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Hmmm... Crystal Dynamics have been sucessful with the last 2 Tomb Raider games so I doubt they will switch from there. Timesplitters is another option, though again I doubt it as Free Radical seem to be doing the next one too.

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On the one hand, yes all the evidence seems to point that way.


On the other hand, it's all circumstantial. :)


So it's not certain. Seems likely, perhaps, but not certain.

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i'm fairly confident it will be thief 4, i just find it amusing how much unstoppable feels that it *needs* to be thief 4, or else "the prophecy will have been wrong and the universe will implode" or something

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Maybe it's Terminator :o !! I'm curious as to see if it was thief 4 how they'd go about redesigning the entire game. It would essentially have to be built from the ground up since T3 was basically useless and there won't be many components that could be borrowed from there.

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