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  2. NOLF 2 (retail) engine is D3D8 (no D3D9 with PS 1.x, pure D3D8).
  3. @grayman Why does a flinder entity remain stuck in air after the crate breaks? Looking at idEntity::SpawnFlinder I can't see anything wrong. Are all newly spawned entities frozen? // if putting the body to rest if (dropToFloor && !self->m_droppedByAI) // grayman #1330 - only go straight to the floor if an AI didn't drop it { DropToFloorAndRest(); current.externalForce.Zero(); current.externalTorque.Zero(); return true; }
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  5. @duzenko if it helps any, you can create new entities in Doomscript like this: entity new_entity = sys.spawn("classname_of_entity"); //the .def defining the classname contains inherit new_entity.setKey("noshadows", "1"); //change spawnargs of the spawning entity if wanted ... sys.waitFrame(); //entity defined in previous frame is now fully spawned, this step might not be necessary though ... sys.wait(5); new_entity.remove();
  6. I can do flinder impulse but new features (spawn new object, property inheritance) are better left for grabs for anyone experienced with entity/AI code (@grayman?) I do fancy new gameplay options like loot hidden in breakable objects or even simple "find and destroy" objectives.
  7. Old post but i thought i would pitch in. The Lithtech Jupiter source code might be the full version but... the source can only be used for mods, it is incompatible with the released NOLF2 game. I have built it with no problem besides having to use a rather old msvc .NET compiler, unfortunatly this version simply cannot run the full game it will crash and burn if you try. NOLF2 used an old version off DX9 the enterprise source version uses a somewhat newer version and there are some assets that needs changing to reflect that. So untill someone with a good grasp on the lithtech engine and artistic skills comes along. the only thing you can do with it would be running some samples and creating mods for the game ( it atleast works well enough to show off your work ).
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  9. Would like to have script support for a better breakable crate, rather than hacking it together with stims and responses and firing invisible explosions to make it flinder. Edit: The basic destructable crate does not send and impulse to the flinders. They just spawn and float mid-air which obviously isnt how that should work.
  10. Also, try disabling Post Process \ Bloom. Historically some drivers have produced fisheye effects with this enabled.
  11. Is there perchance a way to download those wrapped corpses, or are they not available for mission use yet?
  12. Thanks What seems to be the problem? I can both break a crate and trigger urn explosion with a sword
  13. Look for FOV in video settings
  14. Hey guys, sorry it took my a while to get to this, but here is a test map for this problem: Breakable crate test map I included the breakable crates and explosive urns as well as flint and tools to break them with. I also threw in some AI and different distances to drop the crates from. It would be awesome if we can figure out a way to have crates break and take damage from velocity. Hope this helps get things started.
  15. Yes, the pitch black attic was a design decision and there are actually two ways to illuminate it. Apparently, you missed the second possibility, which I did not include deliberately in the first place. As for the zombie, you should not worry; I looked after him the other day and he is still happy with all the mild vapours that are to increase his body temperature. Although, things might change once the experiments move on! Anyways, thanks for playing and your kind words! Jack
  16. I am no expert, so I cannot really help with your specific problem. Later on maybe someone will chime in with more help, but for now I can recommend the Wiki page on optimization. Maybe you can find a solution there already.
  17. Hello I'm new to Dark Mod and I have a problem with the screen. The field of vision behaves strange like I have 360° vision. When I move the mouse, the field of vision is warped. Why is that? How can I turn it off?
  18. Destined

    1917 movie

    Well, I went in without any expextations, so this might have done the trick for me. On the other hand, I haven't let myself get hyped about movies (and also games for that matter), because the last times I did, I was sorely disappointed. This doesn't mean that I cannot enjoy any (mainstream) movies, but it ususally means I set my expectations low and try to turn off my head as good as I can (which also tells more than enough about the quality). With games I (of course) have to agree. There are still a couple of gems out there, but the games I enjoyed most in recent times were mostly indy titles. I usually have a couple of games for each category (stealth, action, platformer, puzzle, RPG, mixtures of categories), but it is getting harder and harder to keep the number up, especially in the stealth department. I found that I actually enjoy a bit of a challenge (as long as it does not feel unfair), so I am currently playing Sekiro, which I find easier than most Souls-like games (even if I heard that many people find it more difficult). As a platformer I recently played Celeste, which I think is absolutely great. It is challenging, but doable and you have the option to enable a "help mode", if you find it too difficult. Easily the best platformer I played in years. I am also in my mid-thirties by the way, like most people here; there was a poll some time ago and the 30-40 range was the most prominent, if I remember correctly. It also makes sense as with this age you were most likely to have played one of the Thief games, when it was fresh out.
  19. Last week
  20. breaking news I just bought a used nettop to use as a home file server Guess what max OpenGL version it supports? three dot zero How about downgrading 2.08 to 3.0, huh? What could possibly be cooler than playing TDM on a 9-year old nettop? Only raspberry pi comes to mind.
  21. Bienie

    1917 movie

    I wanted to go see this, but my gf dragged me in to Birds of Prey instead. >.< I feel like I would have enjoyed 1917 a lot more. They don't make movies like they used to I guess. Thankfully there are still a few games made every now and then that appeal to more mature/hardcore gamers. Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Escape from Tarkov come to mind, though there are plenty more in recent years. Just have to look hard enough! And then there is TDM of course ^^
  22. Yes, that's Filizitas on our forums. That UE4 presentation is a bit long (who needs to see collecting the same things time and time again?), but it looks promising overall.
  23. About the use of unreal engine. Does somebody know who "Euline Federchen" on youtube. (through him/her i learned about sotha tdm video tutorial) He/she working on a stealth u4 project In some videos he use tdm music. (video in the spoiler) Is is an idea to help him? Or to convince him use use our nc textures, models, etc?
  24. There are initiatives like Librecoop that could be useful for multiplayer. Check the moddb and / or idtech4 discord server. I believe Stradex was working on this.
  25. It's all fragmented to hell. There are bits and pieces in random little places. But I believe some systems would have to be redone from the ground up because they assume the player is $player1. I think a lot of FMs do too, so it's not clear many FMs would even work; well not in their vanilla form but they might if the system itself rebuilds the map file to be multiplayer compliant. But that might be a bit much for the base game, which makes the main alternative a forked version of the game ... although IMHO still worth it just because multiplayer thieving, coop and competitive both, is some of the most fun I've had playing multiplayer for any game ever. That also reminds me, we'd also need new systems for handling coop and competitive style gameplay, like players sharing loot and objectives for coop, and Thievery is a good model for competitive gameplay (thieves vs guards). But anyway, it's not only a matter of the networking code by itself (although there's that too), there are these other things to address, and every piece is a big thing by itself. Still though, it'd be glorious.
  26. Carnage

    1917 movie

    I used to do that as well, but nowadays a large part of the reviews are fake (paid). Meta score isn't much better either when it's a social sensitive subject.
  27. Multiplayer thief? That would be interesting. Is there any networking code still remaining in TDM that was brought over from the Doom 3/id Tech 4 code base? If not, I could probably do it. I have a superficial knowledge of C++, it's all sockets and shit right?
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