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Getting Ready For Ipb 2.1


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IPB (Invision Power Board) 2.1 Final was released 15 minutes ago. I'm going to upgrade this 2.0.4 forum to version 2.1, as this will get us loads of new cool and reworked features.


However, we will have to re-do the skin as there are so many template changes. Just keep that in mind, the forums might look a bit odd the first couple of days.


I'm not sure when I will have time to perform the upgrade, might happen tonight or tomorrow.


You can discuss this here.


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Alright, we're now running the newest version of the 2.1 series; 2.1.1


First of all, if you already haven't, empty your cache for this site to ensure you get all the newest clientside scripts. This will help you to avoid any problems that might happen because of old scripts.


Also, you might notice that the dark skin is gone - we'll have to build a new one from scratch, and work on this will start ASAP.


All threads will show up as new for everyone - this is because of a new mark-read system. This new system will ensure to NOT mark any threads read that you haven't yet read - even if your cookie session times out. This is a hot new feature, and it's very welcome. You may want to use the "Mark all posts as read" link to start from scratch, you'll find it at the bottom of the index.


Please post any and all problems, comments or suggestions you might have in this thread.






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