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  2. @greeboThanks for getting the tests working in CMake. I had got as far as compiling and installing the binary but it always hung after the first few tests, and without being an expert on GTest I had no idea how to solve this. I only noticed yesterday that you had fixed the test resources directory and now all of the tests succeed. I must say I really like this new test mechanism. It is so much easier to use and more comprehensive than the old approach that could only test standalone classes. Being able to create a new test fixture in a couple of lines and immediately start calling GlobalE
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  5. How do I obtain that log? TDM doesn't generate it in the location suggested last time on Linux, there is no OpenALlog.txt or OpenAL.txt. Edit 1: Sorry I see the variables I must use for it described there. I'll try to reproduce and post a log. Edit 2: Posted the log from a run with the issue triggered, with a description encompassing what I said in this thread.
  6. Pre5 built properly in Mageia Cauldron. With nothing yet added to Favorites, I saw this crash when trying the mouse wheel on the empty list.
  7. for some inspiration: How about adding the hands and objects interactions from skyrim vr to this vr mod?
  8. You guys like creativity, interesting architecture and unique gameplay? Then NICKED is your man and was our guest this time. We mainly talked about his outstanding puzzle mission “Malazar’s Inscrutable Tower” – the inspirations, techniques and gameplay tweaks he added and also his work in general considering “Sturmdrang Peak”, “The Turning of the Leaves” or “The Violent End of Duncan Malveine”. It was a pleasure. We’re sorry that the audio/connection quality isn’t as great as we want it to be..but in lockdown times the internet seems to be a bit stressed out. Hope you can still enjoy it.
  9. A new pre-release build is available (pre5). Some advancements to the favourites management, plus two small fixes. Known issue: I still have to hunt down a crash when trying to scroll in the favourites browser in Linux.
  10. @MirceaKitsune, please check the referenced GitHub thread. @KCat asks for OpenAL log there...
  11. Hoping they make there own story then and not a tie-in with the new movie.
  12. Greetings and salutations.

    I have a question for you, if you don't mind too much.
    I tried to use your script, io_export_ase.py for Blender 2.82 on Linux. I got an error on export in line 957 "in exexcute start = time.clock ()
    AttributeError: module 'time' has no attribute 'clock'"

    I'm not a programmer or scripter, but I'm good at following directions. What could be the issue and what can fix this? And if that's too much for your schedule right now, could you help with some pointers?


    Blender-debug.txt system-info.txt

    1. OrbWeaver


      Thanks, that should be fixed in Git commit 7012b87d83f7d0.

  13. I just remembered an audio bug I experienced which seems to affect some Linux users. There's an opportunity to fix it in 2.09 which can be done by changing an OpenAL default. I posted a thread about it a while ago: Essentially we might want to default "period_size = 64" or something that's under 256. A higher OpenAL period size can cause lag when the game starts with sound only playing in interruptions, until a few seconds or minutes later when it finally stops. I don't know if lower end audio boards might have issues with a low value however so this should be investigated first.
  14. Thanks. I'm still not seeing the conversation editor in latest Git master from today though, looked closely in all of the menus to be sure: Could I be missing something, or perhaps there's still a problem that keeps the plugin from being detected and appearing?
  15. I've only briefly looked into the Xlib bindings when I fixed the most glaring issues with keys that were not working in TDM. My impression is that getting this right is not trivial, at all. I believe switching Linux input completely to GLFW might be a much better option at this point. I truly think that would solve (most of) the input bugs for Linux. Perhaps I'll find some time for 2.10 to try this out.
  16. You need debug symbols in order to see something in a stack trace. We store debug symbols for official releases, but I guess they are not published. If you have built TDM from source, then of course there you have debug symbols, but otherwise you don't. Also, there was a problem that TDM 2.08 was built with "omit frame pointers". As the result, stack trace could not be recorded. It was fixed for 2.09, so if you take 2.09 beta, this won't be a problem. Obviously, this one: 3724 Well, this bug is probably Linux-only (I wonder if it happens on Windows) and only happens if
  17. I have posted comment in OpenAL issue which seems to be the most related to this problem. Sorry for not doing it back in November.
  18. Can this serve? http://neotextureedit.sourceforge.net (FOSS)
  19. As a matter of fact, TDM still builds well on Elbrus 2000 architecture with svn rev 9083 (which is very close to 2.09 release). Here is how it can be done (requires conan 1.33 or later): ./ThirdParty/: python 1_export_custom.py ./ThirdParty/: conan install . --build -o platform_name=myelbrus ./ : cmake -B build/linux64 -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DTHIRDPARTY_PLATFORM_OVERRIDE=myelbrus The first command puts the conan recipes which were customized by TDM team into the conan local cache. The second command builds all the conan recipes to get third-party libs art
  20. As the missions hint, it looks like a feudal theocratic society, run by the Builder Priests.
  21. Not bad at all! Short but detailed, with a nice story in as well. Found only one bug... a cap is missing at the tip of a patch cylinder for some spiral stairs.
  22. IMO a material editor would be awesome. btw some people don't know but original idtech 4, comes with a material editor included, but I assume most don't use it, mostly because, they prefer to edit the materials by hand but this is because the material editor, like almost all original idtech 4 tools, has a tendency to crash, it can also sometimes corrupt the material definition file and is not very user friendly, so people avoid using it, but a good stable material editor, would get users i'm certain. About what it should have and look like, first imo the most important feature of the
  23. Last week
  24. Latest Git master fails to compile with a build error. Noticed while trying to test an issue I have a feedback on. [ 49%] Building CXX object radiantcore/CMakeFiles/radiantcore.dir/map/Map.cpp.o /home/mircea/Games/Quake/TheDarkMod/DarkRadiant_GIT/radiantcore/map/Map.cpp: In member function ‘void map::Map::loadPrefabAt(const ArgumentList&)’: /home/mircea/Games/Quake/TheDarkMod/DarkRadiant_GIT/radiantcore/map/Map.cpp:661:76: error: ‘GlobalGrid’ was not declared in this scope 661 | auto prefabCenter = accumulator.getBounds().getOrigin().getSnapped(GlobalGrid().getGridSize());
  25. The new grid in the Prefab Chooser preview still seems to be located at 0,0,0, not at the centre of the prefab. This often means that prefabs which are off-center appear to have no grid until one finds it by looking around with the camera. church_votive.pfbThis prefab exhibits the behaviour. The grid is located above the starting position of the camera. 0005455: Prefab Chooser preview: improvements to initial view
  26. If the Wiki doesn't mention it... I guess there's noone tangible. I also take it, as there's not a definite date or year mentioned to be used in FM's, there could be multiple "current" Emperors.
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