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Another Concept Artist?

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Heyas TDM, My name is Thest....but you can call me jester.


I know you guys have about three concept artists if im correct? How about a having a fourth?


It seems that TDM has alot of character models finished along with some maps...So atm, i dont think you guys really need any more conceptual artwork. But ive been following this mod for a bit, and looks very impressive. Besides that im a huge thief fan


A sample of my work? Sure, im currently working for the only F.E.A.R mod in progress entitled "Awaken" as a Lead in the Art department, and a Texture Artist. You can find some of my artwork on the media page



(we're in the progress of putting up our official site. So we're currently using Freewebs until its up)


What are my current modding abilities?


Conceptual Artwork: (Characters, Creatures, Weapons, Environments, and Vehicles)


Skinning/Texturing: (Characters, Creatures, Weapons, Vehicles, and Buildings/props)


WebDesign: (Layouts, Ideas, and graphics)


Voice Acting: (Im constantly talking over the radio where i work, so i do a bit of "Acting" when theres nothing to do)



If you need to see more, i have my portfolio on my pc (Dont have a portfolio site up yet, but will soon) so just catch me on msn messenger, aim, or yim.


IF you would like to get in touch with my privately, you can do so by sending me an e-mail electricguitar00@msn.com


Hope to hear from you guys soon...


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Our need for concept art is pretty low at the moment. Of the skills you mentioned, skinning is what we need the most.

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Your links aren't formatted correctly, but we could certainly use a texture artist above anything else.

Actually, I think he intended to just post that one link. The other two underlined phrases are hard-coded underlines. I think he intended the underlined ones to be sub-topics of his post rather than actual links.

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