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  2. Well, speak of the devil. I had forgotten so much already. The tutorial in particular looks awful, and this had 3rd person too??? The movement bug he talks about at 19:15 drove me insane. Also, what an asshole I am for not looking for fan patches. I suppose I'll chalk it up to being fairly new to single player PC gaming at the time. But seeing all the fixes the fan patch brings is kind of astounding. No more loading screens alone would've been a godsend. As for other stuff, the AI brawls were so much fun. It's dumb, but I love that shit. Not having rope arrows sucked,
  3. Good thing that most maps run fairly well then, as this went unnoticed for quite some time, I think. Still, the easy workaround for that would be either using doors or using proximity-triggered visportals. Try to place a func_portal so it touches the visportal for the visleaf where portalsky material is located, then set up dist_check_period and portal_dist values. That should do the trick.
  4. @peter_spy I can reproduce your observations. I've taken a look at the code and there is a check for whether a portal skybox needs rendering, so in theory the rendering should be skipped if it is not within the current pvs. Either something is wrong with that code or the statistics console output is wrong or our interpretation of said values. Disabling portalsky via console reduces the view to 4. However, maybe the view count is just the amount of potential views (like reserved viewports) and not those actually rendered. I see whether I can make the skybox a bit more performance hungry to
  5. Luckily i bought it before all the troubles began
  6. The battle continues. The game has been put on Steam again, but not by the rights holder...
  7. I think referencing him by his nickname is perfectly fine. Using actual photographs is usually discouraged so that relatives and close friends of the deceised are not accidentally confronted by them. However, I guess it is also highly unlikely for this to happen in your case.
  8. Views is usually set at 3, if you have a regular scene without stuff like mirrors and such. This is the scene with second visportal open: Now the second visportal is opened and "skybox" is visible. Note that number of views and texture memory used hasn't changed, so it was used by the skybox all along.
  9. With "behind the visportal" I guess you mean to the right?! I don't know for sure what "views" is counting, though. I would have to repeat my caulk sky test to see whether something has changed ... and I would need another screenshot from the very same scene but with the visportal on the right open, so I can compare the stats. This way I can only guess what's on.
  10. I'm still on 2.08, so maybe that has changed, but: The portalsky surface is behind the visportal that is closed, but look at the stats.
  11. Do you mean if you started a game, took a quick save, changed the map, and then tried to load the quick save? If so, that's not what happened here. I didn't make any changes since i started the game. I won't worry too much about it, but but if keeps happening I might come back for help
  12. If you are doing it out of respect for him and his work it can't be tasteless. Intentions are what count, not how others perceive it.
  13. It's not possible to change the files of an FM while you're doing a playthrough of it, some changes will have no effect while others will cause savegames to break.
  14. In fact, r_skipGuiShaders does not help. So this quad is not a GUI element.
  15. P.s unzip it to this path only C:\Msys64 or some tools like python might break because they rely on absolute windows paths. You can also update the Msys2 packages from the main repository the mingw-w64 packages cannot however as they use a different exception model so are incompatible with this version and the default update path for those have been disabled. Over time i intend to have my own repository where users can update from as of now it is safest to just build and install packages locally. There are also quite a lot of build tools like cmake meson ninja and bsd make as well as
  16. You might find this of interest. (The shader it talks about can't be dropped into newer TDM versions since the ARB backend is gone.)
  17. Been working on/off for more than a decade on this one. An Msys2 CodeBlocks cross development environment with all the bells and whistles, the windows compilers were previously based on the TDM patched gcc builds but as we hit gcc-10 i ran into a snag as the compiler now defaults to hardening (ASLR / DEP) it turned out the TDM patches no longer worked (crashes and segfaults galore). As a result the compiler is now more like the standard, you can still link to the static runtimes but it requires a bit more work now. putting -static-libgcc in LDFLAGS if building with the Msys2 bash she
  18. I have an FM under development/beta testing and while playing through it I've ended up with both quick saves causing TDM to crash when they are loaded. I'm a bit worried it's a problem with my map, or is it? This is on TDM 2.09. I'm creating a memory dump file regardless. I will do an other playthrough later, but can anyone advise what I should do or try next? Thanks
  19. Confirmed more or less. Once the bug is in effect it won't go away based on console command.
  20. Yesterday
  21. I've finally had time to cover his missions, would it be tasteless of me to put an "in remembrance of" with photo in the videos this much later on?
  22. Anderson

    Free games

    I'll never play a MMORPG'er like this again until they turn the switch off the servers. But it's free anyway: https://store.steampowered.com/app/836620/Black_Desert/?curator_clanid=4777282&utm_source=SteamDB
  23. @Dragofer Let's us know when you do. I'd be happy to test it.
  24. Re @peter_spy 1.) is definetely true (as written in my post, maybe I was a bit unclear). 2.) sounds odd. I noticed when working with caulk sky in the past that the sky stopped rendering when there was no visportal textured surface in the currently rendered area (noticeable as the caulked surfaces suddenly turned from skybox to black). There have been adjustments made both to the vp's as to the way portal skies are rendered if I am not mistaken, so maybe something changed along those. Haven't touched DarkRadiand in a while (except for setting up scripts or custom objects, but no real
  25. No, it doesn't work like that. The cubereflect shader needs to be added in a material as a material stage, and in that stage you define the texture (in this case, a cubemap) that gets bound as u_texture0 to the shader. The lighting shaders, on the other hand (i.e. everything called interaction) are completely separate and controlled entirely by code. They get exactly the textures they have now, and nothing more. If you add another texture uniform, at best it will point to a random texture, at worst it will give you garbage or even crash your driver. Also, we don't currently have an a
  26. Apologies for the resurrection of a thread for whom the author is banned, but I'm seeing absolutely no means of access to this loot and I can't find any rope arrows in the mission. Are there any solutions? As well, are there any water arrows for use ?
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