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I Want To Help As A Concept Artist(more Inside)

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The artwork is pretty damn good, great for concept drawings.


As for mapping it seems you've got a good grasp of how to design levels and looks like you're comfortable with the editor. The map itself seems pretty good overall, but it could do with some throwaway details and some subtle lighting to liven things up a bit, and it couldn't hurt to do some more work on the walls here and there to break up some monotony...


I'd say you gots da skizills. I'll ask Fingernail if he thinks we could use another mapper at this point and see what he says.

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Guest bablee1/Barbara

I don't know if my art would be the right type but I can try as long as it's not too difficult. I have a few examples at Webshots.com. My screen name there is bablee1.

Don't know if this link will work. I am in the community section and the album is called Barb's Art. I can send you some samples by email if you want. I don't have a website yet. My email addy is hawklette7@hotmail.com




Good Luck!! :D:D

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if you say the pic "a portrait" is a all hand worked picture id say you got just the right talent. if it is "just" a over-worked photo, you still get the idea of "fakin" drawings. especially for the drawings we need id say it would be right.


lets see what fingernail says

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