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Looks cool. Reminds me of the arcade game 'Elevator Action' which was a super spy game but looked very similar 9hallways and vators instead of rooms though)


I'd like to find that for PC :) Nothin like old school sprtie games for good fun gameplay!

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That is a good game, I've played it before. I like how he's taken the "lightgem" notion and simplified it into three discrete states (lit / partially lit / dark). It makes a lot more sense to do it that way for a 2D game, but I never thought of it when I was idly tossing around ideas for a Thief-inspired 2D platformer.


Gotta love the umbrella. Wacky fun.

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I just downloaded the game yesterday, and it immediately struck me as Thief-inspired, what with the light gem, the mission objectives, the briefing screens, and limits on knockouts (because he "doesn't like to use it"), much suited to the ghosting style of Thief play. Even the flashbomb to escape reminded me of Thief. If not for the pictures showing Trilby as a well-dressed Brit, I could easily imagine Garrett's voice reading the scrolling briefing text.


So I came here to suggest it, but searched first to see if anyone else had, and indeed you did. I didn't think I'd enjoy a 2D Thief game, but it works pretty well for a quick bit of fun.


@Baddcog: About Elevator Action on the PC, you can probably find some emulator online somewhere that'll run it. I seem to vaguely remember playing it that way when I was big into emulators in the 90s.

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