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Good layout. It will come to life when you add more architectural detail. The sloping buttresses at the start are good. Inside, break up the 'boxy' rooms with buttresses, trim, and beams. The floorboards in particular on the ceiling would all collapse if you walked on them above so you need beams supporting the floorboards. These will all help with the light and shading which is still flat in many areas. Scale down the wallpaper to maybe a quarter of that scale, Divide the walls into upper and lower in some of those rooms, eg, panelling up to say 4 foot then wallpaper above it. Google the net for images of interiors for victorian, medieval, saxon, castles, tudor, etc for inspiration.


Most of your visportals are OK. Try the following if you haven't already: Bind a key to show visportals on and off in your DoomConfig.cfg. For instance....


bind "KP_SLASH" "toggle r_showportals 1 0"


...will let you show and hide visportals when you press the keypad slash key.


The giant horizontal visportals can be helped if you lower all of them about one unit. First try with your current map and show the visportals at the start. You will see those big ones are always green no matter where you go in that start area. Now lower them all one unit. Now when you turn away from the hole in the wall to look along to the end you will see the big one over the wall turns red. But because of that hole in the wall that doesn't help too much as it will mostly bleed through there. I suggest you make some feature on the other side where that hole is. For example, an L shaped wall with some wood or coal stored up, maybe a crude roof to make an open lean-to. Make it so there is only a very narrow place where you can see through to the other side from the main courtyard, or even not at all. Now add a visportal at the opening of the L.


This is an ideal size as it is not too madly ambitious but can be made into a viable small mission, not just a demo. I hope you stick with it.

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      Kdenlive is a free and open source multiplatform pretty advanced video editor.
      Test case is the first builder gost scene in Requiem saying:
      1 00:00:00,180 --> 00:00:02,140 the builder be with you this night 2 00:00:02,600 --> 00:00:04,840 there will be secrets all around you 3 00:00:05,040 --> 00:00:06,439 so have a keen eye The following page gives you the basic info:
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