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  2. Ok, I could only partially solve this one (turns out I had forgotten to set "objective_ent 1" on the items >.<). I have an objective that requires the player to find 5 custom items and place them in a room. They are their own separate class of item I created based off the custom_movable template, so that they would stack properly in the player's inventory. However, when I pick up all five at once and place them all at the same time the objective doesn't tick off as completed. I tried picking up one at a time and dropping it before grabbing the next one, and that seems to work fine... It's very strange, as if having them stack in the inventory somehow changes their properties? The objective is set up like this: Let the target entity item_1 be in the location item_drop Let the target entity item_2 be in the location item_drop Let the target entity item_3 be in the location item_drop Let the target entity item_4 be in the location item_drop Let the target entity item_5 be in the location item_drop the only flag set is Visible. Is there a better way to set this objective up? Or can I do some easy change on the items to make it work once they are stacked?
  3. Perfect! That did the trick. Added the extra lines for the other painting too. I feel like this is a game bug that should probably be addressed in the stock assets for 2.08 though. I'll get back when I have a few more bugs ready to be squashed
  4. Today
  5. Yeah, I can confirm that but I think I although noticed that sometimes hitting the space key actually creates a duplicate. Workaround: save the resized model as new model in the mission's model folder.
  6. @Bienie In line 1222 I added "skin builder02_torn" and that seems to do the trick. I guess you have to do this for all the skins you want to use. Place the edited file "tdm_decorative_wall.skin" in your skins folder (or create one if you don't have it in your project). tdm_decorative_wall.skin Next bug plz : )
  7. One of the things I left unresolved when I wrote up the wiki entry for Model Scaling, is how to make duplicates. If you just hit the space key, it creates a new unscaled object, which is really not what you want. I just recalled this problem again, when I was set to make a dozen scaled items that I wanted to be identical in size. I don't know if there's a workaround.
  8. @Bienie I tried it and with the default skin it works fine, though, if I use the skin you are using the same thing happens, it leaves a black rectangle. Looking further, there must be 2 skins: skin and skin_torn. So somewhere you have to add that _torn skin, that could be "portrait_in_armour_torn" fot it has the same frame. In the spawnargs there is "replace" that has to do with it, but it's the same with the working and non working skins .. so .. must be done somewhere in the skin defenition or something .. I'll go have a look if I can find something.
  9. And that's what will become of 3d artists. Slider pushers will get peanuts (although they're not exactly gods even now). But IMO what's more important, if the majority of such "artist" community will not have basic artistic / technical skills, they will have no say on what direction the tools or the tech could or should take. They will just passively get on to whatever new thing is given to them. And that might ultimately be what's this all about. To make as many people as possible disposable, and lower the expertise to make them passive, so you're in the full control of what technology is being pushed and when. Btw. level designers are next, there are already neural networks learning how to furnish rooms, houses, public spaces, etc.
  10. Ok, bug #2 then! I have a couple of stealable paintings in the mission, that are have regular stock skins. When I steal the painting it leaves a black frame, like when you put in invalid skin arg on an object. Since all ripped painting skins are the same, how can I set it to display that when the painting has been stolen? https://imgur.com/wYtzOie I assume this is a failing of the TDM stock assets? It happens in both 2.07 and 2.08.
  11. The solution is simple. Offer six figure salaries or huge contracts for low-level programmers (and COBOL). Give peanuts to easily replaceable JavaScript developers. The problem will solve itself, and the expertise will live on.
  12. I have no problem with making life easy for artists and programmers for the contrary, is just that we should still encourage people to go low level, but of course still have those higher level tools for those that don't care, is just that I think that if we are not careful, we will reach a time where, no one can push tech forward because the knowledge is just not there.
