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Found 6124 results

  1. I used to try to desperately defend Islam as being like "any other religion" on a few occasions when I first joined these forums. I am still a liberal, a secular humanist, but I am becoming more cynical of the leadership of the Democrat Party's reasonings for defending Islam despite it standing for everything they oppose. Islam is not like any other religion, I am finally willing to admit, thanks to Ridvan Aydemir, or Apostate Prophet. Islam is cruel, corrupt, evil, degenerate, perverted to a level that disgusts me. Muhammad wasn't a perfect man, he was a murderous sex fiend who made up bullshit about flying to space on a buraq (donkey with a peacock tail and lady face) and that sperm was produced in the ribs and that the sun sets in a small mud puddle that Alexander the Great found. Islam is evil, it treats women like subsapient sex cattle and murders gays, atheists, apostates, and those brave enough to speak against it. Death to Islam, and fuck that pedophile Muhammad, who married a 6 year old Aisha, molested her for 3 years before vaginally raping her, and beat her until she couldn't breathe when she spoke out against his crazed claims! He gave that poor girl Stockholm Syndrome so she lead his army of rapist bandits into reconquering his lands after his just death of poisoning by his Jewish sex slave, whose father and brother he murdered in front of her! Muhammad was less than pigshit, and I am atheist, but on off-chance Hell exists, Muhammad is drowning in an ocean of boiling pig shit down there for his evil acts during his life that affect the world to this day! He murdered poets who mocked his psychotic and perverted behavior, he hated dogs and killed non-Abrahamic folk mercilessly and put Jews and Christians into brutal second class citizenship, he facilitated a sex slave trade of women!
  2. On a completely unrelated topic, a music volume slider would be great. The music is sometimes really getting on my nerves a bit and too loud compared to other sounds, but I can only regulate it with the SFX slider which also governs pretty much everything else it seems.
  3. Horror themed fan mission - exploration of seemingly deserted keep in the middle of swamps. Spiders, undead, darkness. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the story about the fate of my family. My uncle, Ralph Mac Roberts, is the baron of a keep nestled deep within the Rahenaen marshes. It was once an important outpost tasked with guarding one of the few Builder roads that cross the marsh, but after the Inventor`s Guild built a system of nearby dams that flooded the whole land, the road closed and there was no longer anything to watch over anymore. The keep itself needed reinforcement against the raising water level and the trade routes become almost impassable, not only for the carriages but for lone couriers as well. There hadn`t been any messages coming from the keep for over a year and my father was about to assemble a caravan so he could go on an expedition to the keep himself. However, in the middle of the night before he was set to leave, a carrier pigeon landed on his windowsill. My father received the letter and read the apologies from my uncle and his family, excusing their long absence. As a way to make reparations for their extended silence, my uncle invited me to the keep to stay there for a fortnight or so. My uncle had instructed me to leave my horse three leagues away from the keep by the nearest charcoal burning hut and hike the remainder of the road on foot, as the trek through the marsh is treacherous for horses. The weather will be awful this time of year, but my father insists that I should go anyways to ensure that our relatives are okay. These plains become dreadfully deserted - to the point where you more expect to meet the dead than the living. And by the way - I think I`m lost. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aj1DVS465udZgVkXteBbr6cUxdPH Thanks: to the TDM team for great tools, and all the contributors for their assets, to betatesters: Amadeus, Bienie, Boiler's_hiss, Dragofer, Filizitas, Judith, nbohr1more, s.urfer, again to Amadeus for proofreading and text tweaks, and to all the players for their time! Few screenshots: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/10003-so-what-are-you-working-on-right-now/?p=434716 http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/10003-so-what-are-you-working-on-right-now/?p=429558 http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19886-fm-marsh-of-rahena-beta-testing/?p=434507 Enjoy! Walk-through !major spoilers! Finding a way across the marsh area: Getting inside: Bed objective: Light sources: Maps: Enemies: Room objective: Hut objective: Sealed objective: Gold: Key: Bodies:
