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  2. On this topic, I have a problem with a particular USB flash drive. One time I tried to print some files from it at an office but it gave me complete hieroglyphs. The notification bar in Win 10 suggested to repair and restore it. I clicked ok, and then it removed all files with the exception of 2 folders which were unopenable and had a few Kilobytes on them. After trying to format the drive and copy the needed files just for experimentation purposes for multiple times I ended up with similar results. While troubleshooting and trying to format it again, right now I'm stuck with the USB flash drive in write protection mode. I tried all the guides on the internet to remove the write protection mode and it is stuck. There is no physical switch. Current Read-only state is locked to Yes in Command Prompt when using attributes disk command in diskpart settings. Attempts to reset it failed. Still stuck to Yes. Changed the Write Protection Registry Entry in Registry Editor to 0. No dice. The problem with Write protection appeared when I changed the name of the device from my computer. Can this be the problem? I try to restore everything to default while formatting. The first error is "windows was unable to complete the format". Next time I try it it gives me that it's in write protection mode. Othertimes it doesn't even see the stick, but when that happens I remove and reinsert it a couple of times and the PC sees it again. I have 3 theories on what is the culprit: a) excessive cold outside while I was carrying the USB flash drive; b) physical damage to the USB flash drive that might have been caused by it falling down somewhere (though I carry it in a small bag together with my keys when travelling, is it really that sensitive?); c) incorrectly removed the USB flash drive without using the safety eject function and forgot that I did. Is the USB flash drive dead? Do I have any hope of using it or should I stop giving myself brain cancer? I thought USB's were supposed to be more reliable than Compact Disks. First time ever I had this problem with any USB stick. All other USB flash drive work on this and other computers as I have tried so the problem is definitely something related with the stick.
  3. Hi, I would like to know how to register to TDM Wiki (and if editing is possible), as far as I can see only logging in is possible
  4. I rather enjoyed the spider thing, I figured it out pretty early. You can dispose of tem with conventional means, that is to say the shortsword works. As for the getting in and especially out of the granary, I agree that it's hard. I wish the tree branches were positioned closer to the windows. Finishing your main objective will give you what you need to finish that secondary one.
  5. I was not trying to make you guys feel bad about DR, , is perfectly fine to the job it was meant to do. And yes, you can very well make terrains outside of it and there's perfect tools to do that, like world machine that beats hammer system hands down. And the TDM engine was not optimized to render huge terrains so who cares.
  6. Our patch system isn't the best, but the two saving graces are most FMs are in urban spaces and, if you do want something complex, you can just make the geometry in a full-on model app and import it. I mean you can export the scene geometry from DR and then model the patch around it, then import it back in.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Great mission! Turned out to be pretty sized and challenging. I have some troubles finishing the mission, though. There are some objectives that I couldn't remember appearing in the objectives list, so I lacked some hints about completing them. It could be that they did appear as new objectives, but also that they appeared without any notice. Any other players having similar issues with objectives? Hence, I had to browse this thread to find how to complete the I also wonder why the spiders But the objective that I have really no clue of how to complete is the Last thing: the rendering of the trees was a bit ugly. They only appeared when I came fairly close. It would be less disturbing if they would appear on a greater distance or if they would be covered by slight fog.
  9. Yes, you are right; I will try it this way. Thanks!
  10. I've never used that particular entity, but you can get any model to rotate by changing its classname to func_rotating (func_rotate?) and setting a speed. IIRC you don't even need start_on
  11. Yes, you are right. It would be cool to have something for this as I like to create wilderness and cave missions.
  12. Yes is called hammer, very similar two Dark Radiant but more advanced but in some ways you will feel at home with it. Btw is similar because Valve used a modified quake 1 engine to do Half Life 1 and when they made Source 2 and its new hammer editor, they kept many of the characteristics of the old Quake based editor. I've used it before and let me tell you that is a awesome tool, personally decided to go to idtech 4 only because, I loved Doom 3 and because of the better real time per pixel lighting support but there's things that hammer can do that DR still can't, like it has a advanced patch system that makes it very easy to make complex terrains.
  13. How do I tell these fellows to rotate? I cannot find anything in the WIKI entity list, and I have tried start_off/start_on/off/on...but nothing works.
  14. Alright - if you think it's good then I'll leave it be Do we still need to mark all textures sRGB?
  15. I don't see anything unexpected. Everything gets brighter, since you efficiently apply gamma conversion on the final output, which is a bit stronger than what setting r_gamma 2 in TDM gives. Of course, this is too much, so everything becomes very bright. When such gamma correction is done, colors become weaker, and can also change slightly. What did you expect? The best thing that you can achieve with SRGB is that intensities are added/blended in a more physically correct way. To achieve it, you have to mark all textures as SRGB, and all FBOs as SRGB. Then the output should be more or less the same in terms of brightness. You cannot control gamma level with SRGB in a way how tone mapping or monitor tables allow it.
  16. Oops right you are Can you see how colors are broken with sRGB? Why is that? My version: DWM does not know about internal FBO format and assumes its color space always be linear.
  17. Just a small error. See revision 8531
  18. I think the problem with shadow geometry models is that material 'textures/common/shadow' is marked as translucent and translucent surfaces (e.g. glass and water) are excluded from shadow mapping I would like to hear opinions on which point is problematic?
  19. "A new Job" - first 2 guards encountered No particular hack in the cfg about soft shadows (stencil ones are perfect).
  20. Map name? Save game & .cfg download link? I have seen md5 shadows broken for a while e.g. the bad guy in Closemouthed Shadows. But for sanity check, I need a specific case to investigate.
  21. A Commandos 2 HD Remaster was just released on Steam, for very small money: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1100410/Commandos_2__HD_Remaster/
  22. Interestingly, over on TTLG we were just chatting about Stalker being the one FPS that's bucked the HL2 entertainment-package mold, and is still probably the most immersive one since the HL2 era. It's going to be limited with mods for the same reason most big FPS are. It doesn't lend itself well to smaller scale discrete missions like TDM. But the real issue is just that no FPS are doing what it did. And mods can't make up for that. We need a series today that's in its mold. (A series like Metro might be trying, but it's not there.)
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