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If you try the sound I provided in-game, please tell me how it turns out. There are several things I'm intrested in (of course, depending on the settings in your soundshader):


This is a stereo file, so if you shade it to Mono (to allow the game to assign a direction to it), does the quality reduction cause the bell tone to sound broken/bad/icky/poo?


There's a lot of reverb on it. Does the long verb-trail sound ok or does it sound akward (again, especialy if you set it to Mono)?


(Of course, if you just wanted a new windows error beep, ignore this ;) )

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Nah, I don't mind at all. I'm just eager for some feedback on stuff like this - helps me to improve.


Pak, if you chance to read this - we really need to run a few tests like this and maybe create a little guideline (ie "environmental sfx must be mono and have no verb, no phasers and flangers in stereo samples...")


(Edit: Oh yeah, testing how sfx and ambients stack would be a good thing too. What does it sound like if the shaders of two electric coils, one generator, ambient woo and a frienzied zombie cross-over etc...)

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(made in a hurry, so might not be adequate to your needs)


It's almost perfect. :) It just sounds a bit dull, as if it were somehow muffled. If the sound would be a bit more clearer it would be perfect. I also cut away a bit of the beginning. There is a segment that is pretty narrow short of the first second and this is a very good starting point. The first part gives me the impression as if there were two bells swinging with a fraction of a second behind the other. Strangely this impression vanishes when I cut it at this narrow point.

It is at about 0.86 where I start it.


But in general it is exactly what I had in mind. :)


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I envisioned that DUNG! as something that is very close to what we could use for the opening of every mission. Something emphatic and makes a statement, like what they did in Thief 2. Maybe not as much 'bell' as that DUNG! -- and maybe a bit harder punch at the beginning -- but something nice, deep and bassy like it.

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