  4. Well okay, from The Painter's Wife to this thing. Disclaimer, I haven't read through this thread, so I may end up repeating stuff that has been brought up. First of all, this took me 6 hours to finish, which makes it the longest single TDM mission from my recollection. And as I love the longer ones, I'm more than happy about it. That said, it's definitely atypical. Whereas The Painter's Wife is extremely large, it does it in a very Thiefy-style; just an open ended environment to run around in. The Lost Citadel feels more akin to a Deus Ex mission, or I suppose Thief 4, where you move from area to area by completing objectives. While this was a big issue I had with Thief 4, that it was as if they hadn't played a Thief game at all and just reskinned Human Revolution, I'm very open to having different looks sprinkled in TDM. If I remember correctly, the first Hidden Hands mission was somewhat similar as well. Not to mention, at least in each area, you get to do a fair amount of running around, so it's not exactly a linear hallway to run through. It also helps that the different areas are so, well, different. The first building, the lake/the compound and the citadel all have their own flavor. Almost like a new mission in each area. Considering the amount of detail, I can only imagine the workload. While I enjoyed it having plethora of objectives, I almost got frustrated with the loot quota. I played on expert and finished with 4420/5000, 4400 being the objective. And that was after spending like an hour running around trying to find the last pieces. I'm not opposed to mandatory loot quotas, quite the opposite, but there is a certain danger when the mission area is not only this large, but when the design inhibits fast access around the map. Thankfully I managed it on a one-way trip and I honestly cannot imagine where the rest of the loot may have been hidden. Not to mention, 800 loot on one loot object that wasn't even tied to an objective? That's just crazy. At least it wasn't too hidden. Audio was probably the biggest pain point I had. For reference, up to this point, I played every TDM mission with the "Ambient" sound slider at 100%. This mission forced me to lower it to around 40% and the music was still too loud at times. On the flipside, the dialogue, the player character in particular, was way too quiet and often drowned by the background music. Other than the mixing, the music itself was wildly inappropriate on two notable occasions, those being The first one is not only incredibly annoying, and the mixing issue only makes it worse, but also made little sense, since it's not like anything was happening. The latter was just hilariously out of place; believe me, as a hobbyist musician, I love it when map makers add flair by inserting non-stock sound elements, but that was very immersion-breaking. The mission is also not without bugs (is any?). For starters, I'm not sure if it was intentional or just something wrong on my end, but the the roof on the very first building had all sorts of collision issues. I couldn't vault on to anything, and if I did jump onto one of those white box things for example, I couldn't properly jump while on top of them; jumping would lift me a little bit in the air and I would be stuck in an aerial glide until I got far enough away from the box. Same occurred on similar boxes on the ground level, right side of the building, where the spider bot patrols. Not a huge deal, but while trying to explore high and low, it got a little annoying. Second is related to an objective. I may have just gotten incredibly lucky Some miscellaneous possibly spoilery stuff This is just a note on game-mechanics, but I did not realize until after I was done with everything that I could break the security cameras and the spider bots with just my sword. Would've relieved a little bit of pressure had I known that earlier, lol. I quite enjoyed the cams too, since you barely see anybody ever use them. While I did bring up a fair amount of negatives, I must reiterate that I did have fun. It's a giant mission with a really strong plot, lot of objectives, puzzles, and it's little different in design to typical TDM missions. While some of the more annoying aspects sapped some enjoyment out of it, I still commend the massive effort putting something like this together must've taken. It's not perfect, and I would be tempted to change some stuff for it to be more to my liking, but I would still recommend it to just about everybody. Good job again, I look forward to future missions. PS. I realize there is a separate thread for walkthroughs and longer-form reviews, so feel free to move this if you feel these should go there instead. It's more natural for me to write in the mission-specific threads, but if you have rules or want to keep these for hints/support/whatnot then by all means.
  5. I think it is a good idea! Our ingame mission downloader and mission view has long been subject of multiple improvement suggestions. Due to the sheer mass of missions that have been released in the last 15 years, things got really cluttered and especially newcomers will have a hard time finding what they want. However, improving the ingame guis is quite a task, so a web-based application might really suit this scenario well. Maybe we could even add a linke to it from our ingame menus, so user can access it quicker. Some more things to think about Would users be able to add custom tags and downvote / upvote certain tags, much like the system of Steam? This would also allow to add tags like "beautiful", or "difficult". Actually, the more users can contribute to this system, the better, because it will be automatically maintained then. The browser should also contain a flag for whether the FM belongs to a connected series of FMs or not and have the capability to go to the previous or next FM in that series. There should also be a flag for fully fledges campaigns. Some might like a flag whether or not an FM is "ghostable".
