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the Builder's barks were directional, but some of the city watch barks were not


Hmm, I just checked all the pro throw/archer vocals, and they're all mono. The pro vocals do have a much louder volume (in the shader) than the others, but still a mindistance of 1.

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I'm using onboard sound, s_useEAXReverb is 0, s_numberOfSpeakers is 2.


This is sort of a subjective thing, so I could be wrong about it being omnidirectional. But I tried to pinpoint the direction from the sound, and I could with the builder and couldn't with the citywatch.

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Checking through packaging errors, some of the oggs referenced in tdm_ai_simpleton_die_quiet are not there: 4, 6, & 9 to 13. Are they still to come or should we adjust the shader?



[EDIT] Working down the list I see more missing in sound shader refs @




I'll leave these to you guys to sort out. ;)

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