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  2. Thanks, right back at ya I also work for one of the bigger ones, and I'm okay with my salary so far, but the employee turnover rate is high here. They mostly thrive off students/graduates. Typically people stay for 2-3 years, get stuck in terms of career and either are let go or go themselves. I had several successful projects under my belt, but then they trew me into something way above my paygrade and experience, then used it as a reason to let me go. I don't mind the "trial by fire" method, but it has to be used with reason. And it was like second or third time they did it, but this t
  3. Was talking about a song for the lute player. I'm not looking for a spyglass but the telescope, the large one.
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  5. Are you talking about the spyglass? The model for the loot version is at spyglass/fancy. Another is at player_equipment/spyglass.
  6. Thanks for all the reports, I'll try to chew through them.
  7. Same with international organizations and CSO's. They smell your insecurities and they use every weakness to pay their employees as little as possible. Confidential wages should be a crime.
  8. Take a look at this: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Alert_%26_Suspicion_Triggers#Missing_or_Moved_Objects.2C_Absence_Markers
  9. Good luck! I am currently working for a premium security software group that is used by Fortune 500 companies and world governments (including USA). Working anywhere else, I would probably be considered an L3 tech but here I am called an L1. We are paid very meagerly because the job market in my city is very poor and we have a very good technical college with lots of graduates eager to get job experience (and willing to work for peanuts). I regularly tell 6 figure earning admins how to do things that they should already know based on their certifications. I should be shoppi
  10. I got a memo from my supervisor that my contract won't be extended, which means I'm outta work in December. Good thing there are others hiring, so I may actually find something before my contract ends. Remember kids, never get too attached to corporations, even if they look like a comfy place to work in.
  11. So there is no good one by default? I'll get one from OGA then. What about the other assets? Also I can't find the property to make a piece of loot noticed by the AI when it's stolen. How do I make guards see when a large painting was ripped off its frame?
  12. I recently gave my woman Witcher 3 for the Switch for her birthday. Watching her play, I felt that witcher-urge again, so I now started replaying Witcher 2, but this time the other story path I haven't played, yet. Now we spend our evenings chilling next to each other on the couch, both playing Witcher separately! LIFEGOALS!
  13. @MirceaKitsune Download LuteMusic Put the music folder with the wav and the LuteMusic.sndshd in your sound folder. If you don't have a sound folder yet, make one : )
  14. chakkman

    Free games

    Talking about Epic Store: https://www.epicgames.com/store/de/free-games
  15. checking for GL/glew.h... yes checking for main in -lGLEW... no configure: error: GLEW not found I have built DR many times in the past, and always make sure the dependencies are installed, etc. I have never had an issue w/ GLEW dependencies before. DR 2.8.0 built properly for me a few months ago, but now I get this. lib64glew-devel Version: 2.1.0-5.mga8 Currently installed version: 2.1.0-5.mga8 Group: Development/C Architecture: x86_64 Size: 1584 KB
  16. Having a few issues with pesky assets I can't locate in the browser. Where do I find: The telescope model. I know there was a large one you could put on the ground. A denser moving cloud texture, ideally one that looks good lit by the moon. A song for the lute player. Despite all the trouble I went through with him, I didn't yet find a guitar to put on his speaker.
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  18. There is a particle def for that, right? Not sure about them leaving decals though.
  19. Indefinite app hang seemingly out of nowhere. I was in the process of making a foglight and probably pressed the light inspector button, L, while still focused on the entity pane rather than the orthoview. Or at least that's what I think was my last action. Here's the dumpfile.
  20. @MirceaKitsune I really can't think of any way to accomplish that ...
  21. I'd rather release my FM before I say much about it. Let's just say I'm sure many will surely find it... interesting. Please let me know about that blood particle spawner when anyone who has an idea of that is around. Kinda the last thing I need to do... as far as the basics go, most that's left is detailing and fixing a few bugs.
  22. Why do you have the visportal faces on the edges of those brushes? dmap is telling you correctly that the vp faces are embedded entirely in the world brushes they border. Use DR's "brush->Make Visportal" button to create legal visportals.
  23. @MirceaKitsune Lol, I let your script and mine run together it does add up, where your script also has a difference in move speed and distance moved, my script just flings the stuff with the same speed. Also, sometimes two objects move at the same time this way or get influenced by the 2 scripts in the same move. Maybe you could try running your script 2 times (different names and different random triggers)? VIDEO - 2 annoyed Ghosts throwing stuff around I make a little bow for script btw, I can't abbreviate my thought into script like this, 'caus i'm thinking cogs and rods : )
  24. At this stage I need help with one more spooky effect: I want to make a particle blood spawner, pretty much an entity that constantly leaks blood once triggered. If possible I'd like the particles to spawn decals on surfaces they touch so they get stained with blood from the fountain, as happens when you hit an AI with the sword or an arrow. Is there a default particle entity for that?
  25. Sometimes YT recommendations are just brilliant.
  26. This one was fun until the ... ...part then, yeah, not so much.
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