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I get a segfault with the latest build.


Thread [1] (Suspended: Signal 'SIGSEGV' received. Description: Segmentation fault.)	
38 <symbol is not available> 0x74786574	
37 OpenGLShader::construct() at /workspace/darkradiant/radiant/render/backend/OpenGLShader.cpp:405 0x08235331	
36 OpenGLShader::realise() at /workspace/darkradiant/radiant/render/backend/OpenGLShader.cpp:103 0x082355c5	
35 OpenGLShaderCache::realise() at /workspace/darkradiant/radiant/renderstate.cpp:506 0x081197a5	
34 TexturesMap::realise() at /workspace/darkradiant/plugins/textures/TexturesCache.cpp:466 0xb62f96a8	
33 Textures_Realise() at /workspace/darkradiant/radiant/textures.cpp:28 0x08139524	
32 GlobalGL_sharedContextCreated() at /workspace/darkradiant/radiant/mainframe.cpp:2609 0x080a6a5f	
31 glwidget_context_created() at /workspace/darkradiant/libs/gtkutil/glwidget.cpp:201 0x0823e776	
30 g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__VOID()  0xb785a423	
29 g_closure_invoke()  0xb784e79f	
28 g_signal_stop_emission()  0xb785d2ea	
27 g_signal_emit_valist()  0xb785eb19	
26 g_signal_emit()  0xb785ee89	
25 gtk_widget_realize()  0xb7d1f3d1	
24 glwidget_enable_gl() at /workspace/darkradiant/libs/gtkutil/glwidget.cpp:229 0x0823e6ba	
23 g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__OBJECT()  0xb785adb7	
22 g_closure_invoke()  0xb784e79f	
21 g_signal_stop_emission()  0xb785d2ea	
20 g_signal_emit_valist()  0xb785eb19	
19 g_signal_emit()  0xb785ee89	
18 gtk_widget_set_parent_window()  0xb7d1b1ac	
17 gtk_frame_new()  0xb7bf8fc5	
16 gtk_container_forall()  0xb7badc36	
15 gtk_widget_set_parent_window()  0xb7d1b1f4	
14 gtk_box_reorder_child()  0xb7b74fd8	
13 gtk_container_forall()  0xb7badc36	
12 gtk_widget_set_parent_window()  0xb7d1b1f4	
11 gtk_box_reorder_child()  0xb7b75009	
10 gtk_container_forall()  0xb7badc36	
9 gtk_widget_set_parent_window()  0xb7d1b1f4	
8 _gtk_widget_propagate_hierarchy_changed()  0xb7d1b6fd	
7 gtk_widget_set_parent()  0xb7d1faa3	
6 gtk_notebook_insert_page_menu()  0xb7c51a17	
5 gtk_notebook_insert_page()  0xb7c51cee	
4 GroupDialog_addPage() at /workspace/darkradiant/radiant/groupdialog.cpp:152 0x0808f489	
3 MainFrame::Create() at /workspace/darkradiant/radiant/mainframe.cpp:2290 0x080afed1	
2 MainFrame() at /workspace/darkradiant/radiant/mainframe.cpp:2059 0x080b0c72	
1 main() at /workspace/darkradiant/radiant/main.cpp:532 0x08096868


The fault occurs on the following line in OpenGLShader.cpp


  state.m_texture = m_shader->getTexture()->texture_number;

  if((m_shader->getFlags() & QER_CULL) != 0) // *** SEGFAULT HERE ****
	if(m_shader->getCull() == IShader::eCullBack)
	  state.m_state |= RENDER_CULLFACE;


I would guess that m_shader is NULL or invalid in this case, although GDB isn't helping much.

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Ok, my build seems to work, but I'll try to look into it.


(I changed the Texture* pointers to boost::shared_ptr yesterday, I don't think I changed the shader, but it's most probably related to it.)


Edit: Oh boy, another HashedCache (I just checked, this is one of the two last instances).


Edit2:If m_shader was invalid or NULL, how could the texture be retrieved in the first place? There is another access of m_shader two statements before the crashing one.

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I can't reproduce it, maybe I should install Ubuntu again...


One thing I added was the ShaderLibrary along with some methods. Its results aren't used at the moment, although there are some calls to it in shaders.cpp::Try_Shader_ForName(). Maybe these corrupt something, but I couldn't say why this would be the case.


I can comment out these calls if you want me to and commit them.

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I will try a full rebuild, that sometimes clears out errors. If not, I would almost be tempted to look into removing those QER_ flags, I'm pretty sure they are not actually used for anything significant (but I would have to check).


I also have a future task to get rid of those raw IShader pointers and replace them with boost::shared_ptr<IShader>. This will mean getting rid of the internal reference counting (IShader::IncRef() etc) and let shared_ptr take care of that automatically.

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