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City Streets

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Yeah, these are really good, KFM. These are the kinds of things our mappers can really use. It's hard to imagine these types of things in your head without any reference.


One thing that we need, though, is to add some more steampunk elements into those pictures...metal pipes, boilers, smokestacks, etc.

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Heres another city streets concept with a quick lighting study.






Also: Does anyone know why I can't upload images to the forums? I have to link all of these to my own webspace to show them, which is fine, but I will run out of space someday. :)

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That's some damn awesome work, man :blink:


I've got a few other ideas to throw into the mix as well. First off, a few sketches of individual buildings would help out on the modelling end as well as some more detailed closeups of city streets...probably from eye level like your first sketch.


And also, I'd like you to do a concept of The Slough. Think similar architecture, but gone to ruin. The section of the city has been flooded, undesirables have moved in here and there, makeshift bridges have been put up between windows and over the flooded streets. Everything looks bent, broken, and grimy, but not totally destroyed.


Think of something creepy and desolate, a place where only the desperate would dare tread.

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Heh, when you eventually get going, you really put some effort into it)

YOu have a great feel for the style of Thiefy architecture.

No one can upload to the forums BTW, that upload dialogue is as redundant as you appendix.

Civillisation will not attain perfection until the last stone, from the last church, falls on the last priest.

- Emil Zola


character models site

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Kfmccall, you can just upload the images to a file you create for yourself on the ftp,-


And then access them by using the same address but change out the beginning for-


You certainly do have some excellent skills :) I can't wait to see your concepts of some of the new things being come up with for the campaign.

http://www.thirdfilms. com

A Thief's Path trailer is now on Youtube!

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It always fascinates me how everyone on this planet has a different skill set. Some are good at cooking, some at art, some at music, some at diplomacy, etc. And there is some real talent in this mod.


I also wonder, what would be the result if someone with your skills (or oddity's) were to learn DoomEd... :o:blink::wub:


You should definitely give it a shot.

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I love the first of the most recent two, KFM. I've alway liked lots of hills and valleys in medieval cities rather than totally flat environments.


Great work, as always. Don't burn yourself out. :)

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Whats DoomED?


To Napalm: I've looked up images of individual houses etc, as well as the references that Springheel posted, but the environments are from my imagination. I lay in basic shapes and usually center the drawings around an idea before I start, whether it's a street corner, a river or sloping hill as can be seen in the most recent two drawings.


If you guys have any particular features you'd like me to incorporate into the drawings, such as special road intersections or entrances to important buildings that are necessary for the city layout, just let me know, for its much easier to conceptualize these environments when you have various ideas to base the drawing upon.



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I'm using photo-erase blue pencils and 2h Pencils to layout the basic lines and shapes. I then go over them with micron pens sizes .2mm - .5mm. But i'm also starting to fall back into traditional pencil sketching (as with these drawings) which is much faster and more fun in my opinion.



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Quite frankly, I think your pencil sketches are better, artistically speaking. This last batch is excellent. The shading you achieve with the pencil is much more realistic than the harsher pen--which would be better suited to technical drawings or floorplans.


On the topic of character sketches. There are still plenty that can be done. Here's a few that we'll need sooner or later: (you may have to search for discussions of the more unique ones)


a prostitute

a beggar

an urban pagan *

a necromancer *

a thieves' guild member male/female

a female guard

pagan shaman (male/female) *


For starters.


The ones with stars are ones I had some ideas for, but hadn't knocked anything up yet. Feel free to try your own design for any of them.

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