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Good looking sofa. The coffee table looks good too. :)


This is good that we have new models coming in. Hopefully the webpage will be sorted soon so we can start organizing these graphically. SE and I ran into a snag on the weekend but hopefully we can figure it out.

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can anyone rename the thread - I don't think we need a seperate thread for each prop.


anyway, made a cabinet that fits to the desk. it's photosourced and there was a lot of dirt on the cabinet on the photo. don't know if we want such stained furniture in our mansion maps, so I think I'll make a clean version of it too.


(handles are still missing) currently weights at 266 tris.


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BT, that's absolutely perfect! Exactly what I had in mind for their guild emblam. :)


How do you feel about a different colour though? There are already a lot of red/gold colour schemes for the builders.

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