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My First Modeling Efforts


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I've been looking for a new hobby to keep me busy for the next year or so and I've finally tried my hand at modeling. Although it gets a little tedious it can also be a blast so I think I might keep at it.


First off I must say I love the fact that there is a project like the Darkmod out there and I wish you all the best.


I doubt you guys would be interested in someone with so little experience but I like to see what others are up to and I thought I would show what I am up to with my first few models. Maybe people could give thoughts and let me know If I am moving in a direction that could be useful down the road.


This one is not textured or anything but it is my first ever created.




Just a table I threw together




Wanted to try something simple.



Not finished but here anyway.


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Mr Mike, thanks for the kind words. And yes it was my intent to to create victorian style objects specifically for this mod. Also it was your post in the other forum asking for people to show what they are working on that prompted me to show some of my own stuff. So it's fitting that you were the first to reply :)



Springheel, I've only went as far as unwrapping a couple of ojects and after I did I wasnt sure what to do with em. I realize this does not help you guys much but I did do some preliminary reading on the topic last night and from what I see it looks like I should be capable of learning. And If thats what I need to do to become involved then I will give it a shot. The hard part looks like it will be deciding on which software to learn and what method to use. Hopefull I can find some time over the next week or two to get into it.



Anyway, what I really wanted to know was if there was any interest in my stuff so as to know whether I should continue or not. I'll keep at it and see where it takes me.

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Yep, I would definitely keep at it. The models themselves look good, and as long as you're able to make uv maps, we have artist who can make textures for them.

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Yeah, I noticed that thread. It looked like the poor chap was going to get the typical ttlg ass fisting at the start of the thread until he came through with some decent pics.


I'm not quite sure what I want to do next but I have been building my own library of source material that should keep me busy for a while. Plus I did say I would take a stab at making uv maps and I just just spent the day getting my computer ready for a clean windows install so I will have no excuses to put it off too much longer.


However, If anyone feels like sending some photo sources my way feel free. I cant guarantee I'll model em but it is possible.

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Well, my computer problems are greater than I first thought and a simple windows install aint gonna make em go away. Should keep me scratching my head and throwing temper tantrums for a while.


Anyway those are some nice pics Arumakani but they may be a little ambitious for me. I was thinking more along the lines of some nice real life shots of objects that are not too complex. Good angles and multiple sides of objects make for nice photo sources also.

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