  13. It's easy to criticize it, but it is probably a good thing overall. Higher level languages, more abstraction, more hardware than you need, etc. lets a noob generation of developers get more things done. Throw in machine learning algorithms, procedural generation, denoised ray tracing, megascan libraries, etc. and development gets even easier. On the ray tracing front, here is a new story: NVIDIA Researchers Demonstrate New Raytracing Algorithm That Can Render Direct Lighting from Millions of Dynamic Light Sources https://research.nvidia.com/sites/default/files/pubs/2020-07_Spatiotemporal-reservoir-resampling/ReSTIR.pdf youtube.com/watch?v=HiSexy6eoy8
  14. Ah ok I read that wrong, sorry. You are right I forgot about that.
  15. I'm not really talking about c/c++ programmers, those for the most part know that (or at lest should) but web programmers, those coding in java script, UE4,/Unity c#, etc, anyone coding on high level languages that hides that stuff from them and those, I think you concur, are the majority of programmers now. Also don't take my word for it, i'm not even a professional coder, if you follow HandMade Hero developer and Jonathan Blow, maker of the game "The Witness" you will hear them sometimes say, how Software today is garbage, because many programmers don't know how to really code in a way to take full advantage of the hardware they are running on and thse guys have 30 years of experience.
  16. @Bienie Ok good!! On to the next bug then : )
  17. @STRUNK, @grayman, I think I figured it out after some more experimenting... turns out my towers were worldspawn, and apparently when a speaker is embedded within a brush it behaves in this peculiar way. Learn something new every day I guess ^^
  18. @Bienie Did you try building a box around the tower (so you are 100% sure there are no leaks) and spawn in there, to check if the sound is still comming through? I had a problem with sound getting through wall's and I was sure there were no leaks so I tried the above and concluded there must be a leak somewhere. It was caused by having a piece of func static that I had to change to a brush.
  19. I am not sure that is true. I think all my c++ colleages know enough about that stuff to write efficient code. But yeah, sure you learn nothing about cpu and memory when using java script. ^^
  20. That was my first thought too and I looked through it quite thoroughly I would say, but seeing as the sound is penetrating through several closed VPs that can't be the case. Also if there was a leak my performance would be terrible as that would mean more than half of the city was rendering at once. Then I landed on the suspicion that it could be something in the sound shader for that sound forcing it to be s_omni or something but that's not the case either. Now I'm frustrated and completely out of ideas... I suppose if there is no solution it can just be a silent clock tower, but I like making a sound in the background.
  21. Are you sure you don't have an internal leak?
  22. Interested in helping. Sign me up if you still need testers.
  23. Unfortunately adding "s_occlusion" "0" didn't change the sound from going straight through everything The "no_dups" thing could be quite useful for certain situations though, thanks for that info ^^
  24. Make sure you have "s_occlusion" set to "0". Counter-intuitively, this setting means that the sound should travel through portals and fade with distance traveled. Also set "s_omni" to "0". This prevents the sound from being "omnipresent" everywhere. Btw, "no_dups" doesn't mean sounds won't overlap. It means that once a sound has played, the next time it plays, if there are multiple choices, pick one that didn't just play. This keeps, for example, AI from continuously barking the same thing repeatedly when there are choices he could make.
  25. No it doesn't have that keyword, but the problem is not that there are double sounds, if so I could simply delete one. The problem is that the sound travels through all visportals and caulk seals. I have no idea what would cause this, or how to change it.
  26. Hello, just want to report that I had crash to desktop with 3 FMs, and now they run ok with 2.08 : - King of the Mountain - The Ravine - Down By the Riverside - Sometimes I also have stutering sounds in 2.07 when I switch from menu to game, which take lots of CPU and slow down the game. In order to make sound work well again, I have to return to the game and make noise, like smashing object with blackjack. This sound bug is no longer observed with 2.08. - In 2.07 I've noticed that EAX is applied on the "pick object sound", I don't know if that was intentional, it feel weird to hear this sound with big echo in a cavern for example. Bravo and thanks to the tech team, you're doing an amazing job edit : just found a bug while playing The Ravine, don't know if it's 2.08 related happened only in water, the compass is displayed under the riverbed. If I turn head to left, compass disappear
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