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Komag and Keepress have their first baby!


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Congratulations, dear taffer! I tried to sneak in "Garrett" as a potential name for my son, but was quickly overruled. Welcome to the world of parenthood...the water's warm!!!


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Congrats Komag, nice work there. Don't be bashful about the name, Garrett is a pretty damn cool one for any boy, thief ties or not.


(FYI, my sister-in-law also did the home birth thing and it worked great, no issues whatsoever).

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lol, cool my birthday is the 8th. :)


as for the name: my mom did a pediatric residency at a hospital in Chicago, this one lady named her kid "Shithead" ... on accident, and then refused to change it.


i cant spell what it was she wanted to name him (neither could she apparently), but I'll try and sound it out: "Ch-TH-Eed". i guess when she tried to sound it out she got " Shi-Th-eAd".


so if your kid ever complains about his name just tell him you could have named him that ...


(BTW: when ever i get around to spawning one, I'm gonna name my kid "Alex" after the main character from "Lunar: The Silver Star.")

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Wow, congratulations to you and a big welcome to little Garrett!


that Pic is really cute! :)

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