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Spyware Being Integrated In Pc Games


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:mellow: I didn't even get a slip of paper about advertisements with my copy of bf2142.


I've played the game for a few days, and haven't seen any advertisements at all. DICE released a statement saying that the programs used only worked online whilst BF2142 was running, that they do not detract from game performance, and all data collected (which is only info on how long a player looks at an advertisment) is kept anonymous. One would have thought that in-game adverising should provide EA with another source of income and hence lessen the price of its games; but nowing EA's track record i suppose we can kiss that idea goodbye.


This isn't the first time it has been done either, SWAT 4 uses IGA stuff to advertise online as well.

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I vaguely remember hearing that the Australian version doesn't have the ads. Or doesn't have them yet.

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It may not seem very bad yet, but you have to realise it's a slippery slope.

There are marketing people at EA and other big companies who would quite happily sell your soul behind your back.

This is ony a little test to see how much they can get away with. Let them get away wiht it, and next time they'll go a little furthur..and a little furthur again...

You'd be shocked at the liberties these people would take if you let them think they can get away with it..

But, we live in an entertainment obsessed society, entertainers in various forms are called celebrites and worshipped, and people will take a lot of shit just as long as they get their entertainments.

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