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I Like It More

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:):):):) I just wanted to say that I am beginning to actual like this editor.


Usually making a map is a pain and there is lots of starting over. I am glad to say that because this program runs smooth on my machine. I know it’s a memory hardware sort of issue but for my 2 1/2 year old computer that is a great start.

I am glad that now most of the heartache of creating a level is quashed. The computer locked up hard on thief edit so I moved to Doomedit; where the computer memory was a huge issue. Doomedit also has a few quarks that cause big problems in my computer like that darn warning about 80% of memory is used please save ding ding ding ding ding and then 50 or so more warning of the same pop up … with that happening every few minutes I was having more trouble creating a map than it was worth.


But now I have actually had fun creating a map. A combination of fewer problems with the editor and the intuitive interface, have made editing a joy. I am going now to get back to my mapping.

The direction you are all going is great. I have had my concerns and you have tolerantly explained those concerns away.


Keep up the good work. You are well on your way :):):)

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Just spent a good hour playing around with it. Must say Orb, VERY impressive the way you managed to change it from GTK Radiant :)


Sorry I did'nt try it much for a while.


Anyways, great work so far Orb :)

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Old but.... I'm new lol


I also want to say how much I am loving this editor. When gtk 1.5 came out, I thought they made a huge mistake, making it a pain to use... but this, this is awesome... very intuitive, makes mapping a pleasure :) I can't wait for it to be fully developed. Especially looking at the quality of textures and models some of you are doing. WOW... I am truly inspired :D Especially since I've still not been able to see the mod run cause of that friggin bug. But I've gained a better insight of it from the editor, the textures and models.


Go you good thing lol..



I have an eclectic YouTube channel making videos on a variety of games. Come and have look here:



Dark Mod Missions: Briarwood Manor - available here or in game




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