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Mr. Spook's Beta Mapper Application

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Received the following email. :)


Has my vote as a beta mapper.



I've been watching The Dark Mod pretty much since it was announced, and I'm finally at a point [work-wise] where I can offer to lend a hand. I'm interested in being one of the Beta Mappers. I wish I could apply to be an actual team member, but it would be considered a "conflict of interest" with my current source of rent and grocery money. I've been a Thief junkie since the week Thief 1 came out and have been a Thievery guy for years now. I even infected some of the other designers here at the office with it and got groups playing on our LAN at the studio.


If you want to check out my portfolio/resume/etc you can find it at http://www.digitalalchemy.org


Anyway, if you've got more slots available for outside mappers feel free to hit me up.


~Sean S.

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