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  2. Beams, beams, beams...

    Support beams, and cross beams, and then beams to fixate the support beams to the cross beams. The more beams you have in a map, the better. There's walls, floors and ceilings, but the rest of the map is pretty much just beams. Beams makes a thief happy.

  3. ChronA

    Play to Earn

    This stuff is basically just resume bling... like an unpaid internship at a prestigious law firm... or a college diploma. Jumping on dumb "cutting edge" trends like this is a way for the people involved to establish themselves as "movers and shakers" in the tech world, which will make them a hot commodity for a) clueless corporate hiring managers who don't actually know anything about the business, b) tech illiterate con-artists "tech" entrepreneurs looking to make a lot of money by inventing the next dumb cutting-edge trend, and c) other would-be "movers and shakers" in need of some extra legitimacy for their own cutting-edge project (usually meant to pull the same trick). None of these project need to make any money, or even deliver a product to pay off for the people behind them. Ultimately they will collect at some point down the road thanks to the the generosity of lazy/elitist corporations and fraud victims. It's an entire global industry of wearing and selling the emperor's new clothes, continuously playing out on multiple layers. And it is one of the pillars of our entire modern technological civilization...
  4. Nort

    Play to Earn

    But it's not like we haven't have virtual currencies before. Every time there's some kind of MMORPG, there's always a marketplace in it. There is just no point in adding blockchain validation to it. If they want to have a cross-game currency within a company platform, then they can easily have that too, without it involving blockchain. If they want real money, then they can pay out real money. We've already had the pyramid schemes from the moment where you were able to buy things like for example Steam credits. It's nothing new; it's been around for decades now. This "Play to Earn" push only makes sense, if it's a masked push specifically for blockchain, and the heating of the planet and the sealing of the doom of the human race that comes with it. ...and so then I guess my question is, if Satan is secretly running all these game companies. ...because that's the only thing that would make any sense, why all these game companies are suddenly going completely bonkers at the same time. They're already profiting from people buying the regular virtual currencies. They're not going to profit more from a currency that also destroys the planet. This just doesn't make any sense.
  5. _Atti_

    Play to Earn

    I guess you can only play to earn, if your 'playing' creates value. Most of the schemes involving this phrase thinks that skipping the value creation is somehow enabled when cryptocurrencies are involved. I don't think people are particularly against games designed for players to earn money, they are against the deceit that these efforts are anything else than gambling and pyramid schemes. I would not worry about the phenomena in this form getting anywhere big, like lowering interest in actual games. Its a self felling tree.
  6. Very early days but I had another go at mild trolling on LinkedIn, getting two likes so far:
  7. Pretty good LCD quality for the early 1990s. The brightness of the OS environment demonstrates the variation in contrast that the screen can do rather well, it looks like the brightness in the actual game is set quite low. Also there is minimal smearing and the colors are good too. Running 3D games, or really any game with fast motion on a budget laptop back then generally looked like ass.
  8. About the copyrighted stuff, at this moment i dont care. I am looking forward what the community will do with it. Because this leaked version was promissed to us in 2001. and in 2011 we got a version with stupid / non working stuff. To me, this leaked version is the version of the e3 2001 trailer! (I found the original maps what is used for the trailer) I played the version and to me it was blast to the past: Playing a unreal engine 1 game Changing things using one of the first unreal editors. Hud Overlay weather effects (from mgs 2) Destructable bodies (soldier of fortune) And switching between mainmenu wallpapers of nathalie portman and britney spears (in their young days) I hope that the community will to things with it, like: Patching up the maps. Creating new maps. Adding new physics engine upgrading their video renders, some reshade, high textures and models. Etc I loved what the community did with duke nukem forever 2013 and serious duke 3d. But this leaked version is the real thing. (Until someone create/extract the editor from version 2011, for the community to make new maps) What do you think about this?
  9. No, i am not caring about ownership, I am caring about my privacy in the network, I don't like that big companies make money selling my data. Which is also a security risk, becaus nobody knows how this third parties use my data and how they protect them. I don't like that MS pages use even companies like TowerData which create user profiles even using keyloggers and mouse moves to do this, thes are the real crime to be aware of. This surveillance for commercial reasons is worse than a hacker filter some scripts of an old outdated game, this is an atack of the basic rights of the people and often even used for manipulation with polítical reasons. See what big companies use by yourself https://patents.google.com/patent/US5270800A/en https://patents.google.com/patent/US4717343A/en It's a dirty world in internet.
  10. The wheels are grinding again for new Content!
  11. That's what I'm seeing right now, with the Buffalo shooting, where footage is being hunted all over the world. That is something which I am invested in, because not only do I see that as shameless censorship, but my religion is based on obscenities like that footage being especially sacred, and that censoring it is sacriliege. I don't want to live in a padded shelter against the real world. What I'm saying is, that yes, there can be large-scale operations like that, if some rich company is willing. ...and they might view it as a protection of their IP, because the way that IP:s work, is that you have to continuously demonstrate that you're caring about it, in order for you to maintain ownership. ...and so even if they won't directly lose money from letting a leak spread, it will devalue the Duke Nukem brand. That's why they pay lawyers to independently go after leakers.
  12. Nort

