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  2. Must have overread this. Using MCs is the better choice, see running time 25:00:
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  4. Answered my own question: The path finder will ignore patch meshes as well. Noticed as the AI didn't attempt to chase me down a taller slope, just stopped and started throwing rocks as if something was in the way. Luckily this was easy to fix by simply adding a diagonal surface under the patch, AI chased me properly afterward.
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  6. I only intended to use random patrols for friendly AI as an easy decoration. As far as the psychotic movement that occurs when you set animal patrol mode on a human AI, thinking I might be able to make use of that anyway... for instance to have a prisoner that lost his mind in a cell or something! Will see what I might do with it.
  7. I suppose you could just have more ways in the environment to circumvent the psychotic characters. Would be tougher if used in really tight areas, but then it's a map design conundrum. Would be interesting to try out a level with such AI. I wonder how many mappers even make a conscious effort to support ghosting. It's not an aspect that matters to me, since I don't ghost unless I'm forced to, but it's something I thought about when watching some of these mapping tutorials.
  8. Keep into account that our Radeon driver is long time under maintenance only. And even then it works quite well actually.
  9. So I tried the newest beta driver for 6850 (I only tested with the WHQL the first time) Honestly I expected the same black GUI but AMD managed to get over their assheads with that one It just... crashes on qglGetProgramiv(... GL_LINK_STATUS ...) with the manylight shader Thank you, AMD, for setting the eternal gold standard in shit baths driver quality reputation
  10. v 0.93 LdotH used for BRDF Fresnel, too, if PBR_OPTIMIZE switched on Really minor update. Stumbled across a presentation on "Physically Based Lighting for Black Ops" (SIGGRAPH 2011) that made the distinction between Fresnel for mirror/cubemap that uses NdotV or NdotL, and Fresnel for BRDF microfacet that uses VdotH or LdotH. Since the FilmicWorlds optimization already does LdotH, I just added LdotH Fresnel to the optimization path. So... Optimization off... VdotH gets calc'ed Fresnel uses VdotH Visibility calc's 2 arms, one for NdotV, one f
  11. I know what you have in mind, but there is no equivalent property for human AI. The best you can do is the RIT method as recommended in the posts above (and you seemingly have already applied the method yourself), but that requires you to use many path entities that you obviously want to avoid. However, if there was a patrol mode property for human AI, it would cause a serious gameplay problem: players could not learn the human AI behaviour anymore and that would lead to a lot of frustration when trying to ghost the mission.
  12. That gives me the full picture, thanks @Dragofer for the detailed clarification! Only one more thing I should probably know on that: Do worldspawn patch meshes count to the pathfinding algorithm or just brushes? Asking since I use patch terrain... of course I have a normal brush right under it so it should work regardless but it doesn't hurt to know. As for RIT that sounds like what I've been doing all along so I didn't miss out. I do it by having paths target multiple paths which results in random actions, often times the AI going to different rooms or looking at different things in each
  13. I am happy to report a Supreme Ghost success on Thief's Den, one of the first ever Dark Mod levels. Finished with all the loot and completed all the objectives on the hardest difficulty Doused no lights and didn't move any objects except loot and objective items, including something I had to plant there I used a rope arrow once but retrieved it immediately Re-locked all the locked doors and chests Stealth score zero with zero level-one murmurs Keys can't be dropped in this mission so I had to keep them; this is explicitly excused The last bullet poin
  14. Could you elaborate on this? Do we show save count anywhere in GUI?
  15. Recently finished this mission and loved it. Big thanks to everyone involved! I got a bonus objective by finding a book in Allodric mansion. Are there any other bonus objectives or is it just this one?
  16. My experience with TDM is that most missions can be perfectly ghosted with the rules you outlined, although a few of them may have a few pieces of loot that are inaccessible without producing some kind of alert. My ghosting rules are almost similar to the ones on your draft, but with some differences, mostly semantics I think. My rules simply are: No saving allowed (I wish loading times were counted instead though, no saving has added tension due to the possibility of the game freezing at some point) Stealth score 0 Expert difficulty and all settings on Hardcore
  17. Never mind, it's particles overdrawing
  18. Checked the status today. Download section is up.
  19. @stgatilov How is it possible that r_usePortals 0 hides animated models?
  20. Internally the downloader can only work with integers, so v1.1 = v2 and v1.2 (current) = v3. If the archive is 175 MB instead of 500+ it's the current version.
  21. @cabalisticThere could be a a vertex cache issue here r_skipModels 1 sometimes doubles FPS with little changes in draw call and tri count The backend spends most of the time in RB_DrawElementsWithCounters Curiously the zombie pit in the same map has higher FPS
  22. Isn't the Painters Wife now upto version 3 according to the ingame mission downloader?
  23. Hunt out the playthroughs by @V-Man339: these are pretty definitive demonstrations of how to ghost on TDM! Don't know about rules though.
  24. @MirceaKitsune func_statics are entities, so there's no distinction there. AIs can only walk on anything that's an entity if there's some kind of solid worldspawn brushes reasonably close to the surface, i.e. MC or nodrawsolid or a solid visible texture. Brushes converted to func_static will be counted as entities. RIT is basically so that you place central nodes (usually a path_wait with wait 0 and wait_max 0) that target multiple different nodes in a room representing various activities i.e. sit in a chair, look at a painting, warm hands at a fireplace. This means whenever the AI goes i
  25. @stgatilov Yes. However the original map is 54MB, 7038 entities. Which is why I moved on to TDM v2.10. It has 200+ new textures with many covering sealing brushes so without those it won't dmap without a box around it. But since it's the error you're interested in, I erased all I could while still leaving the error. Which left me with error.map, attached, 85KB. It has one horse (horses are .... finicky) and 4 clip brushes, either of which I delete removes the error. In this map, at any rate. Removing the horse from the 54MB original doesn't work, but removing the clip brushes doe
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