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Do You Need Any More Models?

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domarius: if you really did model the proportions, bones, tendons etc.


Zombielowpoly < that is the lowest subd level i have saved for him, but tyrot and oddity will be able to tell you that in Zbrush you cannot reduce models down in complexity, you can only subdivide upwards (but once your at a high poly model you can go back down to earlier subd levels so make larger adjustments to overall shape etc..). Hopefully thats enough proof.


oDDity: How do you expect to be accepted into a mod team without showing any work?


I didnt, i think you have misunderstood what i was saying, i said from the start that i would need at least 3-4 days to get to anything worthwhile to show you guys.


Why didn't you post that zombie in the first place?


Because tbh i'm not very happy with it, it was just a test to get a feel for moulding muscle and sinew(sp?) with Zbrush. The bones etc are not anatomically correct if you look closely at certain parts (for example the 'noodly' hips lol) and its generally a bit over stylised imo. Its also nowhere near finished, probably around 30-40% detailed at a guess. And i also figured that since you had a load of characters built already you'd be more interested to see some different stuff.


Are you confident you can normal map it and reduce it to 3000 triangles? Also, can you do your own texturing? There's a shortage of texture artists around here.


1, hopefully, it'll be something new for me, but all i can do is try my best and if it turns out crap then so be it ;) You can see from that pic above though that there are a ton of unnecessary polys even on the lowest detail so i might even be able to get around ~2500k once its down to triangles and optimised a bit. Thats just a guess though obviously, dont hold me to it lol.

2, same as q.1, i can try my best and see what happens.


IF you would be interested in a zombie model i will make a better one though, because like i said it was really just a test and i will hopefully be able to produce something more intersting given more time.


Anyway i have to go out this evening so i'll get working on stuff again tommorow daytime so i can have some more substantial bits for you to look at over the coming days.



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Well, the Sleepy hollow tree doesen't really look like a tree one would actually see:


No, but some artist put a lot of effort into designing it, and it looks good. So its still good as a reference.


...Hopefully thats enough proof.

Oh I didn't mean it as in "if you really did it and you're not lying", I meant it as in "if you really did it without starting from, say, a poser model" :) I beleive you if you tell me you did it from scratch :). People in those situations can't really lie because they'll still have to prove themselves later when they get asked to do more work.

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After some discussion (you really created a stirr there :) ) we realized that we don't really need an additional modeller right now. We already have a backlog of unskinned models, because our modelers are much faster then we can skin them.


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Hi Natureboy,


Sorry for the occasionlly abrasive critiques. I know it can be quite frustrating to have people critique work that isn't complete. In the future I think I'll move these kind of posts to PMs. But what Sparhawk said is essentially true. We have so many models right now we're having a difficult time keeping track of them.


Our needs fluctuate as people come and go, though, so you could always check back in and see how things are going in a few months. And you can feel free to hang out in the public forums in the meantime.


Thanks again,

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Hey no worries, at least i know where i stand. TBH i would'nt be interested in skinning other peoples models, i would only be interested in texturing my own stuff (just to be able to control something from start to finish, i hope that makes sense). So you can count me out of doig something like that even if i was good enough.


Anyway thanks for your time everybody, and as you suggest springheel i might put up a post in a few months with some work and see if you guys could use anything then.


Good luck with the mod in the meantime :ph34r:

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