  6. I more or less completed this one last weekend. I say more or less, because although I reached the Mission Complete screen, I didn't find the hall of the ancients or the map, which sounds like it might have been interesting. Based on what I did see: The initial sewer section was possibly my favourite area yet. I particularly like underground areas and this one felt very realistic (not that I have any idea what a "real" sewer would look like), with a noticeable Half-Life 2 feel. The heavy locked gates were impressive and gave the impression that you were trapped in part of a much larger whole, which added to the believability. Perhaps a few too many helmeted guards for my taste, although strangely some of them (but not all) could be knocked out. Although given that this is a prison it makes sense to have heightened security, and I did get some good use out of my gas arrows. The "horn-like" ambient music which plays when you first enter the compound, although decent in quality, is really loud. Even with my ambient slider set to 50% it seemed overpowering, while turning up to 100% it became deafening. I would suggest the volume could come down by a good -6 in the sound shader to bring it into line with other ambients. I never worked out the significance of the well (although I really liked the wooden ramps on the stairs — a nice architectural detail which added a lot of interest to what could have been a very boring corridor). Since there was a guard in there I assume it must have been important, but although I knocked him out and swam around in the water I couldn't find anything at all. Ditto with the measuring stick. One thing I've noticed in your missions is that if something is mentioned in a readable it is almost certainly important, but I never found a measuring stick or worked out why it was significant. Perhaps I'll have another go and see if I can find that secret hall. Maybe it has something to do with the well.
  7. Looks very nice! I see the following benefits over what website currently offers: Some more information about mission type (I mean things like "jail", "platformer", etc). Maybe it should be called tags, but name does not matter. Provides information about types of monsters available --- useful for everyone, especially great for people with phobia. Adds link to forum thread. Adds search/filter panel on all of this. The information from p.1 and p.2 probably exists only on the wiki, but not in the database. There is organizational problem with official database: the number of people who can edit it (team members) is much less than the number of people who can edit wiki page. We can say "let's add this info to our official database!", but I'm afraid the end result would be that the information would become less rich and useful over time. Although by looking at wiki page edit history, it seems that it is mostly maintained by @nbohr1more (maybe because he prefers "small commits"). So maybe it is not that bad. Wiki page is also good because it is much easier to edit and administrate due to all the power of mediawiki. So I'm not sure about how to avoiding scraping. Perhaps it would be more natural to add search abilities to the wiki page, if it is even possible. Although it cannot provide a nice look with screenshots.
  8. Thought it would be a good idea to collate a useful list for new and old mappers alike and this post will update as we go. Abandoned works: Any WIP projects that were abandoned by the original author - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/12713-abandoned-works/Darkradiant & Darkmod shortcut settings: Some example settings for new mappers - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/15152-darkradiant-and-darkmod-shortcut-folder-settings/Darkradiant howto, must knows, tips and faqs - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/12558-usefull-important-editing-links/?do=findComment&comment=272581Info for Beginners: Newbie DarkRadiant Questions - http://forums.thedar...iant-questions/Dark Radient Must Know Basic Intro - http://wiki.thedarkm...now_Basic_IntroEditing Tips for Beginners - http://wiki.thedarkm...s_for_BeginnersEditing FAQ (Troubleshooting & How-To) - http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Editing_FAQ_-_Troubleshooting_%26_How-ToSotha's excellent Mapping Tutorial series: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/18680-lets-map-tdm-with-sotha-the-bakery-job/Springheel's New Mapper's Workshop: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/18945-tdm-new-mappers-workshop/ Inspiration: Collection of screenshots and images people have found online - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/11610-darkmod-inspiration-thread/Mapping Resources: List of Voice actors available for voice recording - http://modetwo.net/d...6-voice-actors/Lengthy collection of city reference pictures - http://modetwo.net/d...rence-pictures/Collection of texture resource sites - http://modetwo.net/d...ture-resources/Free Ambient Tracks - http://skeksisnetlabel.wordpress.com/2009/12/30/10-songs-for-free-download-vol-10-full-moon-over-noricum/Mapping