    Play to Earn

    I've heard a lot of talk about this new concept of "Play to Earn" during the recent months, and I just don't get what it is. People have been selling in-game content for online games, for many, many years. People are saying that games must be played to have fun, but I'm in full disagreement with that. I largely play games for educational value and skill challenge, and I genuinely hate fun. Why can't we not have fun? If people want to treat something virtual like it's a dayjob, then why not? Are you afraid that every game will be like that, and that there won't be any fun alternatives to that? Come on. Even if all large game companies went Play to Earn today, there would still be countless indie developers who wouldn't. I hear that cryptocurrency is bad for the environment because of how much energy it takes to validate it, so why not just sell and buy for regular money instead, like it's always been done? The cryptocurrency market seems to be crashing now anyway, so it's obviously not a stable currency. It doesn't take some NFT tech, to keep a simple server-side transaction receipt, or a validation code. You don't need to validate game content like it's gold bars you've purchased. ...so I don't get the sudden resistance against this, and the treatment of virtual economies like it's a new concept. It doesn't need to involve NFT:s at all. Is it just some weird "fun" revolution, where gamers are trying to enforce "fun" in games? I feel like I'm missing an "outrage train" here, and maybe that's ultimately for the best.
  13. I agree with this, my thoughts are not going about this haccker who steal the code, certainly a copyright violation as generally piracy is. This files are now online and disposable in several webs, With this the question arises, if a person, who does not have to know that these codes are illegal, downloads them and uses them, or part of them, incorporating them into his own project. How do you want to link this to a copyright infringement, whose criminal responsibility depends on the hacker who stole them and uploaded them to the network? There may already be thousands who have downloaded these files. Chase everyone? The only one who can be held legally responsible by the author company is the hacker, no one else. Besides, I don't think there will be many consequences of this in such an old game from more than 20 years ago, whose code is already of little use in current games and OS I also don't think that the author company has a significant loss of profits with this, they have already gained a lot with the sale of DN in their time. Another thing would be in a current game, recently released. where such theft can mean a great loss for the company. Even M$ has released the old MsDOS as FOSS.
  14. I don't understand why you're still going on about copyright. A leak isn't a copyright violation. It's a hacker breaking into a server, and distributing files which were never officially released in the first place, and you then aiding him. I feel like you're deliberately trying to water this issue down, in a pretty ridiculous manner, and I'm glad that I'm not invested enough in this issue, to get upset over it.
  15. Agree with this, it's risky for the forum to publish downloadable content with copyright, because the person in charge is the owner/admin of the forum who allows it, not the user who put the link. but there the regulations of each country are valid in this regard, extrem use it in German forums according to their own experiences, which do not even allow images without these being checked before if they have copyright or not, if they are not their own images. I certainly find this somewhat exaggerated. Anyway, in any case it is a good habit to put the sources of content that is posted. Nor should anything happen if someone puts a link to a page, for example one dedicated to downloading games, if it can be verified that the downloads are virus-free, the user does not have to know if the game is legal or not. The responsibility of the Forum in this case can only be limited to checking the security, not any rights that the games on the list may have. It is also necessary to differentiate between a download for private use, practically always legitimate, or for commercial use, very different and where copyright becomes relevant. Although there are also nuances there that are sometimes somewhat absurd, such as the Eiffel Tower, without problems to photograph it during the day, but with lighting at night it is illegal to take a photo, because the lighting is copyrighted, it can be considered this problems when posting a photo of the Eiffel Tower at night.
  16. Way too far fetched. I only saw strict rules against promoting, justifying piracy on old Steam forums. Probably also valid for the new discussions thing. But they are a store and a game company. Steam is also DRM in an of itself. So I guess that explains the reasons. Not sufficiently user friendly due to their monopoly as well. Yeah author's rights matter morally, but copyright doesn't mean that one should be a copyrast (pederast) for profit. And that's what copyright became.
