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Can one of our musicians recommend a good music software? What I would like it to have is that you can pick notes with icons and put it on the sheet. Currently I have found a music software, but the problem is it requires that you know all the terms. Since I'm not a musician I don't know all the terms of the musical notations, and even if I knoew them, I wouldn't know how they are named in english. So I wondered if there is something that shows the symbols via icons where you can simply pick and place how you need it.


If it is free it wouldn't hurt either. :)


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Are you talking about "piano roll" notation where the music is displayed on a grid, with time going horizontally and pitch going vertically?


This should be available in most MIDI sequencers as pakmannen said. The only free one I know is Rosegarden4 for Linux, but there may be others.

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I'm talking about normal note notation. The reason is because I have some books with childrens songs, that I don't know. The musical notes are in there, so I would like to put it into the computer so that I can hear the songs with my kids.


You know, sheets like that:



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There should be some free software which does notation like that, although it won't be as good as the professional offerings.


It also depends on what sort of quality of playback you want - some software is designed primarily or exclusively for the production of printed sheet music so offers only very basic playback facilities. Sequencers on the other hand do very sophisticated playback and recording but might not be so strong in the notation department.


I believe that Sibelius is widely considered the best for this sort of thing, but being a professional tool it is likely to be very expensive.

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I can always recommend the good old "Deluxe Music Construction Set" for the Amiga (emulator). :)




It does its job, and you might find someone who still has the disc in a dusty corner. While the whole program is limited to the Amiga midi features, it does not come up with so many instruments - but hey! I played with it a bit when I was 10 (when not playing Rick Dangerous, though).

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I used to have software that did exactly this - it was a MIDI music composing program with a real musical notation interface. I actually bought it. I hope I backed it up somewhere because I have no idea what happened to the box. Was kinda buggy though, and was really made for Win 3.1 so may not even run.


However, I think I may have found some alternatives, though I have not used any of them;


This one looks most like the one I had



Hey this one is free, check it out :)


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