Tools: 3 useful tools for texture creation - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/18581-must-have-tools-for-the-descerning-mapper/Modular Building: What is Modular building - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/14832-modular-building-techniques/Working example tutorial on modular building - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/18680-lets-map-tdm-with-sotha-the-bakery-job/Springheels new modular models - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/18683-using-springheels-205-modules/Some related mapper recipies -Easy Vaults - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/14859-easy-vault-recipe/?hl=%2Beasy+%2BrecipeEasy Outdoors - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/16159-easy-outdoors-recipe/?hl=%2Beasy+%2BrecipeEasy Caverns - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/14469-quick-caverns-recipe/?hl=recipeEasy Alert Ai - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/17157-easy-alert-ai-recipe/?hl=%2Beasy+%2BrecipeEasy Alert Ai Custom Behavour - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/17160-easy-alert-ai-custom-behavior-recipe/?hl=recipeTutorials: Collection of video tutorials for DR - http://modetwo.net/d...in-darkradiant/Using Lighting and detail effectively: - http://forums.thedar...l-and-lighting/Voice Actors list: List of available voice actors - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/12556-list-of-available-voice-actors/Usefull Console commands: A list of console commands for testing in-game - http://wiki.thedarkm...Useful_Controls
  9. In order to thank the team (and other mappers) for their relentless efforts in contributing, I hereby give the community.... Ulysses: Genesis A FM By Sotha Story: Read & listen it in game. Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwR0ORZU5sraTlJ6ZHlYZ1pJRVE/edit?usp=sharing http://www4.zippysha...95436/file.html Other: Spoilers: When discussing, please use spoiler tags, like this: [spoiler] Hidden text. [/spoiler] Mirrors: Could someone put this on TDM ingame downloader? Thanks!
  10. Forum thread: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/20416-fan-mission-a-night-of-loot-one-mans-treasure-20200613/ Page on thedarkmod.com: https://www.thedarkmod.com/missiondetails/?id=147 There's also an entry on the wiki, in this table: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Fan_Missions_for_The_Dark_Mod, added by nbohr1more.
  11. Thanks for the replies! I'm thinking that in order to keep it simple, at first we wouldn't allow users to provide subjective opinions directly, mainly to avoid the issues mentioned above, such as spamming or demoralizing opinions, but I agree that at some point down the road, if this works well, this may evolve into what you are thinking. One thing that the system could do though is scrape forum threads for information about particular missions. For example, there are many threads asking people what are their top missions; the system could add some kind of tag to missions appearing in those lists (e.g., "Top Mission", or a star or medal icon), and maybe even provide more recognition to those that appear in the majority of top lists. Another thing that the system could do is pull data from the thread of each mission. For example, in the thread for In The North, there are lots of mentions of the mission being atmospheric and having great architecture. So that could lead to the tags "atmospheric" and "great architecture". Another thing: in the past, demagogue suggested sending stealth server scores to a server. If we end up having this kind of data for missions, this could be a great way of showing other pieces of objective information about missions, such as average stealth scores, average completion time, etc. which could be very valuable to indicate difficulty and length of a mission, as well as whether a mission is fully ghostable (or whether it has ever been ghosted, to be more precise). Good idea! What about a filter such as "Is mission part of a campaign?" This allows finding campaigns in which at least one of the missions meets the filter requirements (for example, one of the missions in the campaign has rain and it's a city mission). Good idea too. Please see my comment a few paragraphs above regarding how to automate this. Seems that at first though we'd rely on forum threads for this information. I agree with MBs, although maybe we need two independent filters? One for MBs (which seems like a more advanced filter for experienced players) and another one more "human" (e.g., small/medium/large/very large)? I'm saying this mainly because the size in MBs doesn't really say much to new players. Raising the stakes, but I like this idea! We could actually use the same application, just use different DB tables for the mapper tools. In some cases we could even interconnect some of the data, and maybe find out some interesting relationships between resources used by FMs and their reception by the public (a simple example: maybe we find out that FMs using a specific set of resources tend to be regarded as "atmospheric").
