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In general, the more idle animations, the merrier. Although there may be more important animations that need doing first...do we have an idle_sit and idle_sleep yet?


idle anims are something i like to do besides the general actions which need to be done. Idle_sit is present, the sleep version is blocked but i'm first finishing the idle_turns.


This and next week i'm having a very busy week, but i'll see if i can squeeze some time to finish these sequences. If animations are still in progress but ingame we should set them to "revise". I assume if the "assigned to" tab is empty no one is working on that particular anim.

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When you do the lay_down and sleep anims, please make sure that the origin stays between the AI's feet. In the current version, the origin doesn't move with the AI, leaving the AI's bounding box next to the bed.

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i see. it's going to be awhile until i finish then. do you guys have any suggestions on the model itself? where do i need to improve? add or subtract polygons?

less State-Puff-Marshmellowman


more soldier.


...sorry, been wanting to say that for three days

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Alright, I hadn't uploaded the idle_sneeze with the new pose or the idle_stretch until now because i wanted to go over all my animations to see if i could get them to look a little better since the D3 engine apparently compresses the interpolation data between keys. Which it does, according to this page: http://www.iddevnet.com/doom3/modelexport.php


Anyway, i can't do that because i still can't properly convert to .md5anim's. So i ordered a laptop, something i've been meaning to do for a couple years now, which ill install 32bit XP on and hopefully be able to convert with. Anyway, just wanted to address all the forum posts pleading for information as to what i've been up to.

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