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  2. Not yet. Actually, if you have one patch over whole level, then it gets splitted into one surface per visleaf area. These surfaces should be culled by camera and portals individually. So such approach should be OK as long as there are no large outdoors areas. However, you are not forced to use one patch. You can have many patches/entities with same particle deform material, it should work just as well. As far as I understand, your workflow consists of making one quad patch with proper settings, then copy/pasting it over the whole area. I would say simply hiding distant ra
  3. Do you mean limited field of vision that covers everything nearby like in Silent Hill 1 in order to help performance?
  4. Very nice @stgatilov Would this also support LOD in some way? One of the advantages of having multiple smaller rain emitters is that you could apply hide distance spawnargs to them.
  5. I hereby award you with the new title "The Weather Maker" ! Very cool, you've elimintaed all problems coming with rain and snow effects that prevented me till now from using the related features.
  6. Yes, exactly. One particle deform patch over the whole level. That what you already can do with rain in 2.08. Keep in mind that particle count is not infinite. Snow looks less dense than rain, so making such a heavy snow everywhere can be bad for performance.
  7. Hey folks, was thinking about the old doom 3 mapping days and wanted to ask if anybody else also appreciated seeing the transparent backsides of patches in ortho view. I thought it was very helpful just to have that additional visual in place. Any chance of working that option into DM? Thank you - DeeP
  8. Cool. Just so I understand that, does that mean you can have one big snow emitter across the level, and put in some buildings, and the particles will not pass through the roof so it snows inside? If it's that, that'll be really handy!
  9. Yesterday
  10. Talking about visportals, Is it really required to make visportals, if you don't need the player to look or normally travel into another room? I ask because, just for kicks, I coded a resident evil/skyrim, etc kind of door system, one that you click and get transported to another room, instead of opening a door like on TDM, this made me able to make separate/unconnected rooms and just teletransport the player between them, I made it very seamless and imo is very cool (with some nice possibilities, no need to animate or rotate doors, no need to make the rooms next to each other or follow a real
  11. Just tried disabling that (I think) and it doesn't seem to be doing anything.
  12. Meahwhile on trunk... static collisions work for snow! P.S. Ignore the FPS number: it is debug build, and overall number of particles is too large.
  13. If you only want the stealth stat scroll, I took it from some thread here so you might be able to get it from there. Otherwise take a look at the def and script files of the Unofficial Patch and delete everything that you don't want. The names should be obvious, otherwise ask me again here.
  14. Can the features of the Unofficial Patch be turned off if I discover I don't want some of them? Think I fancy the sound of the stealth statistic scroll, but not really the rest, and I don't want to have to reinstall right now!
  15. I think he means the mission where you wake up in a room and climb through a window and go left there is a house with a big hole in the garden there you have to climb in I don't know the name of the mission
  16. It's worth mentioning that Cauldron of the Gods got a reasonably large update some time after initial release, which changed a few areas among other things. So if you have memories of the beginning being different, it's possible that's one of the things that was changed.
  17. I admit, I instinctively quicksave before almost every blackjack (unless I'm blackjacking civilians for some reason). The sweet spot for a blackjack seems so precise that it feels unfair if it doesn't work. I get that NPCs with more armor will have a smaller hitbox for a blackjack and that some guards have full helmets are deliberately non-blackjack-able (but not non-gas arrow... able), but if it feels unfair to fail a blackjack rather than just lacking skill, then I'll insure myself with quicksaves. Doesn't really bother me and I'm not really willing to bash (heh) the game over it. Who knows,
  18. Might be the cubic clipping setting which might hide the prefab if it's too far from the camera.
  19. Last week
  20. I'm afraid I don't remember what it was likeā€”it was about a year ago now. I don't know what's going wrong with the installation for you but I do have a development on the camera issue. Upon opening the main map file for The Tears of St. Lucia, I was able to move the camera around and see everything. I'm following Springheel's New Mappers Workshop on YouTube, and in the episode I'm currently on, he adds a prefab and is able to view it in the camera. I'm assuming the issue is the prefab, so I don't understand why Springheel was able to do see it and I'm not. Either I'm doing something wrong or i
  21. Ok, what was your installation experience with siduction like and how long have you been running siduction? I've failed two times now trying to install it and update it to the latest packages - the installation medium is from 2018, and it's full of old packages. Running updates / dist-upgrades (downloading almost 1.5 gigabytes of new sid packages everytime) etc. manoevred my system into a state where I cannot get past the login screen anymore (I can only log in through the Ctrl-Alt-F2 TTYs). It happened twice now, and I don't know what I could have done wrong, didn't find any solutions either.
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