  12. Not nitpicking at all. Correctly adjusting volume levels is important but often neglected, even in commercial games (in Dungeons and Dragons Online there are certain quests with background music which is deafening and renders the game sounds inaudible, making me wonder if the developers ever actually test their own game). It's very easy to introduce a cool new sound or piece of music but make it too loud, because subjectively "loud sounds better" to most listeners. Waveform normalisation doesn't solve this problem, because many sounds need to play at different volumes, and peak amplitude doesn't entirely determine subjective loudness in any case. If background music plays at the same RMS power as guard shouts, then the music will sound too loud and the player will struggle to hear the guard shouts at all. I don't think new cvars are needed, just some sensible tweaks to the volume offsets in the sound data files. If particular sounds are too loud, this can be tweaked by adding small volume reductions (e.g. steps of -2 dB) in the sound shader until the subjective volume levels seem more similar. One thing I learned in music production is how much you can progressively lower the volume of a sound while it still remains completely audible (because human hearing is non-linear), but it fits so much better in the mix once it's reduced to a similar level as surrounding sounds.
  13. I would be against subjective user tags like "ugly" for the reasons VanishedOne mentions. I think it should be restricted to objective criteria like "has it got spiders".
  14. UPDATE 29-Mar: Latest script version in this post: http://forums.thedar...post__p__341896 Demo video (original) in this post: http://forums.thedar...post__p__340566 Development discussion is in the thread on cutting patches with spreadsheets. I've done a demo video for this with use cases but I'm having to figure out how to get it onto YouTube (not done it before). With luck, I'll add it to this post this afternoon. To install the script: Save it to your DarkRadiant/scripts/commands folder, in the dark radiant install folder. Remove the .txt extension from the file name. Then click File > Reload scripts in DR, or just reopen DR. You can set up a keyboard shortcut using the normal menu. The tool is called "SplitPatch". To use it: Select one patch, enter vertex editing mode, and select 2-3 adjacent verts on the same line, including at least one pink vert (selecting 2 nearby pinks like I do in the video wherever possible will help the script run fastest). Then click Scripts > Split patch from the menu, or use your shortcut. Save the map beforehand and don't rely on Undo. You *can* undo -- press it twice -- but the verts you originally selected will be on grid but a bit out of place. Another side effect is it leaves your orthoview in top-down view no matter where you started. Please watch out for bugs. Most of this code was written yesterday! I've used it for a few hours without problems. There's sometimes a couple of seconds' delay using the tool. There's a lot going on under the hood. If people find that's a problem on bigger maps, I'll look for ways to optimise it. attachment=patchsplitter.py.txt (updated version linked above) EDIT: Updating the instructions to reflect what I currently think's optimal.
  15. Author note: It's hard to believe it's already been a year since Act 1 came out! Well during this mission the player will be following Corbin into the Grimwood district to followup on a lead from last night (Act 1) .. the mysterious tablet! This mission is my first time including full EFX support as well as a HD briefing video file, additionally a new script has been added crafted by the talented Obsttorte which has loot flying towards the player when you pick it up. On a level design front I have tried to change things up a bit by really catering towards a number of play styles, this mission can be completely ghosted or you can use the tools at your disposal to wreak havoc on the citizens of Northdale. For the first time I have tried to create more sandbox environments which don't offer clear answers handed directly to you, so if you're having trouble figuring something out try a different method. This mission takes between 1 - 2 hours to finish depending on the difficulty you play on and how thoroughly you explore. I hope you enjoy your night in Northdale! - Goldwell Voice actors Fen Phoenix Goldwell Random_taffer Yandros Beta testers Amadeus Boiler's Hiss Cambridge Spy Chakkman Crowind Epifire Kingsal SquadaFroinx Custom Assets Andreas Rocha DrK Epifire Grayman Kingsal MalachiAD Obsttorte Sotha Springheel SquadaFroinx Purgator With special thanks to Epifire for creating a large collection of custom models, Grayman for helping out with coding, Kingsal for drawing the ingame map and Moonbo for his script revision on the briefing video. Available via in-game downloader MIRROR File Size: 417 mb EDIT: If you are having performance issues please consult this post by Nbohr1more which may address your issue http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19936-fan-mission-shadows-of-northdale-act-ii-by-goldwell-20190320/page-2?do=findComment&comment=436271
