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Hi everybody,

Here is the New sfx and reup some old with edit,


1-Alarm edit (Loop)

2-Arrow Flesh,Metal,Stone,fire,rope,swoosh,water

3-BJ BJ_metal BJ-Wood

4-flame (loop)

5-Zombie-B REup

6-Spider Hiss 1and2

7-Sword F,m,w,sword-clank

8-Fire Ignite 1-2

9-water drop 1-2




I'd like to request rope climbing sounds

I working on it,


Do we have portcullis/sliding gate/sliding stone door sounds yet?

ok,if we have good stuff it's ok if no plz let me know



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@comp-music: These are coming in thick and fast! Good work, comp-music, I heard through most of them and I think they are really good. I'm looking forward to hearing them in-game, especially the sword, fire and spider sounds.


The alarm stuff sounds a bit strange to me, I can't quite imagine how they would work in-game, but I'm sure they will be useful somewhere. :)


Overall, good work and thanks for that!

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Comp-music, I don't know if such sounds are on the list, but we also will need some water sounds. Splashing, like water running in a sink, or that gurgling noise on a river side.


LIST!for god sake tell me where is the list! ok if we suppose this is the real sfx list!


why not updating untill now?


i made the drop water coz i notice from "pakmannen"file here "http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?showtopic=5701" "Grass2, Louder REupload topic". water_drips03_loop.ogg

some air noise on sample So "pakmannen"supposed the game need one ,i'm just editing the new one


actually you are talking about "differant sfx"

1-Splashing..........what kind of (soft or hit or hard)

2-water running in a sink or gurgling noise on a river side

ok i'll put everything in a new topic and choose as you wish :)

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God bless the weekend, I finaly got around to do something.


comp-music, the water sounds are lovely, very well done. Also thanks for the re-upload of the arrow sounds. I'm really sorry about not updating the list, but I've been focusing on the request list - which I'll update today.


sparhawk, you can post requests in the open sticky thread here.


I'm sorry about the confusion with the stickies. I want to finish the request list first before working on the finished sound list.

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