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I think that this is already implemented but I can't find out how or where to look (checked the wiki but that didn't help).


Okay so I have a platform attached to a rope, attached to a func_static (brushes). I have a button that activates the func_static. I also have a bunch of path_corners around the room that are attached to each other. I want the func_static (or some other entity) to follow the path_corners like the AI do, instead of scripting the path of the mover, this way the path can be completely dynamic and goes where the path entities go.

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It's not possible to let a mover follow path_* entities, these are only for AI. We also don't accept feature requests for the mod in our current state, so you'll have to deal with the following:


You can let the mover follow a curve (either a CatmullROM or NURBS curve). There is some info about this on d3world and DarkRadiant allows you to edit them. I'm sure you'll find it when you search for it on their forums.

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