  16. Author Note: This is a brand new mission and a new entry into the accountant series. There are some different than usual puzzles in this FM, so if you find yourself stuck try to think about your pathway forward in a logical manner. And if you're still having troubles then pop by this thread and ask (preferably with spoiler tags). This FM is brand new and serves as the first installment in The Accountant series, a few years back there was a small prologue style mission released however I felt that it did not represent The Accountant series so I decided to go back to the drawing board and do a whole new mission that's larger, has a better level design and has a story that lines up closer to what I plan to do with the accountant series. The mission is medium sized and you can expect between 30-90 minutes to complete it depending on your playstyle. Beta Testers Captain Cleveland Crowind Kingsal PukeyBee Skacky SquadaFroinx Voice Actors AndrosTheOxen Epifire Goldwell Stevenpfortune Yandros Custom assets Airship Ballet Bentraxx Bob Necro Dragofer DrKubiac Epifire Kingsal MalachiAD Sotha Springheel SquadaFroinx Available via in-game downloader File Size: 233 MB - Updated to v 1.1 (01.06.2018)
  17. Not so long ago I found what could make a pretty good profile picture and decided to try it out on these new forums. But I couldn't find a button anywhere that would let me change it. I asked on Discord and it seems Spooks also couldn't find anything anywhere. So I logged into an old alternative account and, lo and behold, that account has a button. This is on the first screen I get when I: 1) click on my account name in the top-right of the browser -> 2) click on 'profile'. Compared to my actual account: Are you also missing this button on your account? It'd be very much appreciated if that functionality could be restored to any of the affected accounts.
  18. I can't seem to find if this has been solved already so here goes..I started playing "Full Moon Fever" and it seems that Lights/TDM_Lanternlight is the source of a VERY loud Constant HUM. So Much so that I can't play the mission. I'm Playing around with the Console and "Editsounds" but it does not list a Lights/TDM_Lanternlight. I know its the source because if I Flip a Switch in game that turns the Lights off the sound disappears. Any help would be appreciated and keep on making GREAT missions
  19. Recently, about a month ago, @demagogue mentioned the following in another discussion: While we're at it, someone really needs to write an official history of the Empire and a lot of associated fanfic to give our world backstory. And someone ought to make an art book with screenshots across all our FMs and some story, as if it were like one of those travel photo books. Something people put on their coffee table for discussion and just to flip through for fun, or in your case actually make the things. I see the idea you're talking about as something along those lines. I even promised demagogue I might look into it in the future. All of this got me thinking... We know The Dark Mod does not have a strict canon, per se. There's Bridgeport and The Empire, a few other cities, there's notes on what technology, society and the fantastical elements of this setting are, what the various typical "factions" are and how they vary greatly, what the atmosphere and tone is like, and so on and so forth. However, the rest of the things are far more nebulous and are generally down to what an individual player or fan of TDM is willing to accept as potential canon. We had the references to cities (Braeden) or minor setting elements (the mandrasola drug, etc.) throghout multiple missions by unrelated authors, and those are just the simplest of examples. In short, what constitutes as TDM canon, beyond those fairly official basics, is quite maleable. With all of the above in mind, and taking demagogue's ideas into account, I think we could compile a rough, loose history of the overall setting. It doesn't need to be obsessively filled with details, but we could give people some vague idea of what happened in the last two thousand or so years before what we generally portray as the "present day" of the TDM setting. I think we already have plenty of interesting source material to work with, if our goal is to create a rough timeline/outline of The Empire's history, the Builder church's history, and hints at what the history of the world outside of The Empire has been like (also counting with possibly biased accounts, in-universe). Now, speaking about that source material, what do I actually consider as source material ? Technically, every mission or nearly every mission made for TDM could be potentially considered source material. However, I am a little bit more picky about this. I think the closest we have to an established, "hard canon" for the game's universe, is a lot of the above-mentioned source material, and that occurs primarily in two places: In the two or three official missions that come with the basic TDM install (Training Mission, A New Job, The Tears of St Lucia), and in the main Universe