_painting_medium_5 was frobbed and frob_loot runs

DEBUG: entity atdm_loot_painting_small_7 was frobbed and frob_loot runs

Trying to load image models/darkmod/props/textures/painting03_l_d from frontend, deferring...
Trying to load image models/darkmod/props/textures/painting03_l_d from frontend, deferring...
signal caught: Segmentation fault
si_code 1
Trying to exit gracefully..
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::shared_ptr<ErrorReportedException>'
double fault Aborted, bailing out
shutdown terminal support
About to exit with code 6


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On 12/3/2023 at 3:23 PM, stgatilov said:

tdm_show_viewpos, screenshot_viewpos --- embedding viewpos into screenshot for better bug reports.

Does this mean that you can set this to 1 and the viewpos is automatically added to default screenshot creation, or do I have to manually set this to a keypress?

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Submerging in water is turning the screen pitch black and opaque for a lot of Linux users.

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My missions:           Stand-alone                                                      Duncan Lynch series                              

                                      Down and Out on Newford Road              the Factory Heist

                                                                                                  A House Call

                                                                                                  The House of deLisle                                                                                                  


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On 12/3/2023 at 3:22 PM, stgatilov said:

* Several aspects of mantling has been improved: overhead mantling has become faster, mantling over low obstacles is allowed while carrying an item or a body. Also it is possible to switch weapon while being on rope/ladder or mantling. Pressing crouch button on rope/ladder now starts slide-down immediately.

Here is some feedback:

On 12/3/2023 at 3:22 PM, stgatilov said:

mantling over low obstacles is allowed while carrying an item or a body.

This is a great addition. Thank you. I would like someday to be able to mod it and remove the restrictions via scripting.

On 12/3/2023 at 3:22 PM, stgatilov said:

Also it is possible to switch weapon while being on rope/ladder or mantling.

This is a great addition. Thank you!

On 12/3/2023 at 3:22 PM, stgatilov said:

Pressing crouch button on rope/ladder now starts slide-down immediately.

I haven't tested this yet but it sounds good. The problem I had with this is the damage you take at the end if you are not careful, spoiling any fun that may be reside in the mechanic.

On 12/3/2023 at 3:22 PM, stgatilov said:

overhead mantling has become faster,

I don't understand this change. What's the case that triggered it?

Chases many times end during or right after an "overhead mantling": there's that moment where you never know if you will get the hit or not. I always found this exciting and I never wondered whether "overhead mantling" was right or wrong, fast or slow. "Overhead mantling" has always felt right to me in any situation.

My observations:

  • Chances of being hit is reduced to almost zero now
  • Mantling sounds have been limited to one, it sounds boring and repetitive
  • Players can clip through ceilings in some situations
  • It feels a little robotic, for some reason.

TDM Modpack 4.0

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41 minutes ago, thebigh said:

Submerging in water is turning the screen pitch black and opaque for a lot of Linux users.

I'm getting this on Windows. Not black, but opaque under water.

It happened when I first updated to the beta. I was about to report it but tested again and it had gone away.  I restarted TDM and now it's back.

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4 hours ago, nbohr1more said:

What mission? Did you check for mission updates?

I get this in my WIPs and in every mission I have tested, this is from Noble Affairs (I just downloaded the latest version of this mission and tested again, same problem):


This is from Win11 with a GTX 1050 Ti . Seemingly happens only on certain configurations as others cannot reproduce it.

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3 hours ago, nbohr1more said:


I am also unable to reproduce this one.

Please post your Darkmod.cfg

Here's mine.  I'm also on Windows 11 (RTX 3060Ti).

I think it happens on pretty much all missions.  It happens on my WIP and I tried out a couple of older ones (Perilous Refuge and Penny Dreadful 3).


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I can confirm that the water is pitch black in "Noble Affairs". Also I suggest to remove "guard" from the tip on auto-search, because other NPCs carry items too, better make it like this: "Take all items from a body on first frob." Overall a nice release with several features that I can now remove from my patch, like directly extinguishing lights and mantling with bodies :).

Edited by wesp5
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5 hours ago, JackFarmer said:


2 hours ago, Frost_Salamander said:

Here's mine.  I'm also on Windows 11 (RTX 3060Ti).

I think it happens on pretty much all missions.  It happens on my WIP and I tried out a couple of older ones (Perilous Refuge and Penny Dreadful 3).

Darkmod.cfg 14.55 kB · 0 downloads

Try enabling Bloom in the Advanced Video settings.

I can only reproduce this with Bloom Disabled.


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Please visit TDM's IndieDB site and help promote the mod:




(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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20 minutes ago, nbohr1more said:


Try enabling Bloom in the Advanced Video settings.

I can only reproduce this with Bloom Disabled.

Yes - enabling Bloom fixes it.  Disabling it, the problem comes back.

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3 minutes ago, datiswous said:

Where are the files "guis/assets/game_maps/map_of_icon.tga" and "guis/assets/game_maps/map_of.tga" located? They're not in these locations inside tdm core. In fact I cannot fine the "game_maps" location.

😂 the confusion continues.  I am similarly affected: 


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The folders and files are not included in core it seems. If you add the map_of_icon.tga to your fm, it works I guess, but I don't see a reason to not include it in core.

The map_of.tga file probably has other uses? For example for a custom gui background image.

An example where the issue aplies is @Obsttorte's Automap testmap.


Edit: Maybe the reason is that it is asumed mappers use their own map_of and map_of_icon . Probably using something like guis/assets/mainmenu/oldparchment_backdrop3.dds

Edited by datiswous
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5 hours ago, datiswous said:

Where are the files "guis/assets/game_maps/map_of_icon.tga" and "guis/assets/game_maps/map_of.tga" located? They're not in these locations inside tdm core. In fact I cannot fine the "game_maps" location.

Look William Steele 1 mission.
This is the one which was broken by the 2.11 change which is reverted in 2.12.

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