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Footsteps On Cvs

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Alright, the footstep sounds Theo made are now on CVS.


- human_carpet (4/4)

- human_grass (4/4)

- human_gravel (4/4)

- human_metal (4/4)

- human_snow (4/4)

- human_stone (4/4)

- human_tile (4/4)

- human_wood (4/4)

- movement_ladder (4/4)

- movement_water (4/4)


The way I see it, most of them are great, but a few needs to be worked on. Theo is unavailable right now but there is no real hurry. At least now we have soundfiles so we can test this out ingame.


Personally I think the "bad" sounds are the metal and tile ones. And wood probably needs to be worked on some more. And maybe we want even more wood sounds, like Thief 1/2.


I love the gravel, snow, stone and ladder sounds. Carpet/Grass.. kinda hard to tell really. Water sounds okey. Waiting to hear this ingame as well.


An idea I proposed to Ishtvan (lifted out of a PM since I'm to lazy to write it all over again):

Is it possible to play two sounds simultaneously? That way the Haunts/Revenants could use the same sounds as the humans, but also have the chain sound added on top of the standard footsteps. Possible?


It is possible to play two sounds at the same time, because AI's have different sound channels associated with them, like channel_VOICE and channel_BODY. However, I think all footstep sounds are played over channel_BODY by default, so I'm not sure what other channel we should play the chains over.


I can look at what channels are available when I get home from work, and see if it makes sense to use one for footsteps and one for chains. If not, mixing them together might be a better way to go. We can always make the mixed and unmixed files and put them together in a soundshader too, so that they're randomly played, and sometimes the chains rattle with the footstep, sometimes they don't.

However, doubling the filesize is not so horrible in this case, since the footstep files are so small. We're only talking about 280kb or so.

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yes, cant wait to hear them :)


err...how do we make them work on certain textures btw? i think we should make something in the material files to say its tile/wood/etc. something like the "noshadows" or "noselfshadow" things there. basically something like "tile" "wood" etc

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Btw, in response to the footsteps: I'm not a sound designer so I could be totally wrong, but, here's some opinions!


Most of them are excellent. Wood, stone, gravel, tile, water all sound really great!


Snow: Sounds excellent, but I forsee a problem with the sound being too long to play properly when running ingame. If you imagine the player running and those sounds being played every time their feet touch the ground, and the sound being cut off and starting again every time this happens, I think the snow ones might not sound too good when the player is sprinting acros snow.


They work fine for walk and creep definitely, but it seems like to sound okay running, they would have to be a little shorter. Maybe we'll have to make some different sounds for running after all? Maybe we can just time-compress those sounds or pitch them up? I dunno, again, not a sound designer, so could be wrong.


The ladder ones also have this problem of being rather long. If someone was moving very fast up a ladder it would get cutoff in the middle and might sound weird. I think D3 actually did this one pretty well, in that the played the sound of each foot coming down on the ladder rung, whereas this seems to be more like the general creaking of the ladder you might hear infrequently while moving on it. I dunno, maybe it will work better ingame.



[EDIT: Whoops, didn't see that the metal sounds were temporary]

The metal one sound a bit weird to me... you can hear some ringing in there as if someone were striking a thin metal sheet with a hammer, but I wouldn't think a metal grid floor would ring at a low frequency like that. I dunno, when I think of walking on a metal grating, it seems like it would be more of a high pitched "ting" sound than a resounding "tooongg!" Just an uneducated opinion tho.



I might be changing my mind about this one. Grass_01 is great, and at first I thought maybe they should all be a little more like that (just going swish, swish, swish rather than thump + swish), because the others have a harder footstep coming in. But then I figured, grass is usually on top of dirt, so maybe that deeper footstep representing hitting the dirt is okay.

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Snow/Ladder - I see what you mean. We could probably shorten them a bit if there is indeed a problem. I think we should test it out ingame first. Do we even have any ladders yet?


Metal - Yeah, I put them down as temporary. They are not up to par with the rest of the sounds, in my opinion.


Grass - I have my own grass sounds which I might upload one day for you to listen to. But that's not very high priority. Again, I want to hear it ingame before I say too much.. :)

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The snow sounds would sound beautiful when you are creeping or walking. Maybe we can keep those and add a shortened set for running? The code should support playing both, I think.


We have ladders (at leat when we use the old lightgem setting so we can use the old maps :) ), but they use the D3 ladder animations that trigger the sound every time it makes sense for your foot to be hitting a rung, so when you move up or down on a ladder it goes "clop clop clop" triggering a short sound several times. It seems like the longer creak sound we have would get cut off for sure. Could be wrong though, we could try it.

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Okay, got all the def files set up to play the footstep sounds we have so far. Now it's up to the mappers/texture artists to use those surface names in their material files and we should be set.


Btw, I haven't written the propagated sound info for each surface yet, so the AI don't respond properly to footsteps on stone, for example, only the default footsteps. So nobody complain that the AI is broken. :) I'll get to that soon, after scripting the new AI.


Also put in the SFX for the weapons, and fixed the broadsword a bit to increase the range and so that the damage and SFX occurs when you're actually making the swing.



You'll have to update the def directory, weapon_broadsword.script, and also the .pk4 because I had to change some code to play the water footsteps correctly.



There's a problem with the blackjack sheathe sound getting cutoff by the sword draw when you switch past the blackjack to the sword. Not sure what to do about that, they're both playing on the same channel so when one starts it will cutoff the one that was playing. I would say add a few frames of blank animation inbetween blackjack put away and sword to let the sound play out, but that would be frustrating if you wanted to bring out the sword quickly. Maybe it's okay as it is, most people take out the blackjack and put it away without going straight to sword, and if they do go straight from BJ to sword, they're probably not going to care about the sheathe sound. :)

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Wow! I'm gonna have to try this out! :)


About the sheathe sounds, I think it would be a good thing to add enough of a delay (1 sec) so that the sound can finish. Even when we switch that sound to a better one it's still not going to be longer than about one second.

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@Pak we could do that, but based on some of our early put-away animations that went on longer, IMO it would be very frustrating to have to wait one second when you wanted to switch from your blackjack to sword. In my experience, most of the times when the sword comes out are not well planned but rather "oh crap!" moments when you really want it out as soon as possible.

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couldnt hear the sounds.. but as i remember the sounds of thief 1/2 the metal footsteps was always terrible, like you were wearing a tap dance shoes or something like that. t3 corrected that, creating not metal floors, but metal grids (or whatever that is) wich was more beliveble. i'm not saying we should made the metal grids, but rather metal floors with less 'knock' sound. but again, i didnt heard these sounds! so its not a crit whatsoever :D just sharing a few reflections hehe

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