articles on the TDM wiki. These are going to be my primary source for compiling the history, chronologically and otherwise. In addition to the official-as-official-gets missions and official universe notes, I am also willing to include stuff from all fan missions, if it expands the history of the setting in interesting, but reasonable ways. If the premise of a mission clearly doesn't fit the rest of the setting directly or is quite jokey, then I won't consider it a reasonable enough source for a potential addition to "canon". Why would demagogue suggest we should compile such a more detailed background history ? Personally, while I don't mind the idea, I am also fine with keeping things as they currently are. At the same time, I have noticed the number of people who come to the forums, clamouring things like "Where's the sprawling story campaign ? Where's the sprawling background story of the setting ?". Less of the latter thankfully, more of the former, for understandable reasons. Still, it seems that a lot of newcomers to TDM, especially those with pre-conceived notions from their time playing Thief (or other fantasy games), seem to want more from the overall setting than just the missions and mission series we have. Honestly, I'm torn on this. I've always been an elliptical storytelling style guy. Less is more. A hint here, a hint there, a throw-away comment there... Some games try to overdo it with super-detailed lore and the results can be... questionable and grating. Part of why I'd prefer that, if we do compile more of a broadly accepted "canon" for TDM's setting, then it should still be accepted in that "broad" way. I.e. it is soft and maleable enough that it does not tie mission-maker's hands, with regards to missions and stories set in the past, present and potential future of the TDM setting. A lot of players think they know what they want if they want a detailed setting, but more often that not, it just ends up with things being overexplained and losing their "charm" and a reasonable degree of mystique. After all, even die-hard Thief fans should acknowledge one thing: Thief didn't try to explain everything. Far from it ! The entire trilogy was very fond of elliptical storytelling, with hinted-at stuff and loads of unexplained stuff and references. I think TDM should keep with that, even if we potentially expand the "hard canon" parts of TDM's canon. Not stuff like "in this or that year, William Steele was born", but certainly stuff like "from the 4th to 7th century of its existence, the Empire was ruled by this or that dynasty, in a unique tetrarchic set-up", and similar.
  20. A spent a good few hours playing this mission and although I eventually got stuck and did not complete it, I still thought it was a very good mission and will provide my feedback now rather than waiting until I eventually get around to finishing it. The architecture was excellent. I particularly liked the fact that everything was realistic and believable. The walls looked like walls, the stairs looked like stairs; there were no unsupported flagstone textures on the ceiling threatening to fall on my head, and no awkward-looking half-courses of bricks on stair risers and above doorways. You certainly hit the jackpot with the "non-linear" aspect. The whole mansion was like a rabbit warren, with multiple routes everywhere. On the downside this did make things somewhat confusing, although the maps did help. Most guards were blackjackable and there were no forced-ghost objectives, so thanks for that. You even provided some extra ammo and resources in the armory, although I had explored most of the map before I noticed it was there. I feel that having both a "church" and a "chapel" in the same map is rather confusing, and might be even more so when translated. Judging from some earlier posts in this thread, it seems that other players did get the two mixed up. A minor audio nitpick, but I felt that some of the ambient sounds were both too loud and too small in radius (e.g. the bubbling pot on the stove in the kitchen, the wall clock in the kitchen, and the dripping around the well). You wouldn't hear them at all from a couple of meters away, but when you got up close it was suddenly the only thing you could hear. I suggest leaning in the other direction for more realism: wider radii but lower volumes, so the sounds fade in and out more naturally. I do want to have another go at this and get to the end because from some of the other posts it seems like there is an interesting ending.
  21. Just FYI, I just found out that you can either provide hints for visual assist, or enable deep macro parsing (which will slow VA down a bit) to resolve this issue. Sources: https://forums.wholetomato.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=8594 (BOOST.TEST) https://forum.wholetomato.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=9052 (Google Test)
  22. Oh, I forgot to mention this in my feedback, but I had huge issues understanding what the player voice was saying, It wasn't loud enough compared to the other dialogues or it was somehow played too far away at the wrong coordinates...
