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Models - Accepting donations?

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Our animations are done in Maya, usually. Baddcog created the rat and lantern bot animations in 3DS though, so there must exist some way to export the .md5anim files.

Yes, there is an exporter and and importer. If you provide me the mesh with skeleton I can import it to 3ds and export it back.


Do you have experience to weight characters?

Yes. The only thing more boring than that is the UVs. :P


The usual process of a model is like this: investigate the model, fix anything that needs fixing, split the model into separate submeshes (skin, cloth, armour), create the shaders and check it out in-game as static. The model is then resized to fit our existing proguard skeleton. The head is cut off as they need to be swappable for more variation. Then (Springheel, usually) adds a lowpoly shadowmesh to the object. Create an entity so that it can be spawned in game.


This entire set of meshes is then imported into Maya or Lightwave and weighted to the proguard joints. There is an in-game exporter for Maya, so I favour this option (I just bind a hotkey to "exportModels;reloadModels" to see the changes immediately in front of me), but if you're more familiar with Lightwave like Spring there is no reason not to use your favourite app.


Finally, the gameplay parameters like team, door handling, elevator handling, acuity, etc. are tweaked and weapons are attached.


I went through this once (for the revenant) and I can say that you're busy for several days until the model is ready (if you have as much freetime as I have), sometimes longer. I meant to rig your pagan warrior back in March or April, but I ran into size problems and then I got distracted and forgot to get back to it. You'll see it in-game eventually.

And here is the problem. What I have been doing as a mere donator (rather than a collaborator) is provide raw content as best I can with the little time I have. For these models up there, everything is split up into different objects with several maps for the shader (color, specular and normals, usually) each with several layers so it's easily modified. I would like to do the same with animation. I understand that all of these models (and possibly animations) may never see the 'light of ingame torches' :P

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If you provide me the mesh with skeleton I can import it to 3ds and export it back.


What are you interested in working on?

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What are you interested in working on?


Nothing in particular :P Is there a list of animations? I'm not guaranteeing improvements here, but wich one(s) do you think could be better? I could start there.

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