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Hi everybody,

First of all i take some time to sure from this samples sources.here stone,metal,carpet and wood Fs

8 files variety for each sample.


2-i need to KNOW who made this Fs list because i decided to make the proceedings prosecuted internationally :)

Are you want fs for CLOTH?and can i know the cloth location plz "in the floor"Or "in the air"If in the floor "NO" big differance between cloth and carpet.If in the Air i can't imagine the sound. who can?


-mud,dirt what the differance between them?,snow and ice?? ceramic??does not make sense to me

or misunderstand.confirm plz.



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Cool to see you've got something done. Will have to listen later.


If I get you last Q right you want to know difference in sounds? maybe this will help.


Dirt- soft thuds. thup, thup.

mud- sloshy, wet, goopy. Slurps. thwerp?


snow- crunchy, I imagine packed hard snow, not soft powder which doesn't really have sound.

ice- brittle, cracking sounds


ceramic, much like floor tile. very hard, chincky sounds. tink, click, clink?

Dark is the sway that mows like a harvest

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I thought we decided that ceramic and tile are one and the same and should not be different?


For ice, I'm not sure it should be creaking and cracking all the time, it could just be like walking on an ice hockey rink, for example. It seems like ice and glass (solid glass, not broken) could also be similar sounding.

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Well, as you may have noticed, I did not synch the sounds yet. I didn't even have time to give them a proper listen- I'm in the middle of moving house and was down a week with a stuck nerve or slipped disk in my spine.


Sorry I didn't come round to do it yet, I promise I'll see to them as soon as possible.

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