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Ascottk's application thread

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Hi, some of you probably seen some of my work on ttlg. Anyway, I'm getting frustrated with t3's limitations and I've been doing homework on Doom 3 editing. Here's some examples of what I've been up to:


Textures I've done as a "Flesh Eater", a t3ed community project "The Cabal" campaign:




A tweaked Garrett model I managed to convert to 3ds max then back again (tweaked mesh, new textures, physiqued):



And new textures for T3 for a mod I was working on, but probably never finished due to t3's limitations and lack of documentation:



I like to do a lot of tweaking. I managed to convert t3's animations and skeletal meshes so I can edit them in 3ds max. I fixed rope arrow creation (it's still not working very well, it TDS for crying out loud!). I'm also the creator of "GarrAT: Animations Tweak for TDS":



I created a tds fm called "Krellek's Labyrinth":



As for 3ds max (I know some of you think the program's evil) but I found some import/export plugins for the md5 format. I'm getting the hang of character rigging, animation, uvw unwrapping, and I'm well versed on the texture-side of things (t3's specular implementation is an extreme PITA).


I wrote a few tutorials for t3ed:






And a normal mapping tutorial (an old method I don't use any more):



I'm also a composer/sound designer/editor but I know you're totally full in that department.


I may do a little more with t3 but I'm often getting frustrated with its limitations, but I'd like to help the Dark Mod.

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I'm getting the hang of character rigging, animation, uvw unwrapping,


Wow, you don't know how much we could use someone with that skillset right now. ;)


I'm sure NH will give you the application details shortly.

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For a while there, it seemed like you had no interest in TDM and never would. I had personally hoped you'd join up some day. I'm glad to see you now embracing the dark side... muhahahaha...


(oh man was that cheesy)


I was interested from the start B) But I wanted to see what I could do with t3ed, which wasn't a whole lot :angry: The terrible lack of documentation is killing me which won't be a problem with this engine.

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Do we even need to go through the contributor step for Ascottk? I think his TDS work should be more than sufficient for instant membership. :)

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