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  2. True, thanks God I loved Mooncrash back then, etc. The whole point of Mooncrash was to force you to apply different character strategies (not just Rambo style). Increasing pressure (timer) and some random events force you to improvise a lot and go with the flow. It's a great showcase of emergent gameplay systems, and a ton of fun, if you let go of your "im-sim habits". I had many great moments with Mooncrash, because of "near miss" and "last second save" type of moments, typically amid total chaos of the last stretches between me and the escape pod. That said, Mooncrash is kinda hard to get in the beginning. There are things which are totally random, other things are persistent throughout a run, then things become persistent throughout multiple runs. But the game leaves most of it to be discovered by you – which is both a blessing and a curse, because many players will bounce off it before getting to really awesome bits.
  3. Hopefully this is is the entree to a decent main course down the road. Great work!
  4. Yesterday
  5. I've opened a github issue https://github.com/FenPhoenix/AngelLoader/issues/117
  6. Can I nitpick? I would like to have cross icons right there to remove filters with one click AngelLoader is awesome.
  7. When it comes to expectations any mission that offers Rope Arrows from the beginning directly goes to the top half list in my book. I have enjoyed this one very, very much. It has everything I need and zero complexities: get in, get it, get out. I loved the original setup and the execution. No FPS issues that I recall. Excellent work, @cugzkani. I genuinely had a great time. Thanks.
  8. The situation with "entity" is like "tomato". To a botanist, it's a fruit. To a grocer or chef, it's a vegetable. So if a mapper says "entity", often it's meant to exclude worldspawn, even though technically it's included. The meaning depends on context.
  9. It's one of my favorite ways to play this game!
  10. Maybe usefull or future TDM Missions, launched today Create Sound Effects in an Instant with Video or Game using AI for free https://www.waanda.org
  11. Isn't that even shown in the trailer? That feature is probably the reason why no "toys" can be found anywhere on the station. ;D
  12. Objectives are currently stored by entities named target_tdm_addobjectives inside the map files. Is it possible to store the objectives externally? For example in an xdata file. You do script editting (which often interact with objectives) outside DR, so it makes sense that you could edit objectives also outside DR. Maybe it needs a specific script that fetges the xdata and stores it in the entity at runtime?
  13. Also, I think the save restriction currently doesn't work (properly) in Linux (at least 2 users now I think), giving a crash-to-desktop. Would be nice if more Linux users could test and confirm this. I think you could add a different starterlocation (2.12) in the gui (but just present it as an expert mode, not a location) and then at the different starter-location (which is positioned close to the standard one), you put a triggerbox (only triggering that starterplayer) with a script attached that makes the necessery changes right at mission start. Making it show up in the difficulty selection means you have to override that core gui file though I guess.
  14. It's actually very useful. Hate a topic? Just derail it quickly by mentioning that a save restriction would be GREAT..
  15. I guess the easiest solution would be to let the save restriction be the only difference between expert and hard. Just to be clear, the modifiers/mutators I have in mind would apply to all missions for people that seek an extra challenge. In other words, they would not be controlled by the FM author. So this is probably not suitable for your specific problem.
  16. Yeah. Maybe I'll update the mission someday if we ever get something like a "mission modifiers" feature. I have some ideas of how I could do it the non-fancy way with items or something. I don't know, but Volta missions will not have this feature
  17. The mission is great, like all your works. My personal issue was that after dying and losing 30-40 minutes of progress for the third time, I gave up.
  18. Huh, it's that time of year again. Time flies Make sure to vote!
  19. Last week
  20. Well you are in luck! Here is a list of other missions with normal save options : https://www.thedarkmod.com/missions/ *** Also for people who want to play this mission and are getting discouraged by the restriction, its only on Expert. I wish there was a way to make it a check box option, but I couldn't find a solution with the time I had. @STiFUI like all your suggestions. A modifier would be a really cool solve for this problem.
  21. chakkman


    New vid for some of the upcoming content:
  22. Oh my god! I can turn into a cup! I love the game
  23. What is the benefit of converting to a model?
  24. More or less, it doesn't save any real brush data in it, it is more like a "tag", is a peace of memory where info that should represent the entire "world" is defined and handled and brush data is "tagged" has THE worldspawn. Again is where all map data that should effect the entire map is handled, it is where the map script is run/called and other global stuff.
  25. Dark Radiant includes an entity list. By pressing "J" this should appear on you screen: As already mentioned, everything but each separate brush with the classname worldspan is an entity. The total of all worldspawn brushes is equal to one entity (entity name: "world"). Only sealing geometry should be in the "worldspawn" class. If you have non sealing brushes, you should convert them into func_statics (and surround them with MC when AI can get involved). Converted func_static brushes must not necessarily be linked together - you can also have free space between the brushes. I vaguely recall that someone (maybe grayman) once mentioned, that, If you want to use multiple instances of a func_static (consisting of brushes), then you should convert the grouped brushes into a model and you should not convert the brushes into func_static and clone it. Func_static is also the classname for models in general. The "show help" info for func_static says, that "func_statics are brush models" - not sure what that means, maybe it should read "func_statics are groups of brushes converted into a func_static or models from the models list."
  26. Black Parade is released ! https://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=152429
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    • snatcher

      TDM Modpack v3.8 released!
      Introducing the SHOCK MINE!
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    • JackFarmer

      If you find the new Beatles song "Now and Then", which was created with the help of AI, totally boring, then you should better play the mission of the same name by our esteemed mission maker friend joebarnin, because the latter is actually a creative milestone!
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    • datiswous

      Idea: Thief 3 style missions.
      One of the great features of Thief 3 are missions defided in small segments with loading screens when you move from segment to segment. We all miss those right? I was thinking of mapping only horizontal, so not stacked. When you go up or down (stairs or elevator), you get a 20 seconds fake loading screen where you can play a minigame (The Builder's Blocks?). After that you get teleported to a different area that seems to be on top of the first, but actually isn't in the map file. It's much easier mapping, because you can see everything in one glance from above. This could also give more freedom building, because it doesn't have to fit. Everything is predictable because guards don't move to different sections.
      This could be used for the Thief 3 contest possibly..
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    • datiswous

      Just found out by accident how to change the tittle of a topic you made. You long-click (2 seconds) on a topic tittle, then you get an edit dialog to change the topic title.
      The other way I know of is to edit the first post.
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    • datiswous

      I always find it kind of strange that in DR you can't apply spawnargs on specific brushes (I think), but you can apply textures. But those are not listed as spawnargs, so they're difficult to see except if you select the brush and go into the Surface inspector.
      Wouldn't it be easier if DR would list textures for every seperate brush in the entity view?
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