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This is just an idea I was tossing around, so don't start working on it. just wanted to get feedback on how complicated and/or appreciated this would be . :)


When working with different applications there is always the issue with learning different control schemes for all the different apps. Especially in the game development area there are a lot of different applications, which often enough do very similar actions. So I was wondering how tightly integrated the control scheme is to the editor. Would it be possible to put the entire control scheme into a plugin interface, so that you can replace it with your own? For example I find the usage in Blender quite intuitive and straightforward. Of course this is because I'm used to it. Naturally I would like to see a similar interface in DR, because then I wouldn't have to worry about different kes for the same actions (zooming, moving around etc.). I'm aware that a lightwave user will obviously have the same wish for supporting that interface and others probably as well.

If the control scheme is put into a plugin, then it should be possible to implement your own handlers mathincg your favourite app.


I understand that, this can be rather tricky or even impossible, depending on the implementation, but since we have the code, and creating it to suit our own needs, maybe it would be feasable.


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You can customise your input bindings via the input.xml file. I once implemented a Blender-like interface (Shift-Alt-RMB for dragging, right-click to select and such). Not all combinations are possible, because some would cause ambiguities within the code, but quite a few are possible.


It's also possible to assign the thumb button of your mouse to do the texture copy&paste and such (up to 5 buttons are definable). Just play around with your input.xml. :)

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No, I haven't saved them, sorry. But it's quite obvious, there are only a few commands in there anyway.


Actually there might be a conflict with assigning the RMB to "Select", as the OrthoContextMenu is listening to that key (I think it's hardcoded, but I don't know for sure).

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