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Speaker radius

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@OrbWeaver: Hm, that doesn't sound like you'd like the job...


My actual current job I have no problem with; the work is reasonably interesting, and the people I'm working with are good as well (not least because two of them are non-IBM, and the two that are in IBM were outsourced from other companies and haven't drunk the Kool-Aid like everybody else).


My problem is with the company as an employer, and the way that they are so fundamentally disconnected from reality that they think that bullying, threats and propaganda are a valid substitute for actually rewarding people for the work they do, and giving them a reason to want to be in the company in 5 years time rather than just using the experience to get another job elsewhere.

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Well, I'm in there just a month so far, and I'm still thinking about changing to regular university next term, so I really don't have any experiences in that area, except that we get "be proud of IBM" imprinted quite heavy.


Ah, you're a graduate/intern then. In that situation IBM is quite good, because they are very keen on their graduates and provide lots of training etc (although it's all interwoven with IBM Propaganda, as you have noticed). The problem is when they obtain people through takeovers and outsourcing contracts, and then expect everybody to just fall into their corporate route march like good little zombies, even though the "rewards" they offer are absolutely bottom-of-the-barrel.


The best advice to somebody in your position is to make use of the training and experience (IBM still looks good on your CV), don't believe everything they tell you (especially if it is obviously intended to make you do more work for nothing), and in a couple of years consider your options carefully since unless you are in the top ten percent or so, there's a good chance you'll be earning less than the graduate new-hires that year (which has happened before).

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To get back to topic, I see two possibilities to get this working:

simply calling m_transformChanged() from within updateAABB(), which works and is already implemented, but I'm not sure whether this is the correct way to do it, since it is called transformChanged and not boundsChanged.

second is to add another Callback called m_boundsChanged() (which sounds more reasonable to me), I'd basicly copy that from the light class.


What should I do?


Edit: I copied the stuff from Light class over and it works, even though I don't understand why....


So, what is left now?

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Scratch that, I was curious and looked into your code right away.


In short: very well done, mohij! The code is nice and clean, the classes are properly separated, the command is connected, the toolbar item is there (the icon can be added later on), the scenegraph is updated and the speaker radius updates when a different sound shader is selected. Again: well done!


A different problem (I guess that's not yet implemented): I tried to load the graveyard.map (with an existing ambient speaker), but the sound radii didn't work there until I selected a different sound shader. How does the code react to soundshaders without radii? On this speaker entity, I had these spawnargs on the entity:

"classname" "speaker"
"name" "speaker_3"
"origin" "-2752 -176 1544"
"s_global" "1"
"s_looping" "1"
"s_maxdistance" "1000"
"s_mindistance" "900"
"s_omni" "1"
"s_shader" "factory_distant"
"s_volume" "10"
"s_waitfortrigger" "0"

The s_maxdistance/s_mindistance are set manually on the entity, I haven't checked the soundshader itself. Can the code override the soundshader's native values with the spawnargs?

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Yes, spawnargs override the native settings.

I'll look into the soundshaders without radii later.


The arrow class is still in there because the old speakers had the arrow. I think an arrow is pointless since a speaker has no direction, if you agree to that, then the renderArrow should be removed.

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Yes, spawnargs override the native settings.

I'll look into the soundshaders without radii later.


The arrow class is still in there because the old speakers had the arrow. I think an arrow is pointless since a speaker has no direction, if you agree to that, then the renderArrow should be removed.

Perfectly fine with me, let's remove the arrow code. I'll commit your current changes then as soon as I have a clean codebase again (I'm currently investigating stuff, so I can't apply your patch right now).

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I'd like to inquire that when do we get DR to show the speaker radii in the map? It would make sound placement much more straightforward and faster. Actually I do not want to do sounds until that kind of feature exists.




-The mapper's best friend.

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The feature is nearly done, but isn't committed yet. It works for predefined sound shaders, but it won't reflect changes overridden by manual spawnarg editing (e.g. if you add a "s_minDistance" spawnarg to the entity, trying to override the setting in the soundshader).

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@mohij: I committed your changes now. I tried to load the graveyard.map, there is a single speaker in that map, but it didn't display the radius. I don't know if the speaker is setup incorrectly or anything else was not properly done.


Btw: Can you look into the removal of the RenderableArrow file?

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The newest snapshot might be old, I think the fix for issue 457 didn't make it into that build. I can upload a new snapshot soon, but I'll have to switch back to Windows for that. I want to finish my work here in Linux first.

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