  23. Please open a thread in the Tech Support forum: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/forum/58-tdm-tech-support/ and post your Darkmod.cfg
  24. Years ago, to try and do a little Moddb participation project, I wrote a little blog piece about my take on the whole Doom 3 mod scene. At the time, I was roughly trying to parse out the factions within that community and my general feelings towards both the original game and the mods affect on it. Results, pretty much an awkward Myspace post about Doom 3: http://www.moddb.com/members/nbohr1more/blogs/reasons-to-own-doom-iii Oh well, hindsight is 20/20 eh? The general premise still stands though. Doom 3 is a game that uncomfortably straddles between a mindless shooter and a survival horror title. It's interesting to consider that Doom 3's cerebral attributes seem to be inherited from System Shock which heavily influenced it's design whereas I can now confidently say that Doom 2016 is a byproduct of Doom 3, Brutal Doom, and HL2 \ Black Mesa (with the latter being a particularly strong influence). While there are some flashes of brilliance in the early levels of the game, the true glories of the Doom 3 experience are in the Hell levels where the organic environments and intense demon fighting action take center stage compared to the claustrophobic jump-scare maze of offices in the research facilities. Still, there is SOMETHING there in that early gameplay that feels like it had the potential to be far more interesting than the version that shipped. I think that is why so many mods have tried to tinker with ammo amounts, difficulty, AI accuracy, etc to refine what was good about these areas. Alas, most of these endeavors have failed. Up 'till this point, Dentonmod was really my go-to gameplay modifier. I mostly used it for the included gore and weapon physics. It was more satisfying to watch my weapons display more powerful damage effects even if they didn't inherently change any of the difficulty behaviors. (I keep putting it on the back-burner but I have planned to fiddle with Flaming Sheep's Classic Doom 3 and Denton mod to make a combined mod so that all the functionality from both remains intact.) (Action Side) So, one evening, when scanning the Doom 3 mod section I came across the DoomReborn mod which I had seen a few times before and decided to finally give it a try. Up to this point, I had avoided it because it looked pretty garish and I thought that Classic Doom 3 had already accomplished this feat much more appropriately with better level design. I was surprised to find a completely different experience that was really a thrilling throw-back to the original Doom 3 feel. DoomReborn may not look so great in screen-shot form, but when played it's dimensions, player speed, and color scheme all subliminally link you back to the original Doom game and it makes you feel more like you are playing the most advanced Doom 1 graphics mod rather than a Doom 3 modded to play Doom 1 levels. I think it's a shame that the two projects were developed independently. Classic Doom 3's smaller, more closed-in, levels and slower pacing feel somewhat limp compared to the bombast of DoomReborn's sprawling 1000mph blast fests. So, I'll give a resounding "recommended" to DoomReborn if you are a fan of the arcade style action of the original Doom games: http://www.moddb.com/mods/doomreborn (Survival Horror Side) After that, and tinkering with a few other Doom 3 mods that mostly were variants of Sikkmod with Wulfen textures, I decided to check out one mod that was constantly mentioned in Steam forums. Strelok's D3 Enhancements. http://www.moddb.com/mods/streloks-d3-enhancement-mod I was absolutely floored! Stelok has done something quite special here. He's finally made the base Doom 3 game live up to it's survival horror leanings. Enemies no longer awkwardly lurch towards you as you fire ineffectual rounds at them. Now they rush at you in a way that recalls the menace of contemporary Zombie films. The whole feel of navigating the early missions is completely nail-biting. Also, weapon reloading is a manual affair. Once you run out of ammo, the game no longer wrests controls from the player and auto-reloads but instead leaves you firing empty clicks. You must take the initiative to reload. Another nice survival horror touch! The only down-side, I've encountered thus far are the Imp's. They are also sped-up and more aggressive to the point that it is very difficult to survive an encounter with more than two at once. With Doom 2016 out, this mod makes the virtues of Doom 3's design stand much further in contrast. If Doom 3 had launched like this, surely it would've been considered to be in the company of classic survival horror titles like the Resident Evil series. (Footnote) I have yet to revisit everyone's standard Doom 3 mod, Perfected Doom 3. The last time I tried this it was a horrible mess with inappropriate self-shadowing and strange "sharpened" textures with halo\emboss artifacts at the shading boundaries. (And it performed like a dog.). It looks like V-games may have made some significant improvements since I last looked into this, so I look forward to seeing the progress.
  25. Heh, the dmap times where unbelievable for a little while a few months ago. I have a fairly decent rig, but I'd start dmapping, then leave to make dinner, eat dinner, then find the pc still dmapping, it'd take a solid half an hour to 45 minutes or so. But with 2.08 and a few other changes, that time was drastically cut. so now its only like 5-10 minutes to dmap @MrMunkeepants Do you mind kindly putting that image in spoiler tags please, thank you!
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