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  1. JackFarmer's "Hidden Hands: Vitalic Fever" also has a lute player.
  2. @MirceaKitsune Just another thought on the gramophone. You probably want to put a spinning disk on it. Create a disk, make it into a func_rotating with spawnarg "speed" of (say) -100, and an appropriate texture. textures/darkmod/decals/metal/drain_cover worked for me.
  3. My large-building-interior info_location overlap problems have been solved. Here's what I learned - The majority of my problems were due to missing locationseparators. In a large, complex spaces (say, the inside of a duct network), it is easy to overlook an opening or two. One fail was caused by a worldspawn wall which I had stupidly made way too thin (0.125 thick!), which the engine decided was non-sealing. There was only 1 traditional seam leak. Given that most causes were not leaks, the recommended leak-finding techniques were not fruitful. Instead, what worked was
  4. Thanks for that refinement of Dragofer's suggestion. Probably the tea leaves I'm basing my analysis on are too muddled so far... Further visportaling and location_separating may clarify the situation. And cutting back on speaker-based sound sources, at least some of those previously used for ambience.
  5. Thanks. Of the three methods, my thoughts are - (1) seems unfortunately insufficient for a preexisting large building with 2 dozen rooms and a set of worldspawn rooflines that are complexly-angled and clipped. (2) and (3) are equivalent in power; probably (2) is the lighter lift, so I'll start there. But first, I'm continuing the further planned subdivision of the space into various info_locations. This may (or may not) narrow down where the problems lie.
  6. Just converting over to info_location sounds, and having some problems, as indicated by dmap warnings of form: WARNING:location entity 'Info_location_x' overlaps 'info_location_y' in area n For context, imagine x and y are separate adjacent rooms with a single entrance each. Each entrance has a visportal with a locationseparator, and each room (and their common corridor) has its own info_location. No errors are reported concerning the visportals themselves or their locationseparator embedments. So presumably, there's some crack between rooms x and y that's treating both room as
  7. Sounds worthwhile. Implementing new particle effects is not something I know anything about.
  8. You'll want to check out particle effect tdm_flies.prt . BTW, _Atti_ placed a nighttime swarm of these outside a window, circling in the outward cast beam. (This effect is part of our WIP that will see the light of day in 2021.) You can't really tell what creatures they are... moths, bats, whatever
  9. @Petike the Taffer, please add a Synopsis page for 'Away 1 - Air Pocket, and help propagate its Description to www.thedarkmod.com/missiondetails. It's OK to continue to list it as a "single mission" for now. PM me if needed. @darksilence, please add the Description to your db. From the pk4's darkmod.txt "Description": On the run from her husband, me and my girl. With a bribe to a ship's captain, we're away. What could go wrong now? Oh, dammit.
  10. I've got the old noblewoman working in my WIP, but it's evidently the first version that Bob Neon created. There was a later "Edit 2", wrinkles much improved, referenced here: But following the link to that Google Photos page, the photos appear corrupted, or at least I can't gather them. Does anyone have another source for the diffuse & bump maps? The forum discussion suggested Penny Dreadful 3 - Erasing the Trail might eventually use this AI, but it didn't.
  11. Thanks, I see that within newjob, prologue9.map contains a reference to it. I can track it down from there.
  12. Yup, just what I needed. Thanks. 1 down, 1 to go.
  13. Here's 2 quick questions I can't seem to locate answers for: 1) I have a rectangular area that I want to make a "hot zone", so if you linger in it, your health decreases. Think lava, radioactivity, etc. I could imagine entrance/exit triggers and scripting for this, but am unsure that's the best way to go. 2) There's a standard 3-piece safe model, "metal_safe01", that I'd like to use without a lot of effort. It includes a horizontally sliding bar. Can someone point me to an FM that uses that, so I can review <cough>steal<cough> the mechanism that makes it work?
  14. Actually, never mind. I've just created a very thin brush panel with the duct texture that I can apply to each face: along the thin dimension, the panel straddles the patch skin; along the other dimensions, it fits inside the brackets. Obviously, positioning a panel on each face is a bit tedious, but does the job. BTW, I'm repurposing your generator prefab, by replacing the generator itself with heat exchanger pipes.
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