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Heading Out Again


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So, I'm leaving for Australia in a few days, which some of you already know. I would suggest putting Schatten in charge of sounds, seeing how he's already taking care of a brand new reorganization. :P


I have uploaded a rar (11.7 mb) containing four folders:

  • indep (unedited sfx files we are allowed to modify/use freely)
  • indep2 (more of the above, including some good footsteps)
  • pak (there are some looping problems, otherwise they're ready to go)
  • theo (the original footsteps, I think some are better than our current ones)

You can download the file here: sounds.rar

As I said, there are a bunch of unedited stuff, but feel free to play around with them. There are good free programs out there: Goldwave, Audacity etc. We should be able to pull a few metal doors, hits, creaks, footsteps and explotions from them.


I'll be leaving in a week but I'll have limited time, so I thought I'd just take care of this and upload the files as soon as possible. Send me a PM if there are any problems.

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So, I'm leaving for Australia in a few days, which some of you already know.

Watch out for dropbears! ;)

My games | Public Service Announcement: TDM is not set in the Thief universe. The city in which it takes place is not the City from Thief. The player character is not called Garrett. Any person who contradicts these facts will be subjected to disapproving stares.
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