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Sorry. I assumed that this thread was dead and that I wasn't accepted so I kinda moved on.

Am I allowed to bring this back from the dead?


EDIT: So I am assuming that I should resend the email? If my status hasn't changed.

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You don't need to resend the email, as you are allready in the process of getting evaluated. Pakmannen would be the head of the soundguys, so he must decide. I don't know we need another soundguy though, but Pak should have the final word on this.


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I could try, it might take a little bit of time to get the hang of it, but it wouldn't be impossible.


I guess my reason for not wanting to do SFX was because I can't get full ideas into a short 3 second sample of sound. I know it seems like a silly reason, but I really enjoy doing full-length songs.


I'll do SFX if that's what you need, though. Either works.


EDIT: Sorry, I think I misunderstood your post. Yes, I can do both. SFX isn't my strong point but I can do it.

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If you'll get accepted you can do music as well of course :) It's just I'm looking for SFX people at the moment, since we have a lot of music-only members.


Heh, just looked back on this thread and you actually answered this question already. Sorry this thread got kinda lost somehow. I'll set you up as a contributor and you can have a crack at doing some SFX or ambients

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