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Door Locks And Handles

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Here are some examples of door locks and handles. I know in the thief series the handles were always pointing down, but all the historical examples I could find had them sideways. Does that create undue stress on our modelers, or can they be easily mirrored?


My idea was to have different shapes for different difficulty levels. A simple lock would be a basic square, and difficult locks would be fancier. There could be several different textures for each model as well to indicate even more difficulty levels. Ideally, I would like locks that look the same to have the same auditory 'pattern' so that players can learn to judge how difficult a lock is by sight.


I would think perhaps four or five different model types, with 3 textures each, would give enough variety.






BTW, in T1/2, the jiggling of the doorhandle told you how close you were to success. But how did chests work? I can't remember what visual indicator (if any) they used.

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dear Spring


I think that idea is also brilliant..Different locks different difficulty levels.. It s a very well thought concept..


Im on the locks.(hey im first here Atti..stay back :) :) :))..Although i was making other (normal (?)) chairs but...I ll be uploading soon something over here..


(you asked for bow on the other thread...well it s ok..I can upload it soon for last decisions)



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Yeah, I think your funky style would suit these locks pretty well, TYROT. Feel free to go nuts on the more complicated ones.


Remember that the handle will need to move. :)

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