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Adjusting analog controller movement speed


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I'm pleased that the latest builds of TDM offer analog controller support but is there anyway to fine tune it and adjust movement speed when pushing the sticks forward/backward/strafe etc?  Right now the slowest movement using the analog stick is too fast.  Can it be made to creep forward or strafe even slower?  I would still want it to be able to run at maximum speed if the stick is pushed forward all the way however.

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Is this only for VR?

Thank you advance and Happy New Year.

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No, I find the controller the ideal way to play Thief games regardless of whether it's for VR or not.  I game and compute from my couch with a wireless KB/mouse and a DS4Windows Xbox controller emulator setup.  For Thief games, I use the Xpadder controller scheme someone posted on this forum almost 10 years ago, originally for TDM, but I use it mostly for Thief 1 & 2, and it feels nearly perfect.  The trick is to get what feels ideal for you in the re-mapping.  I saw one poster here implying he spent an entire day getting his controller configured just right for him and TDM (I didn't like his cfg though). 

However, the native TDM controller feature has analog movement at its lowest that's faster than that for the TG/T2 games (adjusting in_padDeadZone mentioned above didn't help).  I like to creep.

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See the section "Additional Information" in https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=6402 for a possible workaround where you control the movement type (creep, walk, or run) by the left analogue trigger.

What you are requesting may be something like "control movement type by movement speed" mentioned higher up in the description of that issue.

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