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  2. In a weird way TDM can thank TDS for its existence, being so mod-unfriendly. That's reason enough for us to be part of this contest. Then you should be happy to know you can make an FM in TDM for the contest.
  3. Beautiful and very sad sounding piece of music. This composer was amazing. It sounds better without the Youtube compression though; without the smearing of the highs and left/right channels. Best part is at 3:44. How did he get such amazing string sounds in a 64KB music file? This is not like midi; the musician cuts and loops very tiny sounds, where as with midi you are stuck with whatever samples the particular player has.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Vivaldi has it's own inbuils ad and trackerblocker, customizable with the filters you want, nor it use surveillance advertisings or selling user data, 0 tracking no ads, it's business model are links and search engines it has by default (f.Exmpl. DDG, Ecosia and some others) when you download the browser, from these recives commissions when you use them, but you are free to delete them if not. That is a fair solution, apart also donations and a store with merch. Recently maybe also commissions from Mercedes, Renault and VAG, because they use Vivaldi in their navigators, because Vivaldi is the only Browser which works in these dispositives, not even Google has succeeded. Not bad for a so small company. Also the ethics of a company is important.
  6. socially engineered to accept ads... nope not gonna happen bit unsettling though to get this from mozilla
  7. Shit, we're old. Too bad T3Ed and its workflows are way too unstable (at least for me, on win10) to even think about making something for it again.
  8. Because of this and similar behavior tangential to the user interests of Mozilla, also reported by several users, I and a lot of others changed to Vivaldi. Also some Linux communities, in some of them use Vivaldi by default (Manjaro, FerenOS), most others have it in the repository. It is ironic that Mozilla becomes a mascot of Google, while this Chromium Browser from a small cooperative gives Google the middle finger in its browser, whose CEO is even active in initiatives against Google's invasive practices.
  9. TDM missions are eligible to enter the TDS Anniversary Contest: 


  10. And oil flasks, it was an amazing gameplay mechanic.
  11. I use Firefox as my primary browser and have never seen this popup, but I'm in Australia so it's possible the ads were only visible in certain locations. Or maybe there's a setting I disabled that normally allows the ad and I got lucky. Whatever the case this is still pretty poor from Mozilla and that bit about the "Not now" option is an example of a dark pattern in UI, where they won't give you a simple "No" option because they want to keep the idea in your mind after the popup has gone. It's infested so many web sites and software (and certain operating systems) and it's a pile of shit. I get that Mozilla need to finance their operations but Firefox is supposed to hold itself to a higher standard than Google or Microsoft or the other scum who try such behaviour. That's why it's irritating when they feel the need to try such things.
  12. I have an idea of a mission that might fit. I very much doubt whether I can compete with the master mappers around here though.
  13. Last week
  14. https://www.neowin.net/news/mozilla-stops-displaying-full-screen-vpn-ads-within-firefox-after-backlash/ Only having an option to say "Not Now", and not to say "No", is so slimy. It implies that they can ask you again a week from now, whereas everyone understands what "no" means. It means I don't want it, and if I change my mind, then I will let you know. I find this design aspect more offensive than the advertisement/interruption itself.
  15. Does anyone have the latest version of the md5 import / export scripts for Blender, for both importing and exporting md5mesh and md5anim with the latest Blender release? I last attempted to rig a custom character ages ago, the scripts are long unsupported and I couldn't find new ones. Blender is now at version 3.5.1, do we have md5 scripts for that?
  16. Imagine a three-mission campaign that used T1/T2, TDS, and TDM. Also, this makes me feel really old.
  17. There are some good particle options in both Iris and SLL for integrating loot glint as well if anyone wants to snag them.
  18. Thanks for asking the organizers about including TDM! I am not sure if I can participate as Real Life (ugh, who needs it) demands a bunch of my free time right now, but we'll see
  19. No worries it was my fault, I should have cleared cookies first, I'm just letting people know in case they do the same
  20. https://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=152224 There is a new mapping contest over on TTLG for the Thief: Deadly Shadows 20th Anniversary and the organizers were kind enough to include The Dark Mod along with all of the Thief games as an options for making a mission to submit as an entry. The deadline is a year from yesterday and the rules are pretty open. I recommend going to the original thread for the details but I will summarize here: Rules: - The mission(s) can be for Thief 1, Thief 2, Deadly Shadows or The Dark Mod. - Collaborations are allowed. - Contestants can use any custom resource they want, though TDM cannot use the Deadly Shadows resource pack. - Contestants can submit more than one mission. - Contestants can enter anonymously. - The mission(s) can be of any size. Using prefabs is allowed but the idea is this is a new mission and starting from an abandoned map or importing large areas from other maps is not allowed. Naturally this is on the honor system as we have no way of validating. Mission themes and contents: There is no requirement from a theme or story viewpoint, however contestants might consider that many players may expect or prefer missions to be celebratory of Thief: Deadly Shadows in this respect: castles, manors, museums, ruins inhabited by Pagans and the like, with a balance of magic versus technology. This is entirely up to the authors, though, to follow or not - it is just mentioned here as an FYI and, while individual voters may of course choose to vote higher or lower based on this on their own, it will not be a criteria used explicitly in voting or scoring. Deadline: May 25th, 2024 at 23:59 Pacific Time. See the TTLG thread for details on submissions and the voting process. Provided I can make the deadline I hope to participate. It would be nice to see the entire community do something together, and expressing our complicated relationship with this divisive game seems as good a pretext as any.
  21. my current phone (huawei p20 lite) sadly has a locked bootloader which you need a token from huawei to unlock so it is a bit more of a problem to root than the old samsung (brute force does not work with this model do not try).
  22. jaxa

    Free games

    Hue 100% off on Steam by June 8. It's a single-player puzzle/platformer game: https://slickdeals.net/f/16674791-hue-pc-digital-download-free https://store.steampowered.com/app/383270/Hue/
  23. No issues here, but, I logged in with my email already when I saw the notification of the new forum login.
  24. chakkman

    Free games

    Was about to post that one. Nice!
  25. jaxa

    2016+ CPU/GPU News

    I don't know what will happen to the RTX 4060 and 4060 Ti, but I expect the RX 7600 price to slide on down. AMD already started the slide ~48 hours pre-release, so it's not like they're confident in the product. I'd consider picking up a 16 GB 7600 XT as a replacement for my GTX 970, but I don't really need it for TDM.
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