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  1. Peder


    Thanks Jedi! I played through Full Moon Fever, amazing mission. Big map and the surprises that came along, all the thief games combined into this one
  2. Peder


    Ok! I will check those William steele missions, I will play all of them Oh I would love to try that engine, but I don't have time unfortunately. Unless I would download it and try it out for fun sometimes, maybe I would get hooked, but we'll see But please, tell me about the process sometime how you build those maps.
  3. Peder


    Hello, I will stream Dark Mod from time to time, I can play your missions or requests, but I have a few selected already I want to try out since I am new to this game, but for sure send me your recommendations! I am not any pro streamer, rather casual, totally fresh! I take it as I go for now Thanks to JediWannabe1138 for leading me to this forum! If there is any missions in the style of the bank mission in Thief 2, the size and the security and the many many rooms and treasures, then I would like to try it Also, which missions has rope arrow in it? Cheers!
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