  17. Not only in games, also the companies of OS use plagiarism. Even the logo and default desktop image is the one of Windows, but it isn't from MS, its a Brasilian imitación of Windows 10 and 11 with Linux base, which run windows apps and is legit. (WindowsFX - Freemium OpenSource) Similar attempt with ReactOS, even using invers engineering to imitate a compatible clon of older Windows, at least using a own logo (OSS) As I say, for some companies, copyright is a relative thing.
  18. I was more thinking of the risk of some sort of DMCA claim against the forum itself, and it ending up in some kind of bad standing, but I'm probably worrying over nothing. The internet is a scary place.
  19. If your internet provider doesn't care then it's ok.
  20. Very solid FM. I'll admit I didn't actually *end* the mission in spite of fulfilling the main objective because I didn't quite feel up to grind the loot, but I might finish that someday.
  21. Yes. Copyright infringement comes from using the copyrighted code, it has nothing to do with what you use it for. Even if you copy that code into an Android alarm clock app, you have committed copyright infringement. Nope. Copyright applies in full to the engine and the basic code. It does not apply to the generic "idea", although it can apply to the idea at a more specific level (so you can't make another game called "Duke Nukem", but you can make another FPS featuring a musclebound dudebro protagonist). If they are using the same engine then they have licensed that engine. They are not using stolen code. If they did, they would be sued into oblivion. Again, you are confusing "ideas" with code. Anyone can make a generic shooter, RPG or platform game without infringing copyright, as long as it's not called "Super Mario Brothers". The basic idea might be the same. That has nothing to do with the code. You don't need to steal code to implement a game which has similar ideas. Claiming that software which does similar things must be using stolen code is the sort of thing Darl McBride came up with in the SCO vs IBM lawsuit. It failed spectacularly because his assumption was wrong. There was never any stolen code. Correct. Not correct. Copyright law applies to large companies just as it applies to individuals, and since they are prominent companies with deep pockets, they are much more likely to get sued. That's why they have a legal department to make sure they are using all IP correctly. They do not steal code. I suppose if you're talking about some fly-by-night Chinese rip-off company, then they might be stealing code (since enforcing IP against companies in China is notoriously difficult). But if we're talking about AAA game companies in the US or Europe, using stolen engine code is not normal behaviour, although there may be occasional instances where it happens.
  22. Copyright infraction IS a data theft issue. But don't get me wrong, this case of DN data is one thing, but once these are filtered, who is going to control if someone finds this data to use it for a different project of their own? It would be a problem and a crime if someone used this data to create an exact copy of DN and distributed it as their own. You mentioned TDM, yes it is based on the Thief series, but it would be a crime if I copied 1 by 1 the missions of this game. Even using a different engine and code, it would be a copyright infringement to appropriate content that is not only the programming part, but the intellectual property of the author of the storyline, which is certainly not the case. It is always a balancing act if a game is developed, in this case an FPS that from different companies can even use the same engine and therefore a similar basic programming regarding moving the protagonist, AIs, etc, but that are different in the development of the story, graphics, environment, etc, is where the intellectual property mainly resides. For example I have seen several Star Wars Fallen Order trailers and the resemblance to many aspects of Tomb Raider was invariably striking, naturally not because of the setting and story, but because of the challenges and form of the game. As I said, it is a complicated issue to clearly determine what is a problem of copyright infringement, data theft or plagiarism, as one always wants to call it.
  23. Thanks for the tip. Im fairly certain it used to work on reloadModels but I will try some other commands.
  24. I bet having multiple setups of settings on one computer, can introduce issues as well. Then when I go to update, the updater could be very confused over where "the" installation path is. You're talking to a guy who really didn't have time to reinstall one new version, and you're asking him to install a second one. I'd much rather wait and see if the bug fixes itself. There's a good chance that it will, and if not, I'll just have to keep moving the other view a bit, like I've been doing, to get the camera to unfreeze again.
  25. Last week
  26. Indeed. Here comes one of the servants now, hopefully bearing good news for them.
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      Support beams, and cross beams, and then beams to fixate the support beams to the cross beams. The more beams you have in a map, the better. There's walls, floors and ceilings, but the rest of the map is pretty much just beams. Beams makes a thief happy.
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