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Doom3world Hacked Again

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there are 4(!) meta refesh tags in the source, though only 2 are in valid places, it looks like every instance of the string "doom3world" got replaced by it

and the text "Fags Got Pwned doom3 Is gay!!!" doesn't leave much to the imagination

some valve-fanboi-CS-1337-mYg0t-script-kiddie who thinks that he's funny, someone ought to give him a spanking

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Many ar3 7331 haxx0rz caus3 1h3y'r3 s0 c00l 1ha1 1h3y ab50lu13ly mu51 haxx0r any gam3 c0mp31ing wi1h 1h3ir dumb 101ally-7331-haxx0rz-ub3r-gam3 HL2.


(lets off a feral snarl when thinking of the 7331-haxx0rz in CS)



They'll get thier own. Oh wait! They did! You know that hackers used the steam servers to download HL2 (five-finger discount too) ? D00MZ3 3ngin3 4 3va!!!


ANYWAY, I played HL2. I borrowed it from my friend, played it (though I Downloaded a crack so that stupid mother-*(too profane to say)* steam would'nt move all my sierra games to the gay steam folder) and it was ok, though it was more scripted then Doom3 and apart from some.......anoying bits (stay here team you tell them "ok, we'll wait here" they say....2 seconds pass...."Follow Freeman!!!" -- AAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!! makes you resort to genocide) but without steam it's more enjoyable. Never in my whole life would I pay a single cent for that game (don't want any 7331 steam f***ing around with my comp, had enough viruses already).


Why do I comment on this? Cos steam is such a bad design decision that I can absolutely not believe they spent money to make playing a game as hard as trying to take out a security van. I think everyone knows by now that if steam so much as smells a CS cheat on your computer it wil take a piss into your case and eat your cd-key.


You might say I'm taking this a bit personally (and I agree :rolleyes: ) but my friend payed money for his game only to find that some 7331 haxx0rz had already used his cd-key on the net, thus preventing him from playing CSS online. So it is quite personal unfortunately. Valve is so kind to it's inmates, oh sorry! customers...


Anyway, my friend returned the game now so it's all good :) .

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Many ar3 7331 haxx0rz caus3 1h3y'r3 s0 c00l 1ha1 1h3y ab50lu13ly mu51 haxx0r any gam3 c0mp31ing wi1h 1h3ir dumb 101ally-7331-haxx0rz-ub3r-gam3 HL2.


Translation from 7331ish:

Many are elite hacksaws cause they're so cool that they absolutely must hack any game competing with their dumb totally-elite-hacksaw-uber-game HL2.

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Sooner or later BNA is gonna get sick of it and probably throw in the towel

When that happens, I think I'll throw in the towel too. I vowed never to, but if even the biggest modding Doom 3 forum kicks the bucket, I don't think there's any more point in me modding :(


I really don't think so though, cos BNA himself is a modder, and theres still a lot of activity going on (even id developer Brian Harris visits that place from time to time)


Sure wish someone would go hack the HL2 forums though. Time to teach them a lesson or something

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D3W was hacked only once - this is far from 'so often'.


The thing is, it stayed hacked for, I don't know, almost two weeks, because BNA was away on a business trip. At first they added some reloading script to the site and changed the header, but it was kinda possible to get around that, then they changed something more and redirected the site altogether in a way you couldn't bypass. When that happened, one of the admins locked down the site to prevent further damage, and when BNA got back, he fixed things, upgraded php/phpbb, and reopened the forums.


Like I said, although this lasted for quite a while because BNA was away, this was only one hack.. and in a period that several phpbb sites were hacked with mass-exploiting scripts. This was no board/engine war of any kind, and while it made people sad because they couldn't access the board (me included), we knew it was only temporary.

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