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Fountains - Concept Art

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I was at a local restaurant. They had a nice fountain, I decided to draw it. Here it is, in case we'd like to model it:


The original sketches (left). Haha, I ran out of paper, so I had to draw it in pieces. I put it back together in PhotoShop and completed it (right):




And then I decided to color it in PhotoShop:




And here's a sketch of a fountain I created on my own on lunch break at work. I obviously drew inspiration from the restaurant one. I never finished it, but thought I'd post anyways:



Let me know if you need higher resolution (larger) images on any of these. I've got them.


My first attempt at modeling it - 1

My first attempt at modeling it - 2

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TYROT - Excellent! Looking forward to seeing a 3-D model of it :)


GIMG - Practice, m'friend. Lots of practice. You can do it. Your mine drawing was a good blend of the two (technical and artistic) I thought. Keep it up!


Sparhawk - You should! Do the things you enjoy in life. I personally wish I could model stuff. I will try to learn that, but don't have the software tools right now. Some day... some day.


Kfmccall - Yes! If you could incorporate this into a mansion setting of some sort, that'd be sweet.

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DF, I meant to post earlier how much I really liked this pic, but I forgot. But I do. :)

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