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New sounds and shaders on svn


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Ok, I've FINALY uploaded a bunch of comp-music's sounds and made shaders for them. They aren't volume tweaked yet, that's on the to-do list. I've wanted to do this way earlier, but got distracted by a nice pair of boobs.


Anyway, here goes:


New shaders that need implementation:












The water_hit shaders should replace the old shader in use - I think it's "splash_long_01"






Not sure which shader is currently used for this, but this new one should replace the old





I think the broadhead impacts are currently used, needs to be changed to this







Updated, but not needing new implememntation:






Next, I'll take a look at the sword sounds.

comp-music, you've been super productive, and your sounds are top-notch quality. I'm really glad we have you on board.

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Implemented, except that AFAIK helmets are just metal, so there's no way to distinguish between "metal" and "helmet". I may be wrong, perhaps ascottk or Springheel knows more about this.


I just set all metal to blackjack_hit_helmet for now, since blackjack_hit_metal sounded more like metal-on-metal than leather-on-metal to me. *shrug* If you want to change it yourself, it's in darkmod/def/weapon_blackjack.def:

	"snd_metal"			"blackjack_hit_helmet"
"snd_ricochet"		"fist_impact"
"snd_flesh"			"blackjack_hit_flesh"
"snd_stone"			"fist_impact"
"snd_wood"			"blackjack_hit_wood"
"snd_cardboard"		"fist_impact"
"snd_glass"			"fist_impact"
"snd_liquid"		"fist_impact"
"snd_plastic"		"fist_impact"

"snd_hit"			"fist_impact"
"snd_miss"			"blackjack_swing"
"snd_hit_berserk"	"fist_gorepunch"






I didn't know where to change the rest. Ishtvan would know more about the climbing sounds I think.

My games | Public Service Announcement: TDM is not set in the Thief universe. The city in which it takes place is not the City from Thief. The player character is not called Garrett. Any person who contradicts these facts will be subjected to disapproving stares.
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I wasn't sure what to do with the climb_ladder_loose. Do we want this to replace the existing metal ladder climbing sound? Or was the intention to be able to define two types of metal ladders? If so, we'll have to decide what surface type represents a "loose" metal ladder and which one represents a regular metal ladder.

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Bump. I've updated the big list along with the new pin sounds.


As for the loose metal ladder/helmet thing, I guess we'll need a special material for those if we want to use the new sounds.


I'd appreciate it if this thread would be used for requests and notices of implementation henceforth. I'll announce shader updates and sound uploads there as well from now, and it helps me keeping things together.

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Hey guys. Glad to see things are moving along around here. Right, keep the work up while I, you know, cruise around Australia and everything.. Ahh


I missed Dram in Sydney but will hopefully get to see Domarius in Brisbane, I'm counting on him filling me in on the latest office gossip.

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Doing fine, it's a lovely country. Particulary enjoyed hanging around the Blue Mountains for a while (google for cool pictures) and is looking forward to seeing the reef. In Brisbane atm, the last civilized place we're visiting (nothing but sandy beaches and paradise islands further north it seems) so I'll probably be out of touch for a while.


I'm here for a week, so if there is anything, send me en email: jens.ljungblad@tjoff.com

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