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    Best AntiVirus?

    Is this advice still valid on systems working on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 considering the User Account Control feature which effectively blocks any actions that require administrator privileges to be performed without having the password? Could not agree more. Right now have no possibility to put any Antivirus on older backup laptop but I don't visit any dangerous sites either, use adblock on the ones I don't trust and stuff like that. Thanks for the reply and for the information. Very useful.
  3. @ demagogue Thank you, that's all very good advice. I often look for these types of "events" in movies and books that I see and read. I try to steer away from taking things away from other people's maps because I don't want to be accused of stealing plus, I want to keep my events/maps as original as possible. But I understand your point, taking inspiration from other people's work seems permissible as long as it's only inspiration. Oddly enough, I've gotten quite a few ideas from watching old cartoons like Thundercats and even Tom and Jerry. My search continues...
  4. A new AI based system is now capable of reconstructing a entire image just from a small piece of the original information in real time, is just impressive stuff but really really makes me sad about the future of gaming, PC gaming in particular.
  5. If you want to know my approach to this, it's to lift ideas from other games, books, movies, tv, comics, etc., and just adapt them to my own story. Like I like Lady Rowena's approach of having every NPC in her FMs be related to every other NPC in some way, either they were rivals, or best friends, or secret lovers, or had a bad history, and there are readables all around that fill out all the different relationships which are fun for the player to find. So I try to do something like that in my stuff. The best kind of smaller scale "events" for FMs are in the Thief 2 FMs by Eshaktaar, Lady Rowena, Lord Alan, Gaetane, Saturnine, Purah ... ones where every room or scene also has a little event or story by itself. TDM FMs have done this too, but I guess I'm a sucker for the classics. But don't discount the value of lifting ideas from movies and tv shows. Keep a little notepad around and when you see something write it down.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Pay a lady of negotiable virtue to go & chat up a guard If there are two guards, have the 2nd one either get jealous & butt in or be a mate/be embarrassed & give them some space While they are distracted rob 'em blind or Pay LoNV as before, then go find the NPC's wife/girlfriend have them go & have an argument with LoNV, guards gather to watch, rob blind as before
  8. @STRUNK Thank you for suggestions, these are great!
  9. Ubuntu PPA packages are built for 18.04 LTS and 19.10 (I didn't do 19.04 because it goes EOL in less than a month, but it's possible the 18.04 package will also work on 19.04 if anyone needs it).
  10. Ah ok, that explains it. Maybe it really is only a suggestion on the Wiki. Then I will work with inv_name. Thanks a lot for checking!
  11. Last week
  12. @Jetrell Setting fire to something attracts npc's/guards attention and gives you an opertunity to enter an area.
  13. @Jetrell Just a thought. Have npc's/guards get in a fight by throwing things at them so they knock eachother out? Two grumpy guards already having an argument, and when you throw something (applecore, empty bottle, horsedung) from the direction of one of the npc's/guards, they'll get in a fight, and you can steal whatever they were guarding ...
  14. Thanks for these links, they are very helpful, somehow I forgot about TTLG. I glanced over these links and will go over them more thoroughly later on but what I'm really looking for are specific events rather than broad mission ideas. For example, the player comes across a NPC who will yell for the guards but if the player bribes the NPC he will remain quiet and if that goes well maybe the NPC will tell the player about a secret way to enter the house down the lane. I'm looking for little events that can be placed in a bigger mission.
  15. Looking at the code, used_by_inv_id spawnarg is not read anywhere. I guess that note on wiki is a king of feature request. UPDATE: I don't see inv_id either.
  16. Well, what's on my mind is that yesterday my power supply kicked the bucket, and after much troubleshooting, discovered that it took my video card out with it. Spent all day yesterday running around for a new PSU and GPU, but I did find a video card that is far better then the one I had, so that's nice.
  17. These are a few threads I found. Don't forget TTLG has a long history of talking about FM ideas too-- https://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=134149 https://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=133048 https://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33693
  18. I am currently trying to set up a situation, in which the player has to use two inventory items on another entity. It all works fine, when I use used_by_inv_name, but I would like to change the inventory name into something quite long, so I am not sure if this will work. According to the Wiki article, it can be replaced with used_by_inv_id (to avoid translation problems), but if I use the setup with this, it does not register the inventory item anymore. Am I missing something or was inv_id not implemented so far? The corresponding spawnargs I used are: item1: name FinanceBook1; inv_id Finances1, inv_name Finances of Greyhill Church Book 1 item2: name FinanceBook2; inv_id Finances2, inv_name Finances of Greyhill Church Book 2 entity to be used on: used_by_inv_id1 Finances1, used_action_script_Finances1 BurnBook, used_by_inv_id2 Finances2, used_action_script_Finances2 BurnBook
  19. I joined december 2018 but added a profile picture just some weeks ago, so after june 2019.
  20. @greebo New DMP file + a video showing what I do https://easyupload.io/xm9u56 It freezes when I dubbleclicked the texture, go with my pionter out of the media browser and press s (2:20 in the vid .. forgot to record the pointer). I didn't click outside the media browser yet, so normally it would input s into the little searchfield in de MB. I tried to recreate it with just a brush, but then no problems. With this more complex brush and the caulk if freezes. Yesterday I got back to 2.60 to do the same and there I had no problems. By the way, I press s before clicking outside the media browser half the time ... Windows version = Windows 7 professional. Servicepack 1
  21. This was a great mission, shooting way past what I considered reasonable for a "speedbuild"! If I had to choose, I'd say my favourite aspect is how it captures the same feeling as the great Thief 2 FMs: always another area or secret to find; being able to sympathise with inhabitants in their little sidestories; and how it doesn't take itself too seriously. What I also liked was how cold it felt. When you said it'd be a wholesome seasonal mission I was expecting something fuzzy warm like Thief's Holiday, but the street lanterns with their chill lights and the frozen breaths conveyed the exact opposite. Needless to say I enjoyed getting indoors to a well-stoked fireplace wherever I found one. Lastly, that "bag" was fantastic: both the idea and the execution, and I quite enjoyed climbing all over those good-looking custom assets (maybe here'd be a good place to ask if you'd offer your custom assets to other mappers?). Well then, many thanks to you both for this Christmas surprise, and I'd sure welcome more such cooperative projects!
  22. Definitely, but I'm glad they do, otherwise we would never have the amazing mods and TCs we have nowadays. TDM being a perfect example as well, even though real life has the obvious priority for most of the 'staff' now.
  23. Is it just me or... do some people have too much spare time?
  24. I think the old retaliation code from Doom3 is still in TDM, so if two AI's are on the same team, and one accidentally damages the other (thrown rock/projectile), the other will initiate a fight. Maybe that is what happened?
  25. The other day I was super impressed with Reman's creation of a Thief-themed Minecraft mod. Today I stumbled on this Harry Potter mod which is equally impressive, though as far as I know still not available yet.
  26. Is there by any chance a repository of "thieving event" ideas somewhere in these forums? I'm not talking about ideas for an entire mission, I'm just talking about single events or NPC encounters or small quests or even a puzzle that could fit into a larger mission. I ask because I'm building a mission and want to add a couple clever side events to fill out my mission. I've searched these forums but haven't found anything. Thanks in advanced for your help,
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