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  1. I was looking into the i18n system for my FM, but I'm getting the feeling that, given the neglected state of i18n affairs with DR and the FM update/distribution system, the best guidance to mappers should be, "forget about it". That is, it's not worth the effort for mappers, and translators may or may not use it. Am I wrong?
  2. Success, with some further investigation and tweaks. Details follow for those curious. I'll eventually form this into a wiki article about creating an in_game slide. Thanks again, @Dragofer BTW, you should make it easier to find your "A to Z Scripting" if I just type "Scripting" into the wiki search.
  3. @Dragofer, thanks, I followed up on that, but not there yet. My implementation uses a atdm:gui_message, with its "gui" spawnarg pointing to my custom gui. This lets me use the timeout mechanism that atdm:gui_message provides. But that doesn't provide me with the gui handle number. A while ago, you indicated that 10 was the default for atdm:gui_message, so I assumed that. Following the spyglass example, in my GUI's onActivate I added: set "gui::MySlideDone" "1"; In my script (slightly simplified here), I have: sys.trigger($atdm_gui_message_slide); // show slide float maxtime = $atdm_gui_slide.getFloatKey("show"); // seconds; float slide_done == 0; while(maxtime > 0) { slide_done = $player1.getGuiFloat(10, "MySlideDone"); // 10 is default overlayHandle for atdm:gui_message layer if(slide_done == 1) // user did gui's onAction, with LMB break; maxtime -= 0.1; // poll frequency sys.wait(0.1); } While maxtime is working fine, the "MySlideDone" value doesn't seem to be passed. I'm guessing because the handle number isn't 10. Nothing reported to console problem-wise. Any good way to get the handle?
  4. I'm working on a custom GUI that simply puts up a full-screen slide in mid-game. Mostly working, but can't figure one thing out. I want the user to be able to use the LMB to end the slide. I've got it triggering the GUI's onActivate block and hiding the slide. But I also need to tell a script about it, either by setting a global value that the script can poll, or by calling a script function. Tried putting the runScript command (from Modwiki circa 2004 documentation) inside onActivate, but got a runtime error that the specified script couldn't be found. Other ideas? Is this something to do with namespaces?
  5. @duzenko, while there may well be a need for general string time formatting functionality, my quicky and FM-specific function is not it.
  6. @MirceaKitsune You might define a function, where the passed parameter is either ts or tm as you calculated: string FormatTime(float t) { string strT = t; if(t < 10) strT = "0" + strT; if(t > 99) strT = 99: // cap it return strT; } Then call it thusly, replacing the last line of your example: string s = FormatTime(tm) + ":" + FormatTime(ts);
  7. Need some help here. For language support, I just installed Windows 64-bit Strawberry Perl and downloaded TDM's I18N.pl file. I haven't been able to run it, tho. When I try this command: perl I18N.pl --english away0.pk4 I keep getting the complaint: Can't open perl script "I18N.pl": Permission denied Giving the full path to i18N.pl doesn't help. I've tried running this command in the Win console with admin privileges, and in the Perl-provided console, but still the same. Tried moving the folder from the d drive to c at the top level, still the same. Inspected the I18N.pl properties, and under the Security tab, see that all accounts can read and execute the file. I tried altering the first line within the .pl file to reflect the actual path to the perl interpreter; made no difference. The paths to the interpreter and to i18N.pl have no spaces, as recommended by Strawberry Perl. In the registry, the environment/PATH appears to be OK. Most of the perl forums advice is about linux versions. Anyone else had and solved this?
  8. Has anyone ever created a utility program that would examine a TDM pk4 file and print out a list of ALL included but unused resources?
  9. @MirceaKitsune You might be interested in the attached version of the numberwheel script, that I simplified compared to the original. In A New Job, the safe was inside a cabinet, and the script dealt with that. I didn't need that complication. machine_room_safe.script.txt
  10. About the key and AI. I know that I've had AI with keys that could open locked doors OK, even without "can_unlock" set. (Though I ended up using can_unlock anyway, so that AI paths will still be traversed even if the key is pickpocketed.) However, given your problem, it may be that only def_attached keys work that way, not ones added using bind.
  11. @MirceaKitsune, when @peter_spy said I didn't immediately understand what was meant, but I think he means using a fence or grate texture with transparency, like textures/darkmod/metal/grate/fence_iron_01. This can be applied to one side of a brush (if the gate is immobile) with other surfaces nodraw.
  12. @Dragofer Could you say a bit more about large speakers crossing visportal cubes causing rock-bottom fps when TDM calculates sound propagation across them? This is the first I've heard about this engine bug, and it's concerning. In particular - Is this something inherent to the visportal cubes configuration (such as visportals not associated with doors; or mix of horizontal and vertical portals) or just due to the total number of visportals that the speaker sphere encompasses? Will an info_location also have such a problem with the total number of non-location-boundary visportals contained within it?
  13. @stgatilov Regarding the Hare in the Snare FM, Yes, but what it's displaying is a video for debriefing. I've already got invoking a video covered. Sure, and maybe I'll research it. Still would like to find an example of someone else already having deployed a mid-game single-slide gui, to save me from having to experiment.
  14. @stgatilov RE the discussion above about a text-form of debriefing... I've been looking for some way to put up a full-screen graphic with text (overlaid or baked in) in mid-game, so if the user opts to skip a mid-game cutscene, there is something to provide story-continuity in its stead. This could either time out, or be dispatched with a gui button. In DR, I examined the "Hare in the Snare" FM you mentioned, but that just provides custom art to the main menu, as well as video brief & debrief; not helpful for what I need. I did try some experiments with a script-invoked readable as a substitute. Not viable. The only way I see for now is to switch out the cutscene with a much shorter cutscene. Not real desirable. Haven't decide whether to do that, or just live with things as they are. So consider this a future feature request. It could be left simple as just described, or generalized to include all 3 modes currently available to text-based briefings. It could be a separate feature request from the text debriefing at mission end, or folded in.
  15. Based on the discussion here of 2 methods for a readable to trigger on close, I've appended a new section to the "Readables" wiki entry.
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