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Oddity's Nightblade Models Get Press!


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In the November issue of PC Gamer, there is half-page article about Blackcat and Nightblade, and there's a large full colour picture of oDDity's female thief model!


Woot! Hats off to oDDity! I hope you'll still talk to the rest of us when you hit true celebrity status. :)

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No, it's the North American one (if they're different). I'll scan it when I can get ahold of it.


edit: here's the article:



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ROFL, I notice they kept spelling 'Dalai' as 'Dalia'

Thanks for scanning that for me, it was in UK PC Gamer a few months ago as well, but I missed that one too. I've been doing CG for 2 years and already get published in PC Gamer- that has to